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For Better or For Worst... [RC]
Redis saw his life slowly slipping away from his twisted grasp. Blood ran from both sides of his torso, three bladed gashes in total cursed his physical body, a wooden shaft tipped with metal also pierced the wing of his left shoulder. A trickle of crimson liquid also seeps from his forehead. Fear exhales from his mouth in a rapid pace, eyes past the point of simply being ajar. Lying on the ground, he was going to die if he didn't tip the odds into his favor.

The Night Elf regained his pose, green tattoos and bulking muscles taint his body, a blindfold over where his eye sockets would be, and a glave in each hand. Two Sin'dorei, a man in a robe wielding a staff, the woman seemingly came from the wilds. She holds a wooden bow in hand, a leather outfit protects her figure along with an overgrown spider at her side.

A lone thought rained in his head,

"To a surrounded enemy, you must leave a way of escape." (~Sun Tzu)

There had to be a chance, even if it was a futile one. His eyes scan the battlefield, before stopping upon the lone Night Elf woman. She had been struck by an arrow, similar to Redis, she had spoken with the Demon Hunter, and he had listened. A mate? A lover? Family? It matters not. She was on the ground, helpless to any factor that came from the outside. She was prey.

Redis quickly scrambled over to the Kaldorei, thrusting his knife to her throat, shouting out that he would slit her throat if they attempted another strike. The Sin'dorei paid heed to his warning, yet the Demon Hunter did not, instead, he lost control over his own powers. He shifted into the very thing he hunted, and lunged at the human male. Unexpected, and soon to prove fatal, Redis could not bluff the threat or it would lose power. He would have to place faith into his weak body, and hope that it would carry him out of this dangerous situation.

The woman's throat soon became covered in warm liquid, as Redis slung her away, he made a dash away. He was in the clear, only air was in front of him, until an arcane missile shattered into his back, sending him off balance, not able to do anything to the spider who pounces onto him. He holds up his hands in vain action, as the creature thrust its stinger into his belly. Redis gasped, it was over, there was nothing more he could do... The venom was running its course...

"No... No.. It can't end like this..."

"We should've been stronger, -you- should've been stronger."


"... I will not pleasssed..."

"Shut up, all of you! I'm -dieing-..."

"Oh... The girl will bring you back... Yesss..."

"I was so close to mastering the powers, Snack was going to show us true arcane mastery."

"Anna... I'm so sorry..."

"Shut up! I don't care about any of this! I want to live! Screw all of them, it isn't worth it!"

"... I will come, and I will show you why you loved me, and you will forever be with me... No matter what sssacrificesss you may carry out for my pleasssure..."

"Necromancy would've saved me, I could conquer death itself, then kill anyone would try to stop me..."

"SHUT UP!!!"


"... I loved you..."




A pair enters the tower, a Sin'dorei male and a Kaldorei woman. They silently walk upstairs to the highest level of the structure. A human woman sits in a chair beside a bed, where a lone male human lies, outfitted with a new robe, pale as a ghost. The three exchanges brief greetings, before the Night Elf leaves the group, earning some sleep before her job was to be done. The remaining two that are alive focus on Redis, the woman grasping one of his hands, as Light begins to pour into his cold corpse. The Light manifests, twists, turns, spirals within the physical shell. Life returns to the forsaken body, the white skin begins to turn healthy, muscle tissue reforming together, organs cleansed of venom and damages. Uthaniel watches in silent judgment, besides making one unimportant remark, as Annabelle keeps pressing the holy Light to bring the body to live once more. Redis soon regains living limbs, but the torso was still in doubt. The Light gathers to the chest, where the poison was first implanted. A maelstorm of the essence thrives, remaining there for a period of time before it advances to the head. The Light soon cures the remaining dead organs and skin, lungs starting to actively work, the heart pumps new blood cells, and life is given once more.

... Awake.

Redis manages to pry his eyes open, winces at the bright world around him. The only figure he can see clearly is the woman hovering over him.

"... Anna?"

Redis did not take long to spot the next person, the Sin'dorei. Thoughts race through his head, all of them unclear.

Is he going to tor- Will he ki- Why- I don- I-

Rage. Rage was the emotion that overcame him. He shouted at the man, before his body reacts to the rash motion, a coughing fit pieces his yelling, as his lungs start to overwork themselves. The gashes on his chest crack open and begin to bleed once more. Annabelle quickly places her hands back onto his chest, the Light sealing up the wounds, and easing Redis' body. He sinks deeper into the bed, eyes going shut as everything stops moving, his chest moving normally. The woman smiles weakly at Redis, falling over him in exhaustion.



Killer: Uthaniel, Fala'thorei, and Lox/Spider

Resurrecter: Annabelle

Short Term Effects:
- Bedridden due to muscle damage.
- Arcane powers crippled.
- Severe trouble with breathing.
- All organs in the torso region are damaged and will require special care (i.e; Stomach is weak, no alcohol, red meats, anything that is hard to digest.)

Long Term Effects:
- Will require a mask or piece of cloth to cover mouth to assist in keeping partials out of lungs.
- Required walking stick/cane for independent movement.
- Physically weak.
- Organs will become strengthen, but still need caring for.

Permanent Effects:
- Two scars in a 'X' formation on his chest, one across his back.
- Will not regain over 70% of original body strength.
- Deathly scared of spiders.
- Slightly weaken organs.
Completed. :3

Edit: Everything fixed. Yay.

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