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Highborne seeking apprentice (mage)
So, I have Vyren. She's a highborne mage with a yet to be revealed past and an even more curious future. By default, she has the experience. She is a rather grim character and tends to play as a darker magician, not the average human sorcerer. Some might say she is evil. She spends time in Deadwind pass and is my main character.. so I RP her every chance I get.. Now, why would I take on an apprentice? Well.. mostly because she can get bored sometimes.. because she likes to teach.. And of course because Master-Apprentice RP is pretty neat. Another reason is that I want to RP. One rather important note however.. There are two ways for your character to become Vyren's apprentice.. One would be to actively seek a master to learn from and somehow come across Vyren. She isn't really the type to pick random mages off the streets and offer them training. The other way would be that your character has something special about him. I am not saying that your character should be Naruto. I am saying that you character should possess a set of traits which would interest a character such as her. Use your imagination and your creativity!

So.. if you are fine with all this, then read further.

Minor requirements:

I am looking for -one- apprentice, the race and gender don't matter but alliance races are a bit more liked. Just because there are more opportunities and more places to both go and train. You can't get an orc to stormwind, can you?

I prefer characters that were created/planned before this post, I don't mind if you create a character to become my apprentice but I really hope you will be sticking to it.

Anyway.. I'd like the player to be relatively active as well. I don't require 100% dedication and 24/7 RP, as I can't supply that either. I prefer EU timezone unless you have sleeping disorders which would keep you awake during EU time.

Decent RP skill. I am not planning to teach how to RP, I prefer that you are already a fairly experienced roleplayer. <3

I like Night elves/Highbornes.

More about the training:

I will be teaching ICly and OOCly. That means I will explain stuff ICly with IC terms and all. But I will also toss you a link to read what you're actually learning in game.

We won't be doing 1-1 RP forever. And I will try not to get your character stuck in some place without RP. That means there will be public RP too, joining hotspots and all. That means your character won't be stuck at the training grounds, you can still go in ratchet for some RP. I promise <3.

I will DM all encounters/mini-events/whatever I feel like tossing in the RP. The world won't be that boring.. hopefully.

There's the possibility/chance that your character will later become a warlock. I don't -encourage- it OOCly or anything. That for it will be purely your choice to be corrupted and become a warlock or just remain mage.

Feel free to post your character here or just toss me a PM. I'd love to read a tiny bit about the character/s to help me pick. And I apologize -now- if I don't pick yours :C I love you anyway, reader <3.
Sorry for grammar mistakes or stuff, I am sleepy like hell.. Will fix them in the morning. I swear on pink.
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  • Memnoch, Ruibarra
So I've been RPing rather often lately.. I think I could use a bit more!

I edited the post~ Poke me.
[Image: pj3isZU.gif]

[Image: 43883.png]
*holds up hand*
Well, you've already met me ingame on my Sin'dorei mage Lyannae.
I am interested!

Talk more ingame? :3
Even tho this isn't exactly a priority for me anymore.. I still RP Vyren a good deal, that for this is still available. Sure, we will see how it goes in game.
[Image: pj3isZU.gif]

[Image: 43883.png]

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