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Geezle Gearfizzle [Gnome Warrior] [Pre-Approved]
Player: Kindle135

Character Full Name: Geezle Gisle Gearfizzle

Character In-Game Name: Geezle

Nickname(s): None.

Association(s): Gnomeregan.

Race: Gnome

Class: Warrior

Skills and abilities: A little stronger than most Gnomes, advanced knowledge of engineering, minor knowledge of alchemy, weak to tall people. ineffective at combat when not armed.

Age: 68

Sex: Male

Hair: Groomed dark brown hair, dark brown mutton chop mustache.

Eyes: Violet

Weight: 44lbs

Height: 3'0


Geezle usually wears dark leather armor, has an ammunition bandoleer around his shoulder,his clothes are mainly oil stained, and is mostly found wearing gnomish goggles.

Other: Geezle always smells of burnt hair, burnt leather, gun powder, and oil. Geezle also walks with a slight limp.


Geezle is egotistical yet also very timid. He constantly speaks of his own exploits and strategic ways of ruining any occasion using available materials to cause explosions. Other than that, Geezle isn't talkative, and usually spends most of his time scribbling random ideas and notes into his journal. Geezle has a disdain for Trolls from personal experience but usually does not discriminate from race but rather from intelligence. The exception to this is Forsaken, whom Geezle regards as intelligent but also as grotesque.


Geezle grew up in a tenement in Gnomeregan, living with a large group of engineers,he was granted the name Gearfizzle because of his talent for causing the mechanical creations of others to short fuse. Geezle proclaimed himself as a professor at the age of 40 before he moved out of the tenement and tried to join the Explorer's League, where he was briefly rejected. Unable to face his peers again, Geezle joined the military.

While in the military Geezle learned basic combat skills and basic pilot skills, and was assigned as a pilot. In his twenty year long service as a pilot, his co-pilots and gunner were Bon Stonesifter, a drunkard of a dwarf, and Fixzo Fixitz, a goblin mercenary who had a deep interest in gnomish technology and rebelling against goblin social norms. After the Third War ended, Geezle and Fixzo were retired after Bon died in an accident while on an exploratory mission into The Badlands. Geezle spent the next portion of his life in Ironforge working on his engineering craft, he spent a good deal of that time dedicated to solving the Gnomeregan crisis and leperacy, but to no avail. He eventually gave up and went to meet with Fixzo in Booty Bay.

Geezle lived off a small amount of inherited money from his father Jerard Fixspinner while while lazing about in Booty Bay, whom had passed away when Geezle was 59. Geezle spent another few years of his life working in Booty Bay before he found himself a prisoner of The Bloodscalp Tribe. Geezle was held captive to the Bloodscalp, making them simple tools for about a year before they decided to eat Geezle. Geezle escaped by using simple materials to make a small blast able to destroy the lock on the cage he was held in and left Stranglethorn Vale, returning to Ironforge to work on engineering some more.

When Geezle returned to Booty Bay at age 67, he found his old friend, Fixzo Fixitz had married Geezle's twin sister, Tilly Gearfizzle, who was named for the same reason. After Geezle's joyous reception, Fixzo introduced Geezle to a project he was working on. Fixzo and Geezle then founded Gearfizzle & Fixitz and their first project was to make the most powerful disintegration ray of all invention. However, the project was a complete failure, and when Fixzo gave the honor of activating the device first to Tilly, it backfired and instead of converting the test dummy into dust, it converted Tilly, Fixzo, and the entire workshop to dust. Geezle had the good fortune of tripping on the docks and being just late to miss his own disintegration. Devastated by his failure that killed his best friend and sister, Geezle fled back to Ironforge to hone his craft of engineering, becoming obsessed with it entirely. He still lives in Ironforge spending his time tinkering and nearly blowing himself up. In his obsession he specialized his combat skills to only using the esoteric things he invents and became ineffective at using regular weapons.
Quote:After the Third War ended

to rejoin the military for another 52 years.

I am afraid that the Third War ended only 8 years ago. Unless Geezle has travelled back in time, I am afraid it is impossible to rejoin the military for such a period of time.

Please take a look at our shiny new timeline and fix the issues with the conflicting dates. (We are currently in the year 29 on the new timeline)
“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
― Frank Zappa
The Third War is also around the time Gnomeregan fell. Not sure if it affects your profile, but I thought it would be good to note. Please do add it in, along with Karunzo's edits, if it's important!:D

Otherwise, looks very interesting. (Although I personally like Gnomes...)
All right, made the appropriate changes, though Gnomish time traveler would be neat.


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