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"I wear a mask, so you can't tell I'm a thief."
Ditto with me; I've seen a lot of characters, especially females, where head garbs for fashion, not so much to hide identities.
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I always thought it would be illegal to wear a red mask in Stormwind, specifically because it's the uniform for all Defias.

Also, even Assassins wouldn't wear masks off duty. That would just re-reveal their identity as 'that guy in the black mask that tried to kill me'.

I don't see why people'd wear masks unless they were showing off. I actually used to wear a hankercheif like that when I was little, and it wasn't exactly fun. Not only was it hard to breathe, but saliva got all over my face from the humidity of my own breath and then the wet cloth got cold. . .It was slipping off the back of my head and the knot was untying itself soley because it wasn't made for wearing over the face. . .My nose always stuck out because I wanted to breath, and still it got wet because of my mouth; and if it wasn't over my nose. . .It wouldn't look cool at all, and it would eventually slip off because nothing held it up.

So, there are some troubles about half-face masks that I experienced. I just hope this helps some realize how uncomfortable half-masks really are.
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Well it's all fine and dandy to wear one for fashion as long as you're not overdoing it like ''rarely takes it off'' and things like that.

Now if you want to roleplay with it that's fine but consider the surroundings. Like Theik said in the first post, it's a time of wars and such and people hiding their faces when walking into towns are probably frowned upon. Guards would want you to take it off and identify yourself. Anybody could walk in if it was like that.

In the wild I don't see why you shouldn't. Or even in cities but in situations like: You're robbing/kidnapping/attacking someone and you don't want to reveal yourself. You'd have to walk in with the mask in your bag and then hide somewhere to cover yourself making sure nobody sees you like that.

I admit I have done this, roleplaying in crowdy towns with a mask on my character's face covering everything but her eyes, even next to the cathedral and the barracks. I doubt she could have gotten there like that without having to take it off.
I'm really glad this thread popped up as I learned something from it that I should have probably known.
"Educate yourself in the art of true metal."
"From the Heaven of My Heart" & "Silver Bride" - Amorphis (Skyforger)

"Beyond the Stars"
~ Head over to our own subforum on CotH Worlds and enjoy. ^^
How about the crazies who are barely in touch with reality as it is? You know the ones, talking to imaginary people and the likes.
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I'me yet to jump into the server and create a character, though with the awsome power of the GM/admin, I hope I will be by tommorow. Im just waiting for said admins to switch me back to Burning Crusade so I can jump in game, and in character.

In my eagerness i've been sifting through the forums, and I must say i quite like this topic.

I think that it depends on location. Major cities, Wildlands, Small villages and ultimatly alliance and horde.

If you're in Stormwind, and walking around with a red mask on then yes i think the guards would question you. Even a theif or bandit, who would normaly hide their face whilst commiting said crime, would approach the...'pawn shop' (I guess) looking as average and as inconspicous as possible. Whilst however in the country they may wish to either travel with it up only as they commit crimes or if traveling across the deserty plains. Some villages, even goldshire, might be suspicious of the cloaked travellor with a mask, but they wouldnt want to get involved, it could be dangerous for them! SO they would ignore it.

Well avoid it at least. It also adds to the fact that if you see someone jumping from behind a tree with a red mask, or any other colour for that matter, personaly, Ranius (when he is finaly in action) will be very suspicious if not "stay 20 feet away at all times!". After his probable failled attempt to save himself, and beeing a lot lighter in pocket, Ranius is definatly likely to find a guard and try to report the theif.

For RP sake i would never give a name, unless they told it to me, or a nickname like 'the secret avenger of the sheep turners gold funding liberator...' or somethig obtuse like that.

I would only give a description, then How interesting would it be to have the perpetrator walk past and in a different voice say 'hello'. It adds to the sense of, not just realism, but intensity that comes with trying to rob another player, or live the life of a criminal.

Now in horde territory, please excuse the lack of knowledge im an alliance human through and through....maybe blood elf but thats not the point. I would expect there to be a lot more;

"hey you, what are you trying to hide!",

"Nothing you wretch! You calling me a coward!"..

ect ect fighting on the spot. Because that is what in my opinion orks and noble bloodeleves along with probably depressed undead would be like.

I think it appliecs to the race more so as well. for example, i could easily see a forsaken wanting to wear a mask. Hell i know i would. Whereas a Drenai might thing himself noble and pure enough not to wear one.

I agree some people must also have reasons, but in the same sense, 'Im an alchemist, its for protection' would not fly with me if i was a guard of Stormwind. The occasional ' /ranius lowers his mask to reveal the scar acros his face,' would be acceptable, though prbably shouldnt be overused.

In my opinion it relies on both the wearer and the citizens around them. If i was in a village and saw a masked horseman, obviously more powerful, i would try to avoid them. If i was a guard of the city i would hold them and begin to question them and order the removal of their mask. If i was about to assult someone i would wear it and remove at the latest possible time to blend back in to normal society, and if i was horde i would scream 'waaaaagh' and be 'to hell with all who appose my power!'.

And if i have left you all unclear as to my opinion, no i dont think masks should be worn in stormwind, but in horde its a different story, in town its to try and look badass, in the countryside, its to rob someone.

Anyway very litle of this applies to me as im normaly a pally or mage, but hey, as i mentioned at the start, I liked the topic
Ranius the Human

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