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For those who are artists or enjoy art.
I'm speaking from the other end of the spectrum. I'm a designer and we end up using stock images due to short deadlines. However, we also buy our stuff from the creator themselves or a middleman. But, you always have that one person who saw that one image on google images they had to use, and they flunked Law of Graphic Arts, and then...

Here's a quote to remember explaining the bill:

Quote:It works by limiting damages that can be claimed if the work truly falls under orphan works protection. If a person wants to use a work they must ask permission from the copyright holder just as they do now. Under the current law, if they can't find the owner they are out of luck. With the orphan works bill in effect, they could use the work after conducting a diligent search and failing to find the copyright owner. Later, if the original owner shows up, he must be paid fair royalties for the use of the work. It does not limit or change Fair Use.

Unfortunately, it's not that black and white. And the royalties rewarded aren't as high in percentage as they would be under old laws. However, I think it's a good wakeup call to artists to be more conscious - not paranoid - where they put their work up.

If you produce work and share it with the public (like the internet), and you're worried about this law, attribute your work. You should attribute your work, law or not, unless you don't mind it becoming public domain. Sign it, put text under it, pay $45 for a copyright or at least stick a creative commons lisence on it, and embed it. With this, if someone wants to use your work, they won't have a problem getting ahold of you. If it gets used without permission, you've got loads of backup and, ideally, should get full royalties as opposed if you didn't use these precautions.
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