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Help wanted for company!
As of today, Kayle the Goblin Mogul has been approved and to make a constant Goblin factor on the server.
I want to create a guild that embodies Cogglebax Engineering Co. in rank and file, including with overseers, supervisors, sales department, you name it.

I am looking for someone or a few individuals around the GMT +1 timezone to help get everything setup nice and proper. (Note ; Other timezones are okay too but communication will be a bit sporadic or just as good.) So internal RP can get going, the company can get involved in a few story lines if possible and do trading with anyone interested in engineering or related to it.

It will also be a hub to unite Goblins with an affinity of engineering to band together and get together so everyone can take part in the company. At a later point when everything is settled properly, I want to hire other people too as mercenary guards or sell, make products. R&D positions will also open up then to be able to bring new products to the market.

Contact information

Skype : littlejaella

PM-ing is okay too.

Replying works too..
[Image: kuzco_llama_by_mroobalooba-d3jkg9p.png]

Oh my god... you didn't...

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