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Healing ICly
Alright I have noticed a not so good trend some people are getting involved in. The trend being... "Oh your arm fell off, well here hold it up against your body with your other arm and I will heal you together! -Heals.- There you go all better now!" Shouldn't there be some sort of restriction on how effective healing can be? Not sure just what this could be, however maybe we can all find some middle ground on the matter.

Also, I am sorry if there is already a post about this.
Well, few (if anyone) can heal injuries such as a missing limb. Injuries like minor scrapes/scratches, i'd say could be healed by pretty much any priest/shaman/druid/paladin easily. More serious injuries, such as large gashes, I think should require a roll to test effectiveness and perhaps drain the healer of a large chunk of their energy.

Just my $0.02...
Yeah, reattaching limbs doesn't seem like it would work. I don't see why gashes would be a big problem, though. Mending bones would take a bit more energy, and shattered bones would take a lot of energy. I think that mangled limbs are usually beyond hope for healing, so you'd just have a healed, albeit unusable limb if you tried. I don't think there's much in the way of physical harm that would drain a healer of his/her energy. The huge drains would mainly come from stuff like resurrections and the like, rare as they may be.

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