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Halani Stonehoof (ye olde Tauren Shaman)
Player: holynexus

Character Full Name: Halani Stonehoof

Character In-Game Name: Halani

Nickname(s): ----

Association(s): The Horde, Thunder Bluff, --

Race: Tauren

Class: Shaman

Skills and Abilities: Halani mainly uses water and earth abilities. They are still rather weak (no summoning earthquakes or tsunamis), but good enough to tip the balance. Halani could summon decent forces but prefers the light spell that does a lot of damage, like breaking a tree branch above her enemy.

Halani is an ok healer, both as a shaman and with herbalism.

Age: 55

Sex: Female

Hair: Dark, braided hair.

Eyes: Blueish

Weight: 635 lbs

Height: 7'6''

Usual Garments/Armor: Very simple clothing, made of crude leather pieces. She has a few necklaces and other apparatus. In battle, for she does have a definite battle outfit, she has a mix of mail and leather outfit, and a mace, though she seldom uses it.

Other: ---

Alignment: Lawful Good


Halani has always been a caring, almost motherly person. Quite wise and very quiet, she stands for her people. She remains however slightly withdrawn, mainly with strangers, but to those she knows she is actually rather the opposite.

Halani is a devoted person often seen doing rituals for the Earthmother, from as simple as restoring the flow of a small stream to complex incantations burning cinnamon. Devoted does not mean conservative and while she is not prone to quick changes, she will gladly embrace them if they prove themselves better for her people.


Halani was born part of the Bloodhoof clan, which was the most powerful of all the scattered clans. Powerful doesn't mean almighty however, and her tribe often migrated, fleeing herds of blood thirsty centaurs. She spent her first years in a context of fear, though her parents tried to soothe her. The father was a long-worn battle master, a great Warrior, while her mother was a hunter, and often helped bring back food to the transient camps. She still grew up normally.

But Halani was not destined to the life of a warrior. She was taken into the arts of shamanism. Very early it called onto her, and to the pride of both parents, she decided to learn in these arts. In fact, she began to have dreams, of her sitting by a bonfire with other shamans; the dreams repeated ad repeated themselves. The spirits wished to commune with her, and it was as if the Earthmother herself called. She was still young but she understood that she had to follow that path.

When she was accepted, by a group of shamans from her tribe, provided of course she had the genuine will to learn the ways of shamanism, she gave back the sword her father once gave her, as he still saw a warrior in her; she did not turn back and the long training begun. It was hard at first and she had so many questions, and each answer stirred up more doubts.

The Tauren were dying. The Centaurs were perhaps a few years from utter victory. Halani was finally summoned, a night, a calm starry night, by her mentor Hlaala. The deliberations took a long time. On sundown she left the tent. She had been accepted. But it was a dire time for her race. She helped the best she could around the villages they erected, while praying and paying respects to the Earthmoher. Specifically, she grew a fondness for Water and Earth, the source of Life. She often wandered looking for herbs, reagents, and such to use in her rituals, and healing.

It was still a while, and the Tauren resisted less and less, before a miracle happened. The spirits wailed when from the west, green skinned warriors appeared. The orcs would become the Tauren's closest allies, and it was partly because of her arts.

Ever since then, Halani settled in a Bloodhoof village. Towns were being more permanently erected and she was recognized as a spiritual leader for this small village, dubbed Stonehoof Pass, a very small settlement with about 20 souls living there around the region of Red Rocks. She still wandered Mulgore, her new home, and now spends her time researching better healing, walking from camp to camp, meeting with other Shamans, and most of all, making her camp a fair and restful place.

[Image: awesome-mario-gif.gif]

Have you hugged a dwarf today?
Please run the profile through a spellchecker (Word or something like this.)

I've found a few misspelled words/typos and it would just be a shame to archive it like this.
“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
― Frank Zappa

[Image: awesome-mario-gif.gif]

Have you hugged a dwarf today?
Some mistypes fixed.
Thank you! ^__^

[Image: awesome-mario-gif.gif]

Have you hugged a dwarf today?

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