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Gantrithor (Draenei Ex-Vindicator)
Player: CappnRob

Character Full Name: Gantrithor

Character In-Game Name: Gantrithor

Nickname(s): Was known among some of his compatriots at Honor Hold as "Big Blue"

Association(s): Alliance Expediction, Honor Hold, The Exodar

Race: Draenei

Class: Ex-Vindicator (Warrior OOC)

Skills and Abilities: Gantrithor has forsaken the use of all his Light-based abilities, but still retains his race's gift to heal others through the Naaru. In accordance to Gantrithor focusing on improving his body independently of the Light, he is very strong and in great physical health.

Age: 8000

Sex: Male

Hair: Grey

Eyes: Pale blue

Weight: 230 lbs

Height: 7'5"

Usual Garments/Armor: Blue and gold embroided armor made of adamantite. His tabard changes between an Alliance military, a Honor Hold, or an Exodar one depending on his location.

Other: N/A

Alignment: Lawful Good. Gantrithor is sworn to the cause of the Alliance and will not suffer any evil-doer who dare stands against it.

Personality: Gantrithor is a heroic and selfless soul, to a fault. He would bear the burden of the entire Alliance on his shoulders if he could, but thinks no more of himself than the common soldier. To some, this seems selfless and humble, to others, he probably looks rather foolish and melodramatic. At any rate, Gantrithor is a supporter of all that is good and frowns upon lewdness, selfishness, and spiteful actions.

History: Gantrithor was born on the Oshu'Gun, and it was here he spent most of his lifetime. He picked up the way of the Vindicator as soon as he was able, eager to master the ways of the Light and use it to crush the Legion under his hoof. However, he never really got such a chance, as he never left the Oshu'Gun until the landing on Draenor, and with that, came a time of peace for the draenei race. Nonetheless, Gantritor stuck to his training, and often patrolled the roads of Nagrand atop his elekk mount, making sure peace was maintained. It was, for a time, a good life. Life was quiet, he was respected. Then the Blood Curse came.

Gantrithor was away from his village when it happened. He arrived too late, seeing only ruins and bodies. A few tainted orcs had remained to plunder what was left, and he struck them down from his elekk. He searched for survivors where he could, taking them atop his elekk to safety, fighting isolated orcs when he encountered them. He had heard of the fall of Karabor Temple to the warlock orcs, and quickly made his way to the only other Draenei stronghold left: Shattrath City. There, he worked with the Aldor to try and fortify the city, and for a time, it seemed to hold. Yet, the attacks never stopped, the orcs never resting. The months passed by and eventually the plan to use Shattrath as a decoy while the civilians escaped was proposed. Gantrithor was among the volunteers who stayed behind to fight the hopeless final battle against the orcs, however, he had no plans on going down in vain.

Once the civilians were well off to safety, Gantrithor attempted to rally his brothers and sisters to retreat, rather than stay and fight an endless foe. However, in the chaos, he could not get his words across effectively to everyone, and so had to retreat alone, watching his comrades fall to the Horde. Beaten and disgraced, Gantrithor slowly marched his way to Zangarmarsh, where he came across the settlement of Telredor. It was here he made an oath to himself: he vowed to never wield the Light as his weapon again until his body was stronger and more capable of fighting on its own accord. He will make himself a worthy vessel for the Light's justice, and until that time comes, he shall forsake using it. He disposed of his title of Vindicator, and spent day in and out training his body physically and mentally.

For the years that followed, an eerie silence covered Draenor. Orcs were rarely seen or heard, as if they had all fallen off the face of the world with the destruction of the draenei's society. Gantrithor was curious, but dared not venture out into the unknown. He continued to train his body in the eerie silence... but elsewhere, a new army was preparing to enter the world of Draenor. It was the Alliance of Lordaeron from Azeroth, and from afar, Gantrithor watched this powerful, valiant army push back the orc armies that had so many years ago destroyed his people. Out of curiosity, and some foolhardiness, Gantrithor set out to try and meet with these curious people, but he did so at the most unforunate of times. While he set out from his travels to reach the fortress of Honor Hold, Ner'zhul performed his summoning of portals in Draenor, the energy of which tore the planet apart in a chaotic cataclysm, with Gantrithor caught amidst it all. But, it was not as he thought, the end. Soon, he awoke in a broken, strange world. He saw the destruction of Draenor in full, mortifying him as to how this came to pass. Yet, hope glimmered on, and in the distance he beheld that Honor Hold still stood in mostly one piece. He bravely approached the fortress, where he was initially given a less than friendly greeting due to his foreign apperance, but after Gantrithor seeing that the humans, dwarfs and elves all used the Holy Light decided to go back on his vow for a single time, revealing his gift of the Naaru to them, earning their trust.

Gantrithor made Honor Hold his new home there after. The Alliance forces took him in and asked him many questions, and he in turn asked questions to them. While he did share much of his draenei heritage with them, he found himself more and more liking the culture of the Alliance races more, if a bit strange at times (such as dwarven drinking habits). To repay the fortress for taking him in, Gantrithor swore to serve the Alliance in every way he can, becoming a soldier of Honor Hold. He discarded his draenei armor and forged himself a new set in a combination of Alliance and Draenei styles from adamantite, and adopted the use of dwarven firearms as well. From there on out, Gantrithor served Honor Hold dutifully, performing every mundane duty with pride and dignity. At long last, he felt he was on the road to redeeming his past failures.
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
I am actually reading these properly. Just exceptionally quickly, today.

Wow, didn't expect Gan to get approved so fast. Feels good.
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.

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