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Halp plz =[
Hello all.

I signed up today, recommended by a friend. [SinkMarylandSink]

Wrote up my main character profile, changed my realmlist.wtf to the one needed to play on this server, and opened WoW.

That's about when I started having a bit of a problem.

See, it's been 3 months since I played WoW at all so when I opened it up, naturally, there were patches to be downloaded.

So I did that... then re-opened WoW... logged in, and got the "Need new patch, click restart to download" So I did that... lo and behold, same patch. 2.3.0.

So after i re-downloaded it, repair.exe decides to tell me I need to fix my WoW.

So I did.

Re-opened WoW and...

"Needz new patch plz click restart."

Oook... Oh, look, it's 2.3.0 AGAIN.

And this just kept repeating... 'round about the sixth time I got too frustrated and just gave up.

repair.exe just isn't working.

Hmmm, I'm not sure what's the problem, but my only recomendation is to set your Realmlist back to the Blizzard servers, download the patch there, and then set it back to this one and give it another shot
Yeah, make sure your Realmlist is for Live servers when you download the patch. Once you're patched, THEN switch to the CotH Realmlist.
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Do what I do, get your own copy of the patch and don't rely on the iffy bliz patch servers. Get your patch off of XFire or Gamershell and patch manually.
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