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Grel's Pints and Poteens <Poster>
<Hung up around Ogrimmar and Booty Bay, mainly around the taverns, are several scruffy posters depicting a block of text and a picture of a bottle filled with red liquid. The poster is written in poorly spellled Orcish and an even poorer, almost illegible Common version is below it. The writer had obviously hired an incompetant translater for the task.>

Do you need a break from your boring day to day life? Just wanting a day to relax? Or maybe you're looking for a way to make yourself stronger before having a spar with that one guy you just don't like?!

Grel's Poteens are here! Hand picked ingrediants and the power of juju mixed into bottles for everyone! Ranging from hours of euphoria to an equal amount of time with nerves of steel, there's a potion for everything! Just ask around for the troll Grelwaz! The first shot's on the house!

<Written in smaller font> Side effects may include addiction, warped sense of reality, clumsiness, temporary paralysis, amnesia, weakness of limbs, rainbows everywhere, fetish for other races, aggression, mood swings... <The list goes on for a while>.

(Most of the potions offered by Grelwaz are highly addictive and also quite expensive. Although he does offer his services to members of the Alliance, they get no free first shot, and he may or may not non-lethally poison the drinks depending on how much respect he feels they show him. The common version of the posters are obviously not hung in Ogrimmar.)
((Some little OOC shenanigans quotes that I'm going to collect each time I try one of these))

13:25:37 Chekka gets poked. She would look at the pretty colors, in her mind his hand exploded on contact into little butterflies and rainbows.
13:25:43 You giggle at Jezzan.
13:25:49 Grelwaz recites in a rehearsed voice, "Physical contac' by strangas on de poteen consumer be leadin' to side effekts as paranoia, confuseen, unconsheesness."
13:26:03 [Chekka]: Butta'flies.
13:26:08 [Grelwaz]: ... An' butta'flies.

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