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Free gold at certain lvls?
To clarify - I meant it's a shame that it has to be enforced, as in, there's enough people not doing it that it requires monitoring.
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Ooh, okay- yes, with that I agree. The system itself is a bit faulty and unwelcoming to new players, and perhaps I should propose another system. They have the right idea with the profiling, which I believe every RP server needs- they just didn't quite perfect the system.
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I've only personally seen two real difficulties with the profile/vouching system:

- GMs have to take extra time to review/work with profiles
- new players and established players need to have the right time for each other, AND established players need to feel comfortable enough to stake their word

Given a recent cleanup of "bad apples", that last bit is probably harder. But we're getting off-topic -- shoot me a private message with your ideas if you like, cause I'm curious! (Can be in Spanish if you like, but my Spanish is VERY bad - we don't speak it in the home.)
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