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Hello there!
First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player:

Hello! I'm a 19 year old college student. I've been an avid RPer since I was 12, playing DnD. I play retail WoW, mostly at the beckon of my significant other, and I have a very long history of fishing in every MMO I've ever played. Speaking of such, I'm a an avid MMO player. I've spent much time in EQ, EQ2, FFXI, SWG, and Ragnarok Online.

What country do you come from? What is your primary language?:

I'm from the United States, California to be exact. I speak english, while I also know a bit of Spanish.

How did you get into Warcraft?:

A friend of mine let me borrow Warcraft 3 some years ago. I tried WoW out when it first came out, but after much immaturity in the player base, I gave it a break after getting a night elf warrior to 60. I later rejoined from the beckoning of my significant other.

I do rather enjoy the lore of Warcraft, finding it much richer and having more depth then most fantasy titles on the market.

What made you seek our server over others?:

While I enjoy playing MMO's, I demand a certain amount of roleplaying in my atmosphere to have fun. The RP servers in retail has some issues, such as the language divide, as well as a very large population of immature players.

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:

My favorite type of RP settings are fishing trips. I don't exactly know what it is, but I always find that my most memorable RP moments start out from fishing trips. I also love casual outings and picnics. I don't really enjoy too much conflict. I'm somewhat laid back for that.

What is your favorite race/class? Why?:

Hmmm....that's a tough choice. I'd have to say for Horde its blood elf priests. I enjoy the blood elf lore and priests are my overall favorite WoW class. I love playing support classes in MMO's, finding that I can get the best RP by simply helping others. For the Alliance, I rather enjoy night elf druids. Druids are my second favorite class, and I just can't RP a tauren right...

What are your expectations of this server?:

I just want laid back RP. I don't care too much about leveling compared to just having a good time chatting and forging storylines with my interactions with others.

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:

Probably the one about keyboard skills. I'm not the world's best typist, but I try my best to use proper english. Its nice to be in a community that tries as well to return the favor.

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!:

((A short story for another setting))

The tides. The tides are both the friend and foe of shipping and navy vessels, the wind the cousin of the open tides. It can be safely said that most tide currents are probably most well known by the aquarials, though the elves probably made the first maps of them. (The people under the sea probably didn't need to.)

But in this day of shipping and exports, of relative peace amongst mortal nations, the tides and wind are a very vital life blood for both economic and political reasons; for where would the Golden Isles be without Arnafeltz allies, or Midgard without Izlude and Alberta? Without the proper tides and wind The Eastern Nations might still be isolation from the rest of the world. The wind and tides are a delicate balance; a balance that is needed in all things in life.

The Prismwake clan of the aquarials, located somewhere in the seas not far from the Golden Isles, had a feud with a neighboring clan, called the Puresight Clan. The feud was actually over an old family rivalry. For you see, 100 years ago the clans had been one.

The clan leader had two sons, and on his death bed, when told to pick his successor, he told them both the first to find an oyster with a white pearl and bring it back to him would be named the new leader of the clan. In reality the father felt both sons would be fine leaders, but could not decide fairly how to choose, and thus came up with this task.

The older brother was named Syga. He was bright and inquisitive, well known to go to the aid of sailors in their time of need. He was famous for one time hopping aboard a large cargo ship, and actually guided the ship's captain to calmer waters over a 100 mile stretch of storm battered waters. He was also the first to learn and teach the art of Merrow to the clan.

The other brother, named Laqua, was a proud warrior and fighter, and built offensive forms of combat from his brother's Merrow, which he taught to his tribe. He was also an expert hunter, and was praised for his cunning strategies. However he suffered from a short temper, and was prone to yelling at his own men at the drop of a coral piece.

Well, as it so happens, Syga was the first to find such an oyster, and quickly went to his father to show him. However, his father passed on before he could do so, and thus he wept. Still, he held up his catch for all to see, and the clan was ready to accept Syga as their new leader.

When Laqua found out he was outdone, he was in an outrage, and quickly came up with a plot to come out on top. He went back to the clan and gave them a horrifying report: His brother had cheated, putting a pearl from one of his mother's many jewelry pieces into a slightly broken oyster, and passing it on to his father. He even had one of his men lie and say he witnessed this event happening.

