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Harald Wolgast [Human]
Player: FlyingSquirrel

Character Full Name: Harald Wolgast

Character In-Game Name: Harald


Association(s): The Alliance, Sons of Lothar

Race: Human

Class: Hunter

Age: 53

Sex: Male

Hair: Was black, now greying around his beard.

Eyes: Brown.

Height: 1.06

Usual Garments/Armor: When in combat, he wears a mail set that covers his chest, arms, thighs and feet, with light brown clothing on underneath. He has a single belt on, which includes a holster, a sheathe and a pouch full of bullets, usually around 20-30.. He carries around a five-shot revolver, as well as a single sword, made of simple iron. The weapons are nothing fantastic, with no incredible runes or enchantments to speak of. When he's not in combat, he wears a brown shirt with suspenders, grey pants and leather boots, as well as a little hat with a feather tucked inside.

Other: He keeps his gray hair combed backwards, out of his face, as well as keeping it short. He has a well-kept beard, which reaches no lower than halfway down his neck. His matching mustache covers his upper lip, often leading to it not being visible while he's speaking. He has large, bushy eyebrows that tend to hide his eyes, unless they're widened. His face is narrow and hardened, looking at everything with suspicion. He's of average build, perhaps a bit on the bulkier side, with broad shoulders and bearish arms. He has a ring with a ruby set inside on his left hand.

Personality: Harald is a determined man. He's extremely reluctant to take no for an answer, and is often willing to go for the more outlandish answers, if it solves his problem. He's hard to let old grudges go and incredibly proud, but generally bearable, if you don't suit into one of these grudges. He's often more quiet than not, but when he does speak, it's with a booming voice that echos, even in small rooms. He prefers actions over speaking, but he also knows the use of one speaking. Lastly, an important thing about him is that he's a pessimist. He doesn't often see the best cases, instead preferring to prepare for the worst.

There are a few races that he's less than keen about. He prefers Humans, Dwarves and Gnomes above all else, with Blood Elves kind of coming up next, due to his familiarity with them as High Elves, and their pale skin. He views Undead and Worgen with more pity than anything else. He views all other races are monstrous and only to be dealt with in the worst cases. However, there's a special part in his heart reserved to hating Dragons, Trolls and Orcs. He's had trouble forgetting the woes of the First and Second War. Sure, they may have been forced to fight by things outside of their control, but he views that as a coward's excuse.

He's superstitious, preferring hard work over any form of magic or sorcery. However, this does not stop him from seeing the use of magic. It's just preferred that he goes without.

History: Harald was born in a logging camp in southern Elwynn Forest, or modern day Duskwood. He grew up here and, like his father, took up the mantle of chopping wood. He never really viewed starting a family as important, and whenever he was asked about it, he would avoid the issue. Instead, he focused on chopping wood with a singleminded-ness that kind of scared the others away. When the Orcs attacked Stormwind initially, he wasn't there. However, he quickly signed on to become a soldier and, the second time they did, he was. Unfortunately, the Humans lost that battle, and he was part of the massive retreat northwards. With his home destroyed and his kingdom lost, there was no choice but for the man to sign on for the Alliance of Lordaeron.

For the six years between the First and Second War, Harald trained. He also rose in the ranks of the military, which was owed to his complete hate of the Orcs, as well as enough intelligence to make him stand out from the average soldier. He never commanded anyone else formally, but the higher-ups often trusted him enough to lead a handful of others around. Then, the Second War came about and there was Harald, fighting against the Orcish Horde once more. He knew their old tricks, but the new ones, like the Dragons and the Death Knights, were brand new to him. The former really angered him, due to the fact that they could take out clumps of soldiers at once, and the fact that they were nearly immune to anything short of a meteor of fire hitting them in the head.

Fortunately for Harald, the Humans won the war, and when they decided to launch a counter-attack into Draenor, Harald was one of the first to sign up. War, ever since he'd left Elwynn, had been his life, and he had nothing to do but follow it now. He never went farther than Terokkar Forest, but that was fine for him. It was over 20 years later that reinforcements finally arrived. Beleagured, Harald returned to the world he had once lived on. Some news made him happy, and other news made him sad. Nonetheless, he moved back to a lumber camp in Elwynn and began to rekindle the life that he had lost during the First War.

