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Hercynian Dreamseer (Night Elf Druid)
Player: CappnRob

Character Full Name: Hercynian Dreamseer

Character In-Game Name: Hercynian

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): Cenarion Circle

Race: Night Elf

Class: Druid of the Grove

Skills and Abilities: Hercynian, while exceptionally lazy and unmotivated, is a very powerful and aged druid. Specializing in nature energies, he is adept at tending to wildlife and healing living things.

Age: 11, 010

Sex: Male

Hair: Green

Eyes: Amber

Weight: 220 lbs

Height: 7'8"

Usual Garments/Armor: Hercynian wears sparse clothing, often just a simple robe and that being all. To note though, is the various plants and pests that live IN his clothing as well. On his shoulders are two fairly sizeable shrubs growing, and his robes have assorted fungi and small plants growing throughout. It is also not uncommon to see insects and other arthopods living in there, as well.

Other: Hercynian has antlers protrudding from his forehead, and a really long sausage like nose, as well. You probably will see a spider web in those antlers, as well.

Alignment: True Neutral. Hercynian cares nothing for good or evil, laws or regulations, and other designs of mortals. Nature and the wild is his only true calling.

Personality: Hercynian is aloof, lazy, and slow to act on any sort of issue. Unlike most druids, who see things such as deforestation, arcane magic, and hunting as destructive to nature, Hercynian simply believes that the world is far more resilient than his people give it credit for. While he acknowledges that terrible things have occured that have injured the world, he also points out that the world has always bounced back and recovered. Ergo, he does not waste his time worrying about such details. His mantra may as well be "nature does not give a damn".

History: Hercynian was born some thousand years before the War of the Ancients, and unlike most of his elven brethren who had taken to the enchanting arcane energies of the Well of Eternity, Hercynian preferred to spend time idling away in the forests. To this end, Hercynian had little to offer during the War of the Ancients, and survived it primarily by retreating as far away as he could into the forests and hiding. This proved to be an effective strategy, because once the War came to a close, the collapsing Well of Eternity took with it many innocent elven lives.

Following Malfurion and Tyrande's ascension as rulers of Kal'dorei society, Hercynian was among the druids to be trained. Adapting quickly to the teachings, Hercynian was nonetheless a slacker in most any other respect of life. When Ysera created the Emerald Dream and revealed that for it to be maintained, the druids must sleep within it, Hercynian was not too terribly upset about this. He was allowed to relax and experience the most pristine and beautiful world imaginable, all the while increasing his connection to the nature energies he wielded.

When Hercynian did rise from the Emerald Dream, his activities of daily living did not change much. He became known by other elves as Forestdreamer, because no matter where he was, Hercynian was always lazing and sleeping in the wild. Despite this exceptionally unprofessional attitude about druidism, Hercynian was no slouch in actually using his abilities. He contributed to the War of the Satyr, and somehow or another he managed to take a bride in Sadil Nightseer, though the two rarely even spoke with each other, Sadil being a sentinel and Hercynian being in the Dream.

However, the couple did bear two children: both sons, Tikar and Kantado. He tutored Tikar himself from within the dream, but Hercynian's devotion to the serenity and adaptive nature of, well, nature, did not mesh well with Tikar's rowdy personality and soon Tikar took the path of Druid of the Claw, following the teachings of Ursoc. Hercynian did not seem to mind, continuing to meditate and laze about in the Dream as he always done. Come some 3000 years later in his life, and his second son, Kantado was born, but as a child, Hercynian was not really there for him, either, being an aloof father the rare times he was available outside of the Dream, leading Kantado to try and grab his attention at every chance possible, with no real success. As a result, Kantado was mostly raised by Tikar, until Kantado decided to go in the footsteps of his brother and father, also becoming a druid and entering the Dream.

When Kantado entered the Dream, Hercynian proved to be a pretty bad influence on him. His endless lazing and impassive attitude lead to Kantado doing two things frequently: acting out to grab his father's attention, and adopting Hercynian's lazy attitude about doing anything serious in life, ever. While the two did spend a good deal more time together inside of the Dream, much of it was fairly empty and lacking true emotion. Hercynian did love his sons, but he just could not figure a way to bond with them wholesomely. When the Third War broke out on Azeroth, Hercynian emerged from the Emerald Dream, insisting that Kantado remain for his own safety. In one of his rare moments of pro-activity, Hercynian joined the druid forces in combatting the Burning Legion. Following the destruction of the world tree, however, Hercynian was cut away from the Emerald Dream. Now, here he was in a strange world he does not know, unsure of where to go or what to do, and so without even a word spoken to his wife or children, just walked off to see it with his own eyes.
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.

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