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IC Currency
Yes, I know this has been done at least twice before and has failed for a variety of reasons. But I still believe that it could be done and you, the community, will be willing to use it.

I want to know why you did or did not enjoy the IC Currency. What could have been done differently, aside from pricing, to have stimulated you into actually adhering to a finite supply of cash. I just refuse to believe that everyone just wants this never ending wallet of cash. Also, as stated before the currency is really only meant for transactions between players. While you would want to keep track of what you spend at Npc vendors ICly, if this was a thing again those transactions would definitely become less frequent.

I know for me, one of the things that has always intrigued me is the never ending roleplay that can easily spawn from having an actual exchangeable finite currency. Bandits/Businesses being the most interesting. But it can easily trickle down to bar games and betting on things as small as bar games and as large as gladiator fighting. Maybe poker dens spring up in a few of the local taverns run by players. Merchant selling anything from ingredients to hired mercenaries or slave trade.

All of this IS possible without the currency but the effect is lost rather quickly. If you can just have whatever amount of money you want then any roleplay centered around cash quickly fails or becomes insignificant. I also know that the community is still on the small side now a days and that the pool of characters are limited but this is no reason to not get a great and robust system in place now!

So once again, I am just looking to you as a community to bring ideas to the table for why you believe it didn't work. Why you would or would not enjoy it? And if we managed to force the staff to undertake such a feat again, would there really be a point?
Wow. Sometimes I forget the past.
I personally liked the idea. It gave a lot to the rps. But in my opinion, the auctions ended up displacing the actual value of the coins. It became odd when a gold coin was suppose to be enough to buy you a small house and someone had a pair of sunglasses that was worth 2.
I didn't believe it worked because it was a bit inhibiting. Coming from the perspective of someone who played primarily as nobles it was expected I would have a lot of coin. Which initially worked out well. There was a coin vendor that gave everyone 5 gold which isn't a big deal. If you're poor just don't ICly use all the money you have. And there was a coin exchanger, 1 gold for 100 silver which worked well too. But getting more coin than your five was an issue, or it wasn't explained to me. I thought there was a daily-esque quest to obtain it from my understanding. Which could've been a fetch mission or talking to different NPCs in OOC. Which in my opinion is an innovative idea, but I'd rather use RP money than to go through -any- hoops for such a back drop RP prop like currency. Yes it is pivotal for barter RP...when most things are available to most players through the trainers and vendors, and commands, bartering really isn't a necessity.

however when I did play a noble I got 30 gold plus the 5 my character was available to at OOC. This was cool. I only used the coin at auctions and it felt real because I knew I could pretty much outbid anyone under the table. If there was a easier way to reimburse coin based on social standing would be cool, however I'm sure it would have to be GM regulated and profiled in the instances of Nobles which seems like additional unnecessary GM strain. I always propose the idea, is RP currency necessary at all? I don't think it is. I believe it is a cool bell and whistle we could add, but we don't have a real working economy on the game so we would really just be throwing coins at each other. We would have to have a steady income and does anyone want to RP working? Or have a OOC allowance?

I know Rigley wanted to do it. And I support him and you Quantum but I think it would take way more effort oocly to successfully uphold then its worth. We'd first have to scale coin worth, because you can get glasses of milk for multiple silver, and then 5 satchels of water for a couple copper, and cheese and weapons are more expensive than some mounts its crazy. I like auctions though.
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The problem is that the currency just doesn't flow. For me, in the past, I'd get some gold, and then either never be in a situation to use it, or use it and never be in a situation to get more gold. And as nice as an IC economy is, I'm not exactly going to let some random mcguffins determine, who, where and how I RP.
I was never a fan of IC currency because it's kinda limiting. I really don't like a system that doesn't take into account what character's history is and just has everyone start off with the same amount of currency. Some jobs pay more than others, nobility really never need to work in their life. It leaves a sour taste when someone is told 'too bad, this is all you have, gather herbs to get more even if you are a noble.' It also didn't take into account past events that a character has been in that might have given out wealth. There's also...really nothing to spend it on aside from auctions. Perhaps have people save up to buy odd mounts ICly, but other than that, most everything is addable in terms of armor and weapons.

The only way I can see the system working is if:

1. We had a larger playerbase so an economy could grow.
2. We take away a certain level of items and only make them craftable/buyable.
3. We do a hard restart [to take away wealth earned in game] and make the system mandatory.

One is possible. Two is not something I really like and three is something I would personally never support.
No matter what, it turns into a grind. I think the idea of having money is more valuable than actually having it.

We just don't have the population for a viable economy on coth, IC or OOC. Nor does it sustain "Supply" and "Demand", since there's no real physical trade to be had.
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(09-17-2013, 10:24 PM)Harmonic Wrote: No matter what, it turns into a grind. I think the idea of having money is more valuable than actually having it.

We just don't have the population for a viable economy on coth, IC or OOC. Nor does it sustain "Supply" and "Demand", since there's no real physical trade to be had.

This. No matter how good it sounds on paper (and it sounds very good on paper), it's going to be insanely difficult to not only set up but to get people to actually use it.

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The issue I always had with the system was this...

As a player of nobles, I was given 30 gold, plus my five. That's cool. Until you realize the widely agreed-upon consensus was that a house fit for a noble cost something like 250-500 gold. And I'm sorry, but my nobles should have enough to buy a house if they want to. That's just silly as hell.
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Forum monies ~ IC coins? I don't foresee people farming the forums to get such things.

Regardless, it would either be optional - only a handful of people would use them and proceed to sit on their slowly accumulating mount OR it would be mandatory/crippling without which would aggravate the casual crowd.

