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Hurricane Ike
Well, Gustov made us a little nervous, but Ike is breathing down our necks, here...

School is closed tomorrow (they're getting the high school that I work at ready to be used as a shelter) and we are spending the time getting ourselves ready for a repeat of Katrina.

So, if things happen the way they did during the last big one, Lokk and I could be out of pocket for up to two weeks. Please keep this area and the people fleeing the storm in your thoughts and prayers. Lokk and I have safe plans to board up with my parents in their nice, solid brick home and just wait things out. We're far enough north that we are not likely to get hit with the worst of the weather....just lots and lots of "refugees" and evacuees.

Here's to hoping that we're able to hop online Sunday and say "Well, the lights flickered, but all's well!"
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Good wishes and thoughts to both of you.
Good luck and good health to both of you!
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"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
Same here. I'm about four hours north of where Ike is supposed to hit and they're predicting pretty heavy winds and rain because it's supposed to pass right over me, so I may not be around this weekend, either. But hopefully, it'll just be flickering lights, as mentioned above.

Good luck to everyone who has to evacuate, and hopefully it won't last too long.
Good luck, and Sva, you should come to NZ.. I dont even know what a hurricane is like! ;)

But really, stay Very Safe everyone, try keep in touch as you are able so we all know you're safe :)
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Simple goal, always found,
Through warmth and rains cold chill.
Bound by heart, together stand
Simple task uphold.
To fight and win, fiercely grand,

Forever Horde Behold!
Warm wishes to you, and keep safe! ~
I've lit some incense for good health and well wishes for you both.

~ Kaiza
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Good luck, you two!

Aye, my power might be out for a few days as well. My area's not going to be hit as bad as Menka's, but I'm by no means looking forward to it. Take care, everyone. I hope the loss is only for a day or two. Staying with the parents for the duration, I'm going to spend the next morning herding livestock to a semi-safe area, retrieving a third boat from our house by the gulf, and gathering the neccesary nacho cheese bugles and coca cola. If I don't see you folks for a week or so, take care!
Ahhh! O_O Stay safe. :( Hope nothing of yours gets destroyed/ruined, including your lives! Try to have a good time, or the best you can make it... Bring lots of card games, and stuff. Hehe. We'll miss you. Stay safe. :) I send air hugs to you.
Good luck, and stay safe you two.

EDIT: EVERYONE stay stafe. :)
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
Storms can be nasty things.
Let's hope you all make it through the hard times.

Until then mortals....May the luck be with you! :)
"You have to learn to follow, before you can lead."
"The beginning is always today."
kaiza Wrote:I've lit some incense for good health and well wishes for you both.

As have I, for everyone that could be affected. I´m sure you´ll be just fine.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Luckily my area's safe, so I totally, totally send all my best for you guys who unfortunately are in the cone. May it cut down below a CAT1 before it nears you and leave with no more than some wet and wind!

It may be a little late, but here's some personal tips I have for hurricane prep that helps me weather out the "no power, few supplies" aftermath if you're lucky enough to be able to stay in your home (being lucky enough to no longer be in Ike's crosshairs, I've still got supplies for the NEXT threat):

Crankable flashlight/lantern, if you can find a good affordable one. I used one alot in 2004 when the power was out for a loooong time.

Fun, relaxing books, notepaper & pens for writing out story ideas, thoughts. Helps with the "no computer/internet" jonesing.

Cheese & Crackers
Soups -- Progresso or Muir Glen Lentil & Southwest Black Bean both pass the room temperature test for me. Recommend against meaty ones unless it suits you, and creamy's an iffy
Room Temp Burritos - Canned refried beans mixed with Tostitos Cheese Sauce and Salsa (or some bottled sofrito), canned olives, sometimes banana peppers
Granola bars
Boxed soymilk, rice milk, whatever suits you that keeps (I actually love Silk, so that works for me)
Plenty of water of course, and if you like it, tea you can shake up to make room-temp tea

Bottles of water in the freezer so you can have cool water as it thaws while your area doesn't have ice

Games that are fun and simple, or at least don't foster frustration. Any game you might normally get annoyed with each other over is usually a bad idea when tempers are already short...
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Come back to us you guys!
I have drawn you a pattern for well-being.
Stay inside, and drink Warm things, it's better that way!
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Cry Havoc! And let slip the Dogs of War!
Best wishes to you both, and to anyone else in the hurricane's path.

Don't worry, Nari'll be fine with Lokk and Meng gone for a few days. =P
....*german suplexes Aeonar into the ground* You stay away from my Nari! >.<

Anyways, I wish you two the best of luck. And anyone else who will have to face Ike.
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