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Gentle Reminder: Skype & Chat Policies
Hello everyone.

The CotH Skype Chat has fallen to a few heated discussions of late and in the light of that, we just want to point back to our Chat Policies (see: Language rule) and the Respect rule.

Discussions and even debates are permitted in the chats and we're not going to stop you from discussing any subject matter you like as long as it adheres to the server's ruleset in its entirety (which excludes certain topics and choice words, by default, as per the Language rule). We ask that people remember to keep it civil and to gracefully step aside to continue in private if you notice that the conversation is taking a turn for the worse.

All in all, respect eachothers' rights to discuss and have opinions, and, when necessary... agree to disagree. :) When someone says it's time to stop, it just might be!

Also, remember that you can always contact a GM if the situation is getting heated. There's usually at least one of us online and we tend to be easy to find on Skype, so just give us a poke on Skype, in PMs (with logs, preferrably; just in case we're late to the party), on the forums or in-game. We might not be paying attention all the time, so a prod is always appreciated if things go south.

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