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Hey, just letting everyone know! :D
Hey everyone, I'm just saying that I haven't quit the game as I know I haven't been on. Not that I've been missed though :P

Anyway, I've been trying to get my WoW to work, but every time I open it I get a blue screen. I'm not computer savvy so I have no idea what to do about, but I'm working on it :P

Just thought I'd give everyone the heads up

Love ya all! :D
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Cassandra Singlider - Human Female Mage. (Deceased)
I'm guessing you already tried running the repair utility and re-installing/re-patching the game? The next thing I would tell you to do with the information you have provided thus far is run other games/programs (Possibly other MMO's or games similar to WoW) and see if you get the same problem. If that doesn't yield any results try running in safe mode and/or defragmenting (if you know what that is).

I may be able to help more if you relate what the blue screen says. Good luck, nonetheless.

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