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Henry Buzan [Human Noble Paladin]
Player: Rigley

Character Full Name: Lord Henry Leonard Buzan

Character In-Game Name: Henry

Nickname(s): ‘Lord of Red Lions’

Association(s): Stormwind, House of Nobles, League of Arathor, former Silver Hand

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Skills and Abilities:

Henry is a practiced paladin of the Light. Specifically, he is specialized in defense and protection of his allies.

Age: 36

Sex: Male

Hair: Black, with some dark gray visible from stress over the years. His hair is long and pools along his shoulders like a mane, and sports a full beard.

Eyes: Green

Weight: 260 lbs

Height: 6'4"

Usual Garments/Armor: Wears a set of finely crafted plate when on the move, his warhammer holstered along a sling on his back. In casual and formal situations he has a selection of formal wear and cravats. He prefers armor, by this point feeling 'bare' without some sort of protective trappings. He keeps a ceremonial longsword on hand when in casual clothing.

Other: n/a

Alignment: Lawful good

Personality: Henry is a man who builds his priorities and actions off of principle. He is a devout follower of the light and a loyalist to the Alliance, and these display rather prominently in how he carries himself. He has a strict code of conduct formed through years of experience in the company of his fellow nobility and paladins, and tends to be fairly formal in speech and tone. This also carries over in his philosophy of combat, preferring to wound and demand surrender from foes instead of actually executing them in most cases. He is charitable as well, at times almost too much so; to the frustration of some of his family he is firmly more of a paladin than a noble in his mind, and often sets his house's prosperity as a secondary priority.

Due to so much time at war Henry has a slightly thicker skin when it comes to confrontation, being hard to anger though firm to warn others off of doing so. He is typically a bit less personable than others, often more of a diplomat in the way he talks and reasons. He is certainly more of a leader in this sense than in any family oriented way, part of the reason why he has yet to seek out the possibility of having an heir. He's warm and welcoming to a stranger, but there isn't much openness beyond this.


Henry Buzan was born into a house of nobility, in an estate situated on the southern edge of the Arathi Highlands. The first of four siblings born to Everand and Catherine Buzan, Henry found himself thrown into his father's tutelage at a young age. His father was a tactician and a knight of the kingdom; a leader of his own band of militia, and a devout follower of the Holy Light. It was under his father's hand that he came to become much the same by the time he had grown, though his mother had managed to temper much of Everand's confrontational demeanor out of him as well. In youth his life was a busy one, often torn between his mother's teaching of the siblings in the ways of political and social refinement, and the much more militaristic regime of his father. By the time he was a young teenager his father was even bringing both him and his younger brother out into patrols alongside his militia-- though they never personally aided in combat at this time, the other soldiers much more swift at taking out the troll threats before them before the children could join them in battle.

By the time the second war began, however, Henry was a fully-fledged member of the militia. Alongside his father he left to aid with the retreat of the Alliance from the ruins of Stormwind, and in this time was taken under as a squire to one of the paladins they encountered on the field. Through the second war Henry was inducted into the Order of the Silver Hand alongside others within his militia, and took up the Alliance’s banner against the orcs as they were sent scattering back towards Arathi as the orcish hordes advanced. When the war came to his family’s homeland Henry and his militia drew back to their family estate to protect their own, manning the walls in case of an attack. While they still joined in battle it was mostly to disrupt troop and supply movement more than to join in combat with the full force of the Alliance.

Eventually an attack did come; as the Horde began to withdraw a party came to strike at the estate for use as a shelter, not anticipating much resistance. Instead they found themselves in combat with Everand’s militia, with both father and sons in combat on the front lines. They fought long and hard, and eventually were granted victory as an alliance brigade came to assist the flagging militia. The cost was heavy upon the family, however; much of the militia was injured or slain in the attack, and Everand himself had sustained heavy wounds at the hands of the orcish force. The whole of the house sat the remainder of the war out as they waited on their patriarch’s health to recover—unfortunately it only grew worse. Everand Buzan passed away months before the end of the war, leaving the family reeling from the loss. Henry was given the position of the patriarchy, and spent the end of the war grieving alongside his family for the loss of his father.

In the aftermath of the third war and the time of peace which followed, Henry began to rebuild his family’s name in a new light. With his father’s military presence decimated during the fight against the horde, Henry had the militia disbanded with his blessing. Wanting to expand his family’s name in the time of peace he commissioned the forge on his property to be refurbished and re-purposed into a legitimate business, founding the Red Lion Armory with the aid of some dwarven smiths and his fellow siblings. Though a meager blacksmith in his own right his siblings proved more capable, and he allowed much of the business to fall to their own mantles. He busied himself with his place within the Silver Hand in the meantime, joining his fellow paladins on patrols and aiding in the security of the highlands and western Lordaeron. During this time the family’s funds began to even out from their climb following the war’s end and the founding of the armory— much of the excess income found its way funneled into the church or charity or to the rebuilding of Stormwind, a use of funds which had a bit of a mixed reaction within the family.

Come the Third War Henry aided in the defense of Silverpine primarily. Though he was at first working alongside the rest of the order in the battle against the spreading undead threat, the splintering of Lordaeron after the death of Teranas Menethil led to a speedy retreat towards Southshore, as the undead ravaged the land and spread across the northern kingdom. When finally the spread had ceased and Lordaeron lay in ruins he returned to his estate, spirit downtrodden with the crumbling order around him. Though the Scarlet and Argent Crusade would rise he never found himself compelled to join, instead turning his sights to the southern lands of Stormwind. When the portal opened he departed and served in the Hellfire Peninsula, and when the call for battle in the north came he was quick to join once more. During these exploits he began to find himself slipping into his father’s mantle from before, and in time found himself managing groups of stray warriors onto the battlefield alongside him for tours in the north.

With his northern campaign completed Henry has returned home. Invigorated by his time with the alliance and the crusade in Northrend he has begun seeking to reform a proper militia under his father’s old banner and return to his roots of battle from his years with the Silver Hand. His travels had gained him much wisdom— primarily in the true strengths of the Horde, though he still looked upon them as shadows of the beasts which he had been brought to combat against in the second and third war. Though he pledged himself and his house to the Alliance he has instead preffered to join in aid with the Argent Crusade as he did in Northrend, allowing most matters of genuine war to be dealt with by the generals in Stormwind.

I'd like to see more in his personality about Henry the Man, not Henry the Paladin of the Alliance.
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
There is also an extra space between 'Skills and Abilities' and 'Age'. There is another extra space between the third and forth paragraph of the history. I have to say though, it's not often I see human profiles that don't do...all the human things I'm used to. It's a nice change.

(12-10-2012, 09:07 AM)Caravan Wrote:

I'd like to see more in his personality about Henry the Man, not Henry the Paladin of the Alliance.


(har har)

Edited the personality, though I'm not sure -exactly- what you mean. Mostly since paladins tend to have much of their being pallies heavily tied into their personality.
Yes, that was more or less what I was looking for, thanks! :)
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
Had a glance at this a week back and I think Cara and Reigen got to my main issues before me. It's looking good. 3/3
[Image: desc_head_freemasons.jpg]

△Move along.△



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