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Groma Dragonshield [Orc]


'''Player:''' [[FlyingSquirrel]]

'''Character Full Name:''' Groma Dragonshield

'''Character In-Game Name:''' Groma


'''Association(s):''' The Horde

'''Race:''' [[Orc]]

'''Class:''' [[Warrior]]

'''Age:''' 24

'''Sex:''' Female

'''Hair:''' She has a mohawk with black hair. The mohawk, once it reaches her neck, splits into multiple braids.

'''Eyes:''' Blue.

'''Weight:''' 343 lbs

'''Height:''' 6'8


The most obvious thing about Groma is her slightly grayer-than-average skin. Beyond that, it's her mohawk, and the stylized tattoo of a dragon that rests on the side of her head, between the hair and the ear. Her nose has been made big and wonky due to being broken multiple times. She has two earrings high up in her pointed ears on other side, and a nosering reminescent of the Tauren's. Physically, she's a good deal larger, both muscle-wise and size-wise, than most other Orcs of her age.

She wears a dark green shirt and a matching pair of pants beneath everything. Above this is a stylized set of red and brown leather, studded with bits of metal. Fur is stuffed in various places on this set. She has a helmet made with dark metal that's either clipped to her belt or on her head. Her weapon is a axe, large and yet small enough to be used as a one handed or two handed axe. She has a wooden shield to go with this.


Groma is truly one of the Orcs of the New Horde. She's aggressive, she's stubborn, she's brash and she hates the Alliance. She has a bully's mentality and thinks that physicality can solve any problem. Of course, a woman like her does horrible things for negotiations, and charisma is definitely not her strong suit. Nor stealth. And although she has a pretty strong grasp of tactics and how to fight in a group, she's not too good at thinking on her feet. Overall, it's not hard to see why she would prefer using her axe.

Groma considers herself a Dragonmaw through and through, even if she has never been a part of the Clan, or even seen many members of the clan outside of her parents, she says that she's one. She considers the Dragonmaw Clan in Twilight Highlands pathetic and an embarrassment. Luckily, her meeting the clan has been stopped by the fact that she does not like or go to the Eastern Kingdoms. She hasn't been back to the Eastern Kingdoms since she left them with the rest of the Orcs.


Groma was born just as the Second War was winding down. Her parents, for reasons unknown to the girl, had opted not to return through the portal to Draenor. As such, they were cursed to an existance within the Internment camps. She was named after Grommash Hellscream. Her parents only knew the leader of the Warsong by his nickname, but vastly admired him for the fact that, unlike their clan leader, he did not retreat through the Dark Portal. As such, Groma's parents were fans of Grom Hellscream, and named their firstborn after him.

Well, her father did. Groma's mother died in childbirth, and Groma almost followed. Fortunately, she did not. However, this was not all positive. Her father, a big brute of an Orc, was not trusted by the Guard, and was often beat by them. This led to him blaming Groma for weakening and ultimately killing her mother through her mother's pregnancy, and in turn beating her. To end the cycle, there was Groma, beating on the other children. Her family's natural size, supplemented with the fact that she stole some of their food and ate it, made her much larger than many of the other children.

Groma's father killed himself when she was 12, although she says that he was killed by the Guards after fighting back and killing them. She was taken in by an Elder, an Orc that was once a Shaman who actually knew Common. Although Groma spent little time in this new home, every moment that she was she was learning. She continued to grow at an alarming rate, and with her decent grasp of Common, managed to live a rather hassle-less life in the Internment camps.

She was nearing becoming an adult when her and her fellow Orcs escaped the internment camps. She beat a few Humans with a stick and escaped with the other Orcs. Although her previous treatment of the Orcs her age did her no favors, the fact that she was one of the few who could beat a fully armored Human with what they had made her a vital member of the group that escaped, at least until they found the rest of the Orcs.

Shortly thereafter, the Orcs escaped across the sea. Groma loved the feel of the ocean. Once Orgrimmar was established, she immediately signed on with the Navy that was established shortly thereafter. She tried to calm herself down here as, with the discovery of the Tauren, she no longer had size on her side. She made a few friends with the Tauren and Trolls that served alongside her. When the Burning Crusade started up, she found her contract up, as well. So, she dedicated herself to the Horde. She fashioned herself a new set of armor, as well as a shield and axe, with the money she'd earned from the Navy.

Afterwards, she traveled the Horde Lands in Kalimdor, offering a hand and to establish a name for herself. Even as the Cataclysm happened, she saw no reason for change. So, she continued travelling the lands, helping the Horde in any way she could.

==Skills and Abilities:==

Groma doesn't have much in the way of special abilities. She's big, she has a good grasp on tactics. Not much else is of note.



Quote:'''Weight:''' 6'8

'''Height:''' 343

You seemed to have flipped these around!

Quote:To end the cycle, you had Groma beat on the other children.

I suppose “you” was meant to be “he”?

Initial approval!
Fixed! Thanks for the initial.
Sorry to butt my head in, but "Weight: 343" what?

(Thank you for adding wiki-coding, though! :3)
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]
I was assuming since it corresponds with the height being in imperial, the weight would be also (which puts it in the right range). So it is likely pounds (lbs).
Ah, shuckebucks. Fixed it.

[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]

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