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I have found my way here!
1. First things first! Did you read the rules, policies, and FAQs?

Who would straight up say I didn't? Meaning, yes I did. I tend to read rules and regulations before joining any server just to make sure I don't get banned after the first 5 or 10 minutes..trust me, it has happened before.

2. How did you hear about us?

Believe it or not, I googled "WoW Rp Private servers" and I came across COTH.

3. How did you get into RP?

I was walking around on a server one day, about a year and a half or so ago and I heard commotion about a RP guild with high and difficult goals. Without mentioning to much, I was pleased with what they were wanting to achieve, that and they were all hated by half the server. (being hated there was quite fun and made interesting rp encounters.) Ever since then I've been a die hard fan of rp and I want to continue my interest in rp.

4. How did you get into Warcraft?

Like some of the people here I too was introduced to blizzards, awesomeness via Starcraft. I was about age 7 or 8 and I used to watch my uncle play Starcraft all the time at his house. One day I said, hey lemme play. So he did and I fell in love. About 2 or 3 years later I'm introduced to Warcraft 3 and I fell in love with that game. I then played Warcraft 2 on the same windows 98 OS I had available to me. That sucker ran fast. Then my granddad one day says have you ever heard of a game called World of Warcraft. One thing led to another and now I have about 4 family members now all playing WoW. I even started at age 10 or 11. (no life im tellin you..)

5. What is your favorite race/class?

My favorite race would have to be Undead. Why you ask? Simply because when I first started out WoW as mentioned before, I had a Undead warrior named Weird.(i was young..) I loved my Weird until I deleted him. I have no idea why the frack I did that. But nonetheless, Undeads just seem to appeal to me, that and their dance is probably the most metal thing on WoW. Favorite class. Well that'd have to be something Dark, or with corruptive powers. Such as a Warlock or shadow Priest. That or a Warrior, Pally, (I know, its against what I like..) Or even a Deathknight.

6. What is your favorite kind of character to play?

My favorite kind? I tend to be dark in some of my characters. Not entirely evil, but just not morale. I tend to brutally take down my enemies and I like to make it as descriptive as I can (:P). I'm normally loyal even in death. But if someone's wronged me, I will wait till the weakest time to strike a decisive blow against my betrayers. Or, as ironic as this may seem, I like to be a guard type. Although I might take bribes, I mean come on, he's a criminal, there's no guarantee that he won't be caught again and to me, thats easy money.

7. What is your favorite kind of RP? Kind?

eRP? I try to dodge that as much as I possibly and physically can. In dire cases, I'll even alt f4 out of it. Out of all the RP types, eRP is just not my piece of cake, even though I love cake. But thats not important you're not here to listen to my favorite kind of fat friendly foods. I tend to enjoy almost every other type of RP out there.

8. Do you have any hobbies (outside of Warcraft)/talents/stupid human tricks?

I can inhale growl does that count as a stupid human trick? Hobbies? More importantly outside of WoW? What you speak of is blasphemy my friend. Luckily I blaspheme alot. I tend to hang out with my friends or play and/or listen to music. I'm learning guitar atm and going to be a bassist for my friends band. Though that isn't entirely confirmed. But other than that, I spend almost all of my free time playing games. Including rpgs, rts, fps, tps and so on. For those who don't know what in the frack I'm saying, RPG = Roleplaying Game, RTS = Real Time Strategy, FPS = Frames per Second, and TPS = Threat per second.

9. What country are you from? (Or, if you're uncomfortable with that question, what is your first language? We don't need to know exactly where you live, just what general time zone you're in and if you need some wiggle room on your spelling and grammar.)

I live in the states. Texas to be exact. And no I do not have a Texan accent or own a damned horse. Although, my grandparents do. (same ones that got me into WoW, how ironic. :P) I was born and raised here in Houston, and I will forever be a Houstonian, maybe. Plus, I am taking German all through high school. Hard language might I add.

10. Remember question #1? Do you agree to abide by the rules and policies?

Always, and forever?
No Texan accent? I'm so disappointed...

Have you hugged an orc today?
- I am not tech support. Please do not contact me regarding technical issues. -
Ah, you've found your way here. Congratulations... Now you shall never escape! Mwhahahahaa!

... Enjoy your stay.

"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
I may be three days late, but I told you i'd get it!


Freke is a very cool guy to be around, always a highlight and enjoyable to be around. His RPing skills are good, haven't seen anything other than a few spelling mistakes here and there. After about maybe 3 weeks of RPing with this guy, he really deserves it. His characters are interesting, he plays them well and keeps a very bold line between IC and OOC. He's always quick to jump on event and help get an RP started, instead of sitting at a table alone like I usually do. Personally, I think he would make a great addition to the server and I for one gladly welcome him here.
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