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Help with patching, please?
I am currently at patch 3.1.3 and am trying to get to 3.2.0, but i can't seem to find any on the internet that aren't in .zip or .rar format. I finally got one in a .zip format, and unzipped it in the data folder, where it was supposed to replace some files. after the files were replaced, I tried to go further, and install 3.2.2 so I could connect to the server, but it tells me that " This update requires "WoW.exe" version You have an older version, ". The wierd thing is that the game claims the same thing, when I go in. anyone have any idea how i could get a working version of patch 3.2.0? or, if someone could maybe upload one to a transfer site, so that i may download it?

All help is appreciated, thanks in advance :(
Love is the answer.
Do you have more than one installation of WoW?
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Yes i do. I also have a 2.4.3.
That's no longer the problem , I managed to patch up with some help from HeroLief.

My problem now is that I can't seem to connect to the server. I have patch 3.2.2 and the realmlist set perfectly.
Do i have to have my introduction approved before the server lets me log on?
I mean, i type in my password, press enter, and it stops at "connecting" until eventually it ends up saying "unable to connect"

Thanks in advance :D
Love is the answer.
I'd like to add in my possibly useless opinion, but I'd say that the problem isn't being unapproved now, as you can join without being approved, only having posted an intro' is required. It may be a client side mess up that you can't join, because a lot of us get the "connected' screen when either our connection is fuzzy or the server's down.

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Well my connection is fine, I can download at 3000kb/s, and i'm guessing the server is probably up also.
I'm not sure where to go with this because it started to happen on other servers as well.
For example, i can't log on to a 2.4.3 server either, with the same problem, whereas if i host a server using a mangos repacker, and assign it to my EXTERNAL IP, it WORKS!
WoW-trance also works, but I can't get it to work here or several other servers.

I can't take it! I feel a desperate craving for Roleplay! :)
Love is the answer.
Liefwarrior? C'mon, seriously? I hate warriors. D:

The login server might be down.
Kretol's connection might be shitting out again.

You could set the game to connect to normal servers, because we're using the most recent patch. Then just switch your realmlist when it's done. The normal patching should also fully fix you. You may have just downloaded a corrupted file, like it was interrupted or something during the download and didn't download it right.

Good luck with the fix.
Oh dear, my bad, changed that :) i wrote that in a moment of bad name memory.
No , the file's fine, i'm now officially running 3.2.2
Love is the answer.

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