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Hey guys.
Kaghuros Wrote:I think it needs to be said here, and this is the only metaphor I've thought of to get the point across. Krent, you can be a gigantic douchebag sometimes, but you always seem to post when the server needs a good rinse.

Hopefully everyone realizes the bitter irony inherent in the fact that the thread just brought to the surface all of the things that Krent mentioned in the original post. All of the childish bickering, all of the drama. It's all right here for everyone to see.

Thank you, Krent.

Heheheheh. Someone actually got what I was tryin' to do. I can rest in peace, now.
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"What a mess we made, when it all went wrong..."
I'm glad this thread was made. Every time I see people getting in arguments about some dumb shit or nitpicking over TINY DETAILS in lore, it breaks my heart a little. And I agree with the high school statement. Seriously.

Roleplaying is about exploration and improvisation. We're not walking the tightrope over Niagara while fixing the leak on the LHC, we're taking a break from that and letting loose. Yeah, there's lore, yeah, we're people in a social setting, and yeah, we're not all going to share the same perspective and get along like one big happy family. That is PERFECTLY FUCKING FINE. Let's relax and explore together.

Another thing is this whole... nitpicking lore. Asking if cigarettes are lore? HONESTLY? I'm beginning to wonder. Some of it's common sense, and, if one needs the extra re-reinforcement they can go to Strath--

You know what? Nevermind, seriously. Common sense. Have fun. You work all day (I'm ASSUMING), do you REALLY want to grate yourselves over wether or not tissues, fried chicken, f**k, and boxer shorts are lore? Go for it! I'll be over here RPing.

Edit: God dammit Krent; I'm all too late again.
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