This was up until the Nexus War broke out. An old friend from Draenor, who now worked in Dalaran, came to Harald and asked him to help teach some of the newer kids in Dalaran how to fight against a dragon. In truth, Harald had never really liked being a lumberjack, so he moved out. Through a few different drills with magical items, he began to train the younger recruits on various things about dragons, like where to stab, how to dodge fire, and other useful things. Some things he exaggerated his understanding of, but things like how to dodge were natural to him. Eventually, the Nexus War ended, and Harald was out of a job. So, he went back to Stormwind, not being able to stand the multicultural city of Dalaran.

Luckily for him, but not for many others, the Cataclysm broke out soon after. Dragons, specifically those of the Black flight, were now making their presence known worldwide. So, Harald set out, determined to fight the third Dragonflight that had attacked humanity in his lifetime.
Um, that mention of blood elves in his personality? Sure you don't mean night elves?
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
Regarding his being part of the Alliance Expedition (Draenor), I think his history is a bit bare in regards to the fact that he was standing quite steadily on a piece of rock that was caving in on itself. Not to mention, it doesn't seem to be inclined at all his stress from being severed from his world. Understandably, something like the Dark Portal, being the only link back to your homeworld, being severed would cause some sort of stress on the man, even if it isn't extremely serious.

Quote:never really liked being a Lumberjack,

This part in his history. I don't think it's correct to spell it with a capital in this context. In another, maybe, but in this context it'd be an uncapitalized I believe. Someone is good for correcting me if I'm mistaken.

Quote: the Nexus Wars ended,

This shouldn't be plural. There was only one Nexus War (there can be only one /shot).

Quote:So, Harald set out, determined to fight the third Dragonflight that had attacked the Alliance in his lifetime.

This one may not be so much a wrong turn as much as me being nitpicky (which you're free to ignore if you wish), but the assumed second Dragonflight to 'attack' the Alliance never actually declared war or fought the Alliance offensively. Yes, the Blues did declare war on all mortal mages, but their efforts during the Nexus War targeted the Kirin Tor above all else (for what they were alive for). The Alliance's troops were attacked because the Blues were defending their cause, and the Alliance didn't really like the idea of the Kirin Tor getting wiped up.

Over all, I like this profile. It's a nice, simple profile for a nice, simple guy. If I weren't indisposed of time, I'd be glad to RP with this guy sometime.
The Kirin Tor is based in Dalaran, which is a Human city. I'll edit that to make it more clear though. Also, on part of going to Draenor, I left that purposefully kind of clear as it's one of those gaps in history that I like to slowly add more in to as I go through the character. And no c0r, I meant Blood Elves. Night Elves are completely and utterly foreign to him, whereas Blood Elves are almost, almost the same as High Elves, which he's used to.

Anyways, all fixed.
Quote:attacked the Humanity in his lifetime.

Whoops! I'm sure this was nothing more than a small derp, and I'm sure you can see how this is to be fixed. Also, I'm not exactly sure humanity is capitalized in this context either, but someone should give in a second word for that one since I'm not entirely sure.
Fixed 'gain. Danke.
Heh, by the way his appearance described, he sounds like a WoWesque cowboy!

Quote:He prefers Humans, Dwarves and Gnomes above all else, with Blood Elves kind of coming up next.
Quote:And no c0r, I meant Blood Elves. Night Elves are completely and utterly foreign to him, whereas Blood Elves are almost, almost the same as High Elves, which he's used to.

But Blood Elves aren't High Elves, and their mentality as a race has changed from when they used to be High Elves, and any human who had to deal with any would probably understand that. I have no problem with his comfort with Blood Elves, but it seems out of place next to the other races that were listed, and could use a brief explanation (such as saying he's alright with them because they look like High Elves).
[Image: anim_500.gif]
Fixed! And I wasn't so much going for a cowboy. I'm just keen on revolvers, especially for an older guy. Anyways, I added that he likes them due to his familiarity with them as High Elves, and their pale skin.
It was just the facial hair and the revolver that made me draw that comparison. But that isn't the topic at hand. The topic at hand is approval, which this profile is now given!

[Image: anim_500.gif]

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