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Game Crashing
Alright, well. After a few days of poking around the net, I've seen similar errors almost everywhere in regards to private servers, and even some regular servers. The best answer I've found so far is that the current build of the WoW client sort of sucks for Macs. It's happened before, quite a few times, as per:


KainRacure at the very bottom of the page has the right idea.

In any case, I suppose that this means I'll be waiting a bit to get onto the server. I'll post anything new I happen to dig up, just in case other folks have the same problems.

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I've had a bit more stability, though I use that phrase very generously. Before, I'd crash 5-30 seconds after actually entering the game. Now I can go for a good 5-15 minutes before a crash. The error messages still come up immediately, but for some reason or another, they don't crash the game right away. I've tried two full reinstalls.

I guess we'll have to wait and see if it's fixed with the next major patch.
From what I've heard, Blizzard's latest patch may have fixed the problem. I'm not one-hundred percent sure, but it's what I've heard.
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I'd bounce around in delight if Blizz's new patch fixed this. I did see that they did some work on Mac client stability. As it stands with me, I basically crash in areas with denser groups of mobs. I'm almost certain that the error has something to do with the client and the server 'disagreeing' on where the mobs should be, or should be patrolling.

It also only seems to be relevant in regards to hostile mobs, as in cities, even Booty Bay and Ratchet, I almost never crash. Incredibly fortunate, as I can still RP just fine.

Anyways, still watchin' this problem with anticipation. Hopefully once the server's updated to the newest patch, we'll see a difference!
≈Still falls the rain≈
I was on long enough to attend the event, but then I started getting crashes again. Hopefully 3.1 hits soon, and fixes the problem.
Being a fellow Mac user, I have been plagued with the same issue, this is that I have noticed:

1) Major cities are not effected, but there are certain ways you can walk that make you crash. (For instance, walking to the Inn at the Stormwind Trade District facing towards the bank will make it crash.)

2) Outside zones will make you crash, getting worse as you get away from Capital Cities.
( Recently rolled a new Troll, and even if I TURNED, I would crash. BUT, The area around Stormwind was stable, at least when compared to Durotar.)

3) Avoiding Roads will stop crashing.
(The weirdest thing. Staying OFF the roads (and walking in the grass next to it) will avoid crashing. No idea why.)

Also, you can "jump" over the buggy areas. When I am on Leth I use blink over the areas that I know cause me to crash, and im fine. Which causes me to think that the issue in question is some sort of "break" in the zone that the client cant handle right. Maybe an Emu issue?
One thing that made my day easier was to rename the error reporter program... like 90% less problems after that. Now, Im trying to update to 3.1.3 and I cant find the fecking error reporter program... Try it, if it fixes your problems or some of them then good and please post the path to the error reporter so I do some damn updating
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