I am one of those casual people. I couldn't be bothered to farm up ooc gold nowadays. I'd rather be RPing. So in lieu of a set standard I trust each of my characters' reserves of coin just as I would any other skill or spell. It takes some skill to manage money right? Some characters do it better than others.
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I whole heartly support an in character currency. There is so much fun that we could do with it. So much value we could give to the RP. To make this effective we need a few things, first is the player base participation, by this I mean, players have to come up with reasons for the money to be traded. The second is to make this as easy on the GMs as possible, the system we had before was nice but the giving out of money to business owners was too complicated. Simple is best.

So this is what I propose, a dayly quest at the cities that gives you a small amount of money each day. All our characters have jobs even if it just "questing." If yours does not then don't pick up the money. Now the problem with this is people could farm it by making as many characters as they can and get as much as they can. I have been looking but I am not sure if it is possible but it would be great if the dayly quest could have an account wide cooldown. Or perhaps only 85s could get it. This would limit the farming. Also, as an added feature could be you get different amounts depending on how wealthy your character is. This could be perhaps regulated by a reputation to some faction.

With every one having a small but steady income perhaps people would be more free with there money. Also, once set up the GMs wouldn't have to do much. I know it is not very IC way to get money but it is simple and just might work. As well reward people for loging on to the game and by having it in the cities it will give people an excuse to get off GMI.

Last, a gambling hall would definitely need to be set up. It would bring some fun into tavern RP.

Sent from my little friend
In the last system, we did have a weekly quest that gave out 15 silver per character. I forget if it was to max level characters only or not. It was a time waster in my opinion that took away from time you could RP. Not to mention, an account wide cooldown is kind of not very fair for someone who has a lot of alts who all have jobs [I'm looking at you Flammos]. So that part was attempted before and...it didn't encourage much at all

It's not something I'd use if it were implemented to be honest.

Quote:As a player of nobles, I was given 30 gold, plus my five.

Yeah, and that 30 gold was for the head of the house and meant to represent the wealth of the -entire- reserve that the house had which isn't very realistic for nobility. Getting money wasn't very hard [I had about 60 gold on Reigen pre-restart when she wasn't even a noble at the time] and I almost never used it because there was nothing to use it on beyond auctions. Those auctions had mystery boxes selling for 10+ gold almost all the time because currency had no meaning and that is going to continue being an issue so long as it optional to take part in.
Reigen Wrote:I forget if it was to max level characters only or not.

Aye, it was, which made it ever more difficult to obtain the 15 silver by the quest. Even though the quest only took anywhere from 5-10 minutes, I still didn't enjoy it.
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Currency in a game such as WoW is not very optimized for realism hence we are resolving to IC currencies. Problem with current IC currencies is that a person can make up how much coin they have. It removes any profession search or job search to attempt to improve life of a character, to literally progress. In truth I can see a lot of things which could be done if the IC currency was handled differently, but it would need some serious work and dedication to be pulled off properly. Economy is a hard thing to acomplish almost on all RP servers.
(09-17-2013, 11:56 PM)Reigen Wrote: Yeah, and that 30 gold was for the head of the house and meant to represent the wealth of the -entire- reserve that the house had which isn't very realistic for nobility.

This is my problem. While you're right, it wasn't hard to get gold, it was still tedious, detracted from RP time, and gave characters who would have oftentimes 10 to 100 timws the amount given a serious disadvantage. Because when everyone has more IC currency than the people who should have 90% of the wealth, if not more, you have a problem. When a farmer can afford to throw a gold coin at a bartender and shout, "Keep the change," while a nobleman is left cleaning his pockets for the cash to pay a measly bill, you have a problem that needs fixing. How to fix it, I have no idea. Because flooding nobles with more currency would seriously devalue it, because of the sheer volume of nobles out there. So I dunno. Hard fix.
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So, now this is a really fast answer without me having thought it through yet so don't get yer panies in a bunch! But, from what I am reading the only drawbacks people were having is HOW they were attaining the money and the AMOUNT given to each person to begin with and then WHERE to spend it on. I feel too many of you were focusing on the WHERE though as you don't need physical items to spend cash. Though the idea is meant for a replacement to that infinite purse players seem to have it really is only meant for player to player transactions and to spur more of them. You do not ACTUALLY have to have the 500g to buy that IC house which you usually buy OOCLY or off screen anyway. Especially, if you are a noble and should have that money anyway. Though, I personally wouldn't buy the house if I didn't have the IC cash and I can see how some of you would be the same way even though then I'd need to find a way to liquidate that cash without deleting it. As in order for this to work once money is put into the system it should stay there flowing between players not npcs.

Which is why a system would have to be in place for the starting gold a person would get by their "Profession/Position". Now of course a system like this will end up having it's general points and specific people might find grey areas. But in all reality even if it was as simple as just talking to one npc to get as much gold as you wanted. Ideally, we as mature roleplayers should only be getting what you WOULD actually have. If a system was in place though you would have a really good general idea of what you should be making per Month/day/week/job/quest/whatever you get your general income from offscreen.

While then being able to take that money and spend it on all the roleplay that would become common place after a robust system was in place.

These are easily solvable problems with a little bit of ingenuity. As far as it being limited to roleplay, that is a flat out lie used to prevent you from actually having a finite purse. The sheer amount of possibilities that open up beyond just barter roleplay are so immense I do not have time to list them all compared to the ludicrously small amount of things you can't do with it.

I only asked the question in the first place to assess the problems that were seen with it. I do plan on working up a possible solution to it eventually as I have many ideas and certain economics people I can confer with to make a realistic, yet functional set-up. I know a lot of you feel we need a bigger player base but I disagree because it will be easier to implement with a smaller base.

I am glad so many of you responded with what you thought. These kinds of things need more then one perspective. I am of the view that we should always bring as much realism to the fantasy world as possible in order to keep that immersion factor high.
Wow. Sometimes I forget the past.

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