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Haiko Modanson [Dwarven Mountain King]
Player: Jonoth

Character Full Name: Thane Haiko Modanson

Character In-Game Name: Haiko

Nickname(s): "Son of the Mountain"

Association(s): Ironforge, Explorer's League, The Regiment

Race: Dwarf

Class: Mountain King (Warrior)

Skills and Abilities:
-Dual-wield: Haiko dual wields a battle axe and warhammer in combat with great competence.
-Thunderclap: His weapons are enchanted by runes, and upon striking the ground they send a short ripple of energy, knocking nearby opponents off-balance.

Age: 140

Sex: Male

Hair: Whitish Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 230lbs

Height: 5'5"

Usual Garments/Armor: The most notable feature of Haiko's attire are the thorium bands which bind his mustache and beard. Engraved in each mustache band are the names Lhigar Axestorm, who crafted his battle axe, and Tokessa Thunderforge, crafter of his warhammer. His beard band bears the name of his father, Kadir Modan. Haiko can usually be found wearing a set of steel and gold armor, the visage of a ram decorating both sides, and a long bear hide cape.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: Haiko tries to carry the weight of his world on his shoulders. He can be a loyal companion, his honor and valor seeming unshakeable in the face of the toughest of times. This serves as a detriment, as his hubris and stubborness also lead him to believe that he must shoulder his own problems alone, thinking that others cannot or should not be aiding him in his own trials. His failures weigh heavily on him, often coming out as anger especially if he is drunk.

Haiko has a strong desire passed down from his father to see that the Dwarven Clans some day reunite under a single banner. He sees them each as stones, converging to form a single mountain, and nothing is as powerful or majestic as a mountain looming over the land.

Outside of his own people, Haiko has come to appreciate the ingenuity and valor of the Gnomes, continuing to cement the bond between the two races. He has a working respect for Humans (which will eventually grow after King Varian's assistance in the eventual forming of the Council of Three Hammers). He is largely indifferent to Night Elves, High Elves, and Draenei, neither trusting nor dismissive. The only Horde race that Haiko bears any respect for are the Tauren, admiring their combination of wisdom and strength, though in matters of faction politics he will not hesitate to fight against them due to their close ties with Orcs. Haiko still sees Orcs as bloodthirsty savages that tried to destroy his home, and any who ally with them are ultimately his enemy.

History: Haiko's father, Kadir Modan, had earned his name during the War of the Three Hammers, a man as large and as seemingly immovable as a mountain. On the day of Haiko's birth, he was given the last name Modanson, "son of the mountain", in the hopes that he would continue the legacy of his father as a defender of Ironforge. Most expected Kadir to train Haiko in combat as he got older, but instead every year Kadir would take his boy to one of the higher peaks of Khaz Modan, overlooking the land in quiet for a few days before returning home. He never spoke of the war, nor trained his son to fight. Upon turning 30, the still maturing Haiko asked his father the purpose of the trips. Kadir brought him back up, pointing out towards the landscape. "Th'beasts an' trees an' plants all live together in th'mountain. Th'mountain ain't force 'em here. It only existed, an' yet by its existence did everything come together. You, my son, must be a mountain. Ya must be th'thing that brings people together, not by force, but by example. By simply existing." Kadir surprised Haiko by his regret over the war and the distance now between his brethren. In the following years, Kadir seemed to mellow a lot, a stark contrast to the wall of a Dwarf he had been. But his words stuck with Haiko, and the younger decided to dedicate himself to making his people one nation again.

For many years afterward, even after the death of his father, Haiko would continue to climb the mountain, hunting with primative weapons and working his way to bigger, stronger prey. He often questioned what difference he might make, worried that he would not live up to the standard his father set. The training was noticed by two respected blacksmiths: Lhigar Axestorm and Tokessa Thunderforge. They had a great respect for Haiko's father, and seeing the son's drive, they thought he would serve his people proudly. So each forged a weapon of their specialty: a battle axe from Lhigar, and a warhammer from Tokessa. On one trip back up the mountain, Haiko was met at the base by the two smiths, who presented him with the weapons as well as their support. Haiko, who normally kept the same stone-faced demeanor of his father, was genuinely moved by the gesture, inviting them to dine with him later that day at his home. Upon arrival, they found a giant roasted boar, his first kill with his new weapons, and two kegs of ale. The three celebrated together, telling stories of the war and speaking of their hopes for the future.