Now, the warriors of the clan were rather loyal to Laqua, while the craftsmen and few scholarly types were more loyal to Syga. With each brother gaining his own line of support, nothing could be done to keep the clan from eventually splitting. A few years later the two clans actually went to war with each other, though since the people still felt some bond together these skirmishes were more of a sparring deal rather than an all out war, with very few actual casualties on either side.

And so, for 100 years the clan remained split, till something interesting happened....

Both clans had a few scouts around their respective borders, mostly for show since armed skirmishes had ended over 20 years ago In fact, it was common knowledge that the scouts from both clans commonly got together and just talked. One day while two of these scouts were socializing, something odd headed for them in the rather weak current: An egg.

Now, this egg was something more like a fish would lay, not that of a surface chicken, with a soft, sticky outer coating. The egg itself was a dark red, and thus the two could not make out what might be inside of it. Since the egg was on the exact border between both clans, both clans had a claim to it, and thus since it might very well be an aquarial egg, both scouts went to tell their respective superiors about the egg.

Eventually the people and guard of both clans met at the border, the two scouts holding the egg with one hand each between them. As the leaders of each clan reached out to touch the egg, it suddenly tore along its side, and a small, baby aquarial floated out of it.

The crowd gave a loud “awwww” at the site of the child, but what was most amazing was what the baby held in its hands: a slightly open oyster, baring a pearl. Of course it would have been impossible for an oyster to have been inserted into the egg, so how did it get in there? The priests of both clans came together and talked amongst themselves, and decided that the child must be the blessing of the goddess Samarine, and that the pearl in the oyster is a sign that the clan must be united again.

Surprisingly, almost every member of both clans agreed with this, for neither clan held much belief in the idea of coincidence. So the borders between the two clans fell, the clan forming something of a republic, and renaming itself Clan of the Pearl. The child itself, a female, was named Nalina of the Pearl, Nalina meaning “Pure” in the clan's dialect.

Nalina herself grew up loved by the members of her clan, and though she had no parents to speak of, she was well kept by higher members of the clan, and was always given the fine things the clan had to offer. The priests of Samarine gave her an education, while the now united guard taught her the basics of Merrow, which she was actually able master by age 14.

Nalina was always much smarter than her peers, and even though she made a few friends, she was commonly seen in the midst of people much older then herself. She was an unofficial advisor to the heads of the clan's leadership, mostly giving out ideas that she felt might help the community. She even took care of the sick and injured, helping her clan's few doctors with bandages and medication, and some of the healing powers of Merrow.

Sadly, when she reached the age of 16, the age when members of the clan were considered adults, she found herself at conflict; for you see it was custom for female clan members to begin courting to an older male member, chosen by the community. And sadly, Nalina didn't find herself ready yet to settle down. She felt she had a lot of work to do in the world; She had helped her clan, but how many other people in the world were still waiting for help?

And thus, on the eve of her 16th birthday, she left her clan, with a message to her most trusted friend to spread to the rest of the communities. She said to tell the community that she would she would return one day, but for now she had to see what life was like on the surface.

Is there anything else you would like to add, ask, or otherwise clarify?:

Are PC's from the Alliance able to enter Horde towns and vice-versa without being attacked?
Nice story, it was a good read. ^^

I'll also take the liberty to answer your question down there at the bottom (if that's okay with the administration and all).
Naae Wrote:Are PC's from the Alliance able to enter Horde towns and vice-versa without being attacked?
If you mean ICly, then no. Seeing as there's a war going on, you would be attacked on sight.
If you hinted at wanting to roleplay cross-faction then this is possible in the neutral towns like Booty Bay, Ratchet, Gadgetzan, Shattrath. Although keep in mind that guards are posted at every corner and would intervene in fights. Punishments for these fights can also vary from being separated, injured to even reducing reputation with said faction, thus (if reduction is high enough) making them hostile towards you so you can't have the privilege of being around said faction anymore.
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"Beyond the Stars"
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Alright, thank you for the clarification.
Welcome to the server!

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