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Hey CotH... [Pain]
I was wondering... How tolerant are you guys to pain, both physical and emotional? Are you hysterically jumpy, or are you as dead as a Forsaken?

How often do you get injured or hurt, and how stressful is it for you specifically?

I'll go first!:

I actually practice parkour, and have been doing so for seven years now. Believe it or not - I've never broken a single bone in my body doing that. The only time I did completely chop off a bone from the rest of my body was when a table fell onto my big toe in school some four years back. Ironic, right? Generally, I am very careful about getting injured. I'm not intolerant to pain, I'm actually quite capable of gritting my teeth and holding through just about anything, but I very rarely have to. The greatest injuries I get on a regular basis are very small, surface skin cuts, mostly on my palms and fingers (when latching onto walls or leaping over the same).

As for mental pain, I manage to channel most of it out by, again, training parkour. I found myself spending 6+ hours training when I got dumped by my girlfriend (of two summers) earlier this year. Believe it or not, I felt a lot better. Perhaps I was just distracted due to the muscle soreness, but it helped either way!

Your turn!
I've found... something really odd about my way of experiencing pain. Namely that I can take bigger injuries without a problem(concrete spikes to the head, having my noggin slammed against a wall/sharp metal table edge/ice, cuts from bladed weapons, anything accidental, etc).

Small things, though, tiny stuff like toothaches or somesuch, are really felling annoying for me.

As regards emotional/mental pain, I tend to be... surprisingly resilient. There are things that can break my 'psychological armor', though, and I am well aware of their existence. If those certain buttons aren't pushed, I can hold out against nearly any storm. I release it through anything that lets me achieve catharsis. Swordplay, writing, stimulation and release, fighting - nearly anything, though I tend to channel it all towards creative or martial pursuits.

I'm actually relatively jealous of some artists/craftsmen I know because of that - they can create the loveliest things, whereas I don't quite have their skill. I merely sit atop a throne of sharp swords and sharper words, gently balancing to avoid being cut...
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I feel I will be in the minority when I say I am bad at dealing with pain! I whine and moan and winge and cry and all that stuff with all types of pain. Fortunately I don't suffer a lot of it!
"Do not be fooled if you hear laughter, or happen upon a smile. There is no happiness or merriment here."
Physical - Everything hurts. I have a very disfunctional body. Bones sitting awkwardly because they're a bit too big for my structure (I'm a very broad-chested person and very large in general, but somewhat short). I usually don't feel any cuts and bruises until I -see- them, then I'm like.. When TF did I get that?
However, most physical pain I experience is in the form of being annoying and uncomfortable.

Mental/Emotional - I can withstand incredible emotional/mental damage. Very good at supressing it. Usually throws me off balance because I prefer -not- to shut it in due to trauma and learning from my mistakes in that regard. So it's usually something very extreme that makes me cry like a b***h for a couple of minutes, then I get back to normal.
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I'm pretty resistant to pain. Generally I never take painkillers for anything, and I can suck it up and deal with it.

Unless I stub my toe.

Then I am a bumbling idiot for the next minute.

Mentally, I'm pretty good about it IRL, just stashing away all the pain. But it needs a release eventually.
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Pretty enduring. I've gotten seriously hurt before with nary a peep at the moment of impact. It's largely a case of mind over matter, dismissing the pain as being... well, painful. I've broken some bones, fractured others, torn a thumbnail off, and suffered lacerations of varying severity, but the most painful thing I ever went through was a bodily infection. It's the kind of discomfort that you just can't escape from. Had a headache which lasted for days and I was so physically weak that I got tired and had to rest halfway up a flight of stairs. Maybe that had more to do not eating, though.

I'm too... temporal, I guess, for psychological pain. I get hung up on mistakes, and certain events can shake my resolve for a while, but I usually get through it quickly and I'm back on my feet before any harm is done. I couldn't say I have mental scars as such. I actively work to resolve things that bother me, or at least come to accept them and move on.
I'm impervious to everything unless I see a dog in distress or trap my thumb in a drawer, after which points I'm wont to bawl my pissing eyes out.
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Physically? I've got a pretty high tolerance, yeah. Most of the time I just voice my pain to pass the time, but when I don't have the time to complain, you'd never know. Got myself a couple sugar burns (Crap was around 300 degrees F) and no one knew. But if my back starts to hurt in the slightest, I complain like there's no tomorrow for no real reason.

As for mental? I have.. A bad mind. I imagine anything and everything in almost every detail I can, but not on purpose. It gets pretty bad sometimes, but I tend to shrug it off simply because it's all in my head.
I'm personally very irrepressible to major pain, in the sense of not actually suffering until I finally notice what happened to me. It's amusing that this topic was brought up since last week, I almost broke my right tibia in a fall off a balcony and I didn't notice or feel it until I took a glance at it before going to sleep. I immediately felt agony when the surface of my leg was bloody, wounded, and with slight splits of razors (stones or edges I hit against, most likely) but only after I looked at it. Of course I went to the doctor the very same night and took a quick check on it and I was apparently very lucky that I wasn't in the hospital.