In time, Haiko joined the Ironforge guard, seeking both training from experienced combat veterans as well as insight into the workings of Dwarven politics. He seemed untamed and ferocious compared to his comrades in arms, often ending up on the losing end of spars to even the much smaller of combatants. His lieutenant pulled him aside after one such defeat, sizing him up. "Ye know, lad, that all th'power in th'world don't mean shite if ye ain't gonna learn how ta focus it an' strike where it be needed. Control th'fight, control th'war." To further make his point, he told Haiko to put down his weapons, and handed him a spoon. "If th'day comes when ye can land a blow with this on me chest, me'll let ye use those weapons of yers ta train again." For several months, Haiko tried and failed, at first not even landing any blows, until he eventually made contact with his opponents arms and legs. His rage turned to focus, until he finally heard the sound of metal spoon connecting with the lieutenant's steel plated chestguard. The lieutenant smirked, "Good. Now if ye can learn ta do that with yer hammer an' axe, me thinks ye got a shot at stayin' alive." Haiko grew immensely as a fighter, but he remained a quiet soldier, reliable in battle but not one to give orders. Though some minor threats arose, he lived in relative peace, still hoping for the reunification of the clans but not seeing the catalyst for change.

The arrival of the Orcs on Azeroth would soon impact Haiko's life and direction. The Orcs would attempted to overrun Ironforge during the Second War, and Haiko was one of the many soldiers on the front lines, wailing away at the incoming invaders with axe and hammer. He would be a mountain, just as his father before him had been. For the moment, he dedicated himself to simply protecting his home. The formation of the Alliance of Lordaeron, which included both Ironforge and Wildhammers, made his vision for the future seem a step closer. Once the war ended and the Orcs were placed in internment camps, he left the guard, travelling on his own to grow further as a warrior and to learn more about the world outside his home. He would run into both Wildhammers and Dark Irons in his travels through the Eastern Kingdoms, helping the former against Troll invaders, and being attacked by the latter near Searing Gorge. The Dark Irons were clearly going to be difficult to find peace with, and even Haiko himself began to question the foolishness of his task, but he would find hope in the form of the Thorium Brotherhood. They were renegades from their bretheren, trying to stay out from under the oppressive foot of Ragnaros. After helping the Brotherhood gather resources from around the gorge, he had them forge metal bands of thorium to bind his beard and mustache. Engraved in each were the names of those who helped start him on his way: his father, Lhigar, and Tokessa.

Haiko answered the call of duty to Kalimdor during the Third War, travelling as part of Jaina Proudmoore's group. His group was initially attacked by Orcs, bringing about old feelings of anger and hatred that persisted long after the war ended. He helped defend the Human camp against Archimonde's demon forces, taking out many of them but barely escaping with his life as Archimonde himself tore through. Ultimately the Azerothians were victorious, and Haiko remained on Kalimdor when discoveries about the Titans became unearthed by the fledgling Explorer's League. He served as a guard for some of the excavation sites, interested in the developments related to Dwarven history and creation. His attention soon fell on two pieces of the puzzle: the newly discovered ability to take upon a "stone form" for a short duration, and the lost art of runecrafting. The former took some years, but he would learn to utilize the technique to protect himself. He lacked the patience for the latter, but he had kept some who learned the art safe while traveling through Kalimdor. Upon returning home with both artifacts and knowledge, he accepted payment in the form of runes etched into his weapons. When he struck the ground, the effect would shake the ground close to him and disorient enemies.

Haiko retreated to the mountain of his youth. He was a different man than before. He had focus and power, but still something was missing. He would often spend days meditating, trying to understand what it truly meant to be a Dwarf, and trying to reconcile the history of his ancestors as he knew it with the discoveries made by the Explorer's League. The answer came in remembering the words of his father. "You, my son, must be a mountain." It was in his blood. In all his people's blood. Their united Titan-formed ancestry. Each Dwarf was a stone, but the mountain needed a base on which to form. Haiko would be that base. He returned to Ironforge more determined and focused. He lent his power where it was needed, and in honor of his dedication to protecting his home, his service in the wars, and his assistance to the Explorer's League, he was granted the honorary title of Thane. It was not a title that came with any real political power, but he wore it as a badge of respect, and strived to live up to it until his dying breath. To this end, when word circulated about the exploits of a bear calvary brigade known as The Regiment, Haiko would eventually seek them out, hoping to earn his place as the son of the mountain.
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(1/2 -- I look forward to meeting him, hopefully.)
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This was an awesome profile. I approve.
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