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Humanoids, in other faction possible?
Hi, Im KronosDK

Before I am to create any Character on this server, I've looked through Wiki.

I like how you made it possible to play what you want. Even added to Hardcore roleplayers, who dedicate themselves to play it, creating a Ethereal, Goblin, Ogre, or Naga... cant remember if that was all of them..

But now my Question lies... since I havent found it on the forums anywhere...

1: How does Horde x Allaince interaction work? Ive seen on other servers, they made it possible for opposing factions, horde and allaince, races to team up. Which removed the PvP option, and made it possible to buff eachother. didnt try to enter an Instance with the team, a shame though.

Question: Is it possible for Interaction between?

2: Is it possible, for lets say... A Human, to be on the Horde faction. Lets say, a slave, raised by one of the hordes, whatever the Story / Roleplay might be. Ofcourse, I will suspect that if someone requests this, they need approvel.

Question: Is it possible for Allaince Races, to be part of the Horde? and other way around?

3: About the new races... What faction will they join? a None faction? choose one? or wat? This came to my mind... And secoundly, how do you actualy get into Wiki to read the Info on them?

Question: I need Details about the extra races?

This is all I got now. If I find other question, or YOU got one, about this topic, Dont be shy, and write your question here! If we dont ask, how can we be answered`?

Made by: KronosDK
"You will always be my friend, even if I was never your friend.""
Hate, is an Illusion, Love, is an Illusion, Pain is a Illusion, But that doesnt mean, none of them cant hurt you..."
Opinion 1: Yes, interaction works, since both factions can speak Orcish and Common!

Opinion 2: Maybe, maybe not. If you want the benefits of the server, you need an approved Profile and Vouches. I suggest writing a profile up how you like it and follow the GM/player feedback.

Opinion 3: Factions dont matter much, because of the Free-For-All setting on the server. (Basically you see everyone red.) But in guilds/parties you can have a mix of factions yes.

Extra Races: Hmm, you'll have to ask a GM about this. As far as I know, theres some sort of special approval involved, but we rarely get people playing a race outside of the playable ten

Hope I helped!
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ShadowStormSimon Wrote:Hope I helped!

You did. Many thanks. This makes the server even better! Im glad I joined in here! yayi!

"You will always be my friend, even if I was never your friend.""
Hate, is an Illusion, Love, is an Illusion, Pain is a Illusion, But that doesnt mean, none of them cant hurt you..."
As far as the extra races, you would create a normal character and be given a trinket that gives you the appearance of said race, and your faction reputations would be adjusted accordingly. So, for instance, you'd LOOK like a naga, but if someone moused over you it would say you were an orc (or whatever the "base" character was). As far as getting into the wiki for information... as far as I know all you have to do is click links. Are you running into an error?

All that said, we have not yet allowed ANY player to do the above, and currently it is unlikely we will. The ten available races provide plenty of diversity on their own.
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