Sicknesses, same, I really don't feel sicknesses if slight annoyances such as being unable to smell stuff when I get a cold.

I've also got a problem that was taken in attention a few years ago, and that was that I can't feel or almost the heat or the cold, but when I do, its in reverse. Talk about strange, huh? It's extremely cold and I feel too warm in this jacket, and when everybody is melting alive around me, I comment 'pretty cold round here, heh?'
Any officials of medical support that I consulted can't find any reason of why this is happening, and its not that it is really bothering me. I might aswell feel a little warm in a frigid breeze than jumping at a campfire.

But as for minor wounds or ache such as irritations to the skins and other things among the same type, these hurt me like crazy and I can't stand still on the same spot when my foot has scratched on some bad plants or something.

Emotionally wise, I'm usually a very serious person (kek undead) despite the good manners of smiling. The only thing that can throw me off balance is a good laugh. Hit me with a punch to the stomach or attempt to make me feel depressed and I'll just stare right back at you. If not for my sense of humor, people would call me an automaton.

P.S: And no, it ain't CIPA. (Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis)
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Years of football and other sports has conditioned me to physical pain. Emotionally, I'm a squishy man cupcake.
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△Move along.△


I'm pretty resilient when it comes to both actually. When I broke my wrist, I lived with it for two days, just thinking it was sprained until dad dragged me to a hospital where we found out that it wasn't just broken, it was dislocated too! Also when I worked at a construction site recently, I got my hand squashed by a nearly 400 pound heavy sack of concrete. It hurt like hell, so I went to the hospital to check it out where they told me it wasn't broken. At that point I went back to work, despite the pain, I just needed to check so it wasn't broken.

I'm a bit weird about it, because I fear pain and avoid actions I think will end up with injury, but when I do get hurt it doesn't bother me much. Pain is just an inconvenience and as long as I know it's nothing bad and won't get worse I never let it stop me.

Emotional pain is... It's hard to peg down. I'm usually very resilient due to the emotional battery I've had to take a few times during my teens. I've had a couple of breakups, some of them with women I cared very deeply for, but I never really broke down about it. My grandfather died and I cried at the funeral, but by the time I got home I was fine. My fiancee thinks it's annoying, because she very easily get's emotional and I never understand why.

However, there are times where it just snaps and has a brutal effect on me. I rarely get sad, I just become angry. Extremely angry. I have dents in the concrete walls of my room from repeatedly punching them when that has hap paned. It's not the best way to deal with it, I know that, but I really can't help myself when it happens. Luckily I've never actually hurt anybody, just broken a lot of inanimate objects.
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(05-02-2013, 05:21 AM)Rensin Wrote: Years of football and other sports has conditioned me to physical pain. Emotionally, I'm a squishy man cupcake.

After a decade of pretty physically taxing martial arts (and breaking more bones than I can count on both my fingers and toes), I've come to realize I'm fairly resistant to pain. The last time I caused myself any severe damage, I broke four bones in my foot while sparring/working out, and didn't notice it for about three days, aside from a very mild, "This is annoying." I also distinctly remember cutting a really nasty gash in my foot as a wee lad. Almost cut into my achilles tendon. Nasty stuff, that. But I hardly shed a tear or complained. Instead, I cried like a little girl as the doctor stitched me up. Moreso when, a few weeks later, the stitches were removed.

However, were I to stub my toe, hit my head, trip... I'll be crying until the pain goes away. It's ridiculous.

Don't wven talk to me about emotional pain. I'm so bad at that it's not even funny. I tried to take a lesson from myself on physical pain and apply it to my head, but it doesn't work for me. At all. I'm ridiculously expressive with my (generally more negative) emotions, which leaves me up s*** creek without a paddle when it comes to effectively dealing with them.
I used to be such a wimp when it came to physical pain until I had to pass a bunch of kidney stones. Those things were so painful they almost made me pass out. Ever since, nothing hurts as much because I just think about how painful kidney stones were and say to myself, "It's not as bad as passing those kidney stones were."

I still hate it when I stub my toe on something and the entire toenail is lifted off, or decides to become ingrown.

It's like

[Image: 4807560_f260.jpg]

"Hey there! Wearing shoes? I'm gonna ruin your day."

In terms of emotional pain...I've been so desensitized after seeing so much that I feel like I don't have enough emotional pain. I kind of wish I could feel it sometimes. I usually just get depressed when I think about darker existential thoughts.
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Please don't post squick stuff like that without spoilers and a warning at least! Heh.
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Once I stepped on a Lego and didn't weep for hours. Please form an orderly queue for autographs.
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