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Graveyard Portals
I don't know if it's been brought up yet or not, but I thought that we should have portals next to the (functioning) graveyards to allow for faster return to our original location, as deaths, be it the rare open-world mishap or, more commonly (and what I struggled a bit with recently) is dungeon/raid deaths, such as in Stratholme. I died in a run for some gold, ended up all the way in Westfall and had to fly to Goldshire to find a portal. Yeah, it's a minor issue, but one I think could be resolved simply by having a portal right next to these places. They don't have to be 'linked' by other portals as well, in that these would essentially be one-way portals.
Also, removing the debuff from rezzing at the Spirit Healer would be nice, if that's possible.
I believe that'd be a very large task, and I'm certain the entirety of the workload would end up on Kretol's shoulders.

I think with the ability to hearth to GMI, and the fact everyone starts with a flying mount it effectively renders the need for that un-needed.
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I think there used to be a portal next to the Westfall graveyard for this sort of issue, since for some reason the game defaults you to there in many instances if there isn't a graveyard it can find immediately.
Hm. I don't see how it'd be too difficult to just set one there; isn't it just a place-able entity?

And, as Rigley said, Westfall and a particular graveyard in the Barrens I forget the exact name of seem to be very common graveyards that the game ports you to, which can be very far from your location of death. I just feel this could save a minute or two. If it really is more of a hassle, though, I can live without it.
I'm adding a portal to Westfall as I write this. I'll need someone to tell me which graveyard this is for Kalimdor (I believe its near the Crossroads), preferably with a map screenshot for my reference.
If nobody else will throw a screenshot up, I'll do it soon.
Portals have been added to both the Eastern Kingdoms (Westfall) and Kalimdor (Barrens) default graveyards. If anyone finds another 'default' graveyard for another map please tell the GM team so we can add a portal there; to my knowledge these two maps are the only places where this occurs though.
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