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Idea for a town
I'm contemplating requesting the creation of a town of sorts up in the Ruins of Alterac. This is bigger than a home, but my home would be in there, as well as profession vendors, some item vendors, class trainers, portals, and generally everything a town would have. Right now I'm thinking a Forsaken-sort-of-city, but that's really flexible, and might end up just being a different sort of Booty Bay, where everyone can go in it without being attacked. It'd be the headquarters for my Assassin league, and there's enough space so that other things could crop up. It'd be something between Tirisfall and Ironforge, and I'm hoping people would RP there. It's just an idea, but before requesting a project this large, I was hoping to get some feedback from the rest of the people as to whether or not they'd like it/use it.
It sounds great man, it really does. I was like wishing there would be things like this. But I know it is probably very long and difficult for the GM's to make but hey! It sounds amazing.
I believe the Druaden farm in Arathi is going to be a bit like this, but that doesn't mean there can't be more of the same elsewhere. Really, it's up to Kretol to decide, but expanding on the idea would probably help. Keep in mind, full-on buildings cannot be placed, so it would have to either make use of structures already in place or be something of a tent city.

Things that might help to plan out in advance:

What would be the general theme? (I see a leaning toward a shady look.)
How would smaller structures be placed? (Doodle a map!)
What would be sold? (Be specific! See the link on the next line for Wowhead.com and how to specify certain items.)
What NPCs would you need? (Vendors, guards, civilians, critters, etc... and they need names! Be really specific. Look them up on Wowhead.com and note the ID numbers-- the numbers at the end of the URL for that specific NPC.)
How easy is it to get there? (If it's off the beaten path, how could you provide transportation?)
Last but not least--what would you call it? :)

I'm sure there's even more to it than that, but at lest this would give you a head start. Let's see how developed it can get!
[Image: Q1-1.png]

"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
Yarr, the farm is a little like this but obviously we only have 2 lil buildings. Our goals with expanding it are to bring services people need on the server that will free up some of the GM requests while adding to the In Character immersion on the server. We basically try to look at things that aren't offered elsewhere yet. I think Dark also has plans to host some events in the area.

Things I consider when developing our farm (Hope this helps you a little)

A) Are the services we want to offer already available to players?
B) Will this area and it's In character usage be reasonable for other players to interact and visit In Character?
C) Is it worth the work invested in the area by GMs? How many other players are involved in the development and usage?
D) If for some reason I/we leave the game, will this area still be put to good use by other players?
E) Are we willing to invest time into developing the area slowly and over the long term? Obviously even the modest housing requests don't happen overnight.
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Alrighty, explaining a bit better.

There will be guards, probably humans or undead or such, in sets of Darkmantle. Place them wherever seems right, with the main keep being the barracks. If possible, have a few patrolling the streets, and have one near the door of every standing structure.

As for merchants..Have a merchant selling food/drinks, like a bartender, let him be near a cart or something. Have profession trainers/suppliers for Blacksmithing, Mining, Alchemy, Engineering, Herbalism, Leatherworking, and Taloring, placed about. Have a Rogue Trainer and Weaponmaster inside the Barracks. Choose a fallen tower and make it an AH. Have guards patrolling the walls that can be patrolled. Have an Armorer/Shielder, Cloth and Leather armor merchant, and a weapon merchant. Make sure there's a Ironforge and Undercity portal, probably in the bottom of the Barracks. The few standing houses should be left untouched so that people who want a home there can have the option to. If possible, place a few more mining sites near the town, and have an anvil/forge near the blacksmith's. Since the Farm will have mounts, I'll pass on those. Have a Stable Master about. Have random people strutting about, just walking back and forth, but giving the appearance of a bustling town.

And, if possible, constantly snowing :D

I'll get all of the specifics for the various merchants, and the exact placement, and the other stuff to you guys later. For those that would use this besides me, have I left anything out that you feel is needed?
More ideas:

The town would be New Alterac, and be patrolled by the Alterac Guards. The barracks would be overhauled to the League of Assassin's hall, complete with Rogue trainer and merchants holding certain armors and weapons associated with the uniform of the guild. On the bottom floor will be a few mobs intended to drop farmable gold, though I'm not sure how well that will go over. Some Auction house NPC's will be placed inside one of the towers. A sword and dagger merchant with a forge and blacksmith trainers nearby will sell some upper-level weapons not found at the Shatterspear Mall (I'm hoping to be able to develop a few custom weapons that NPC's can sell, but once again, I'm not sure how well that would go over.) A weaponmaster with all of the possible weapons for each profession will be there, along with an innkeeper and a mailbox at one of the standing structures. I'm also hoping to replace the current Mob ogres with some level 70 mobs so that people can farm for gold without having to do high-level instances. I'm also hoping to attribute the guards with some obscure faction, so that you can be at war with them for raids on the town, etc. With the few standing structures that will probably be used for NPC's, an overhaul of Stranbrad might need to be in order for other users to have houses there. It's close enough that it could be passed off as a proxy village, so there's not too much RP awkwardness. If there are any ideas you have to add, please, add them. I'd like to know that people besides me and whoever's in my guild will use the town.
After reviewing the area, it's been decided that the Alterac mountains are not suitable to try to make a new town. Quite frankly, it wouldn't look right with anything other than undead in the area, and, as someone candidly pointed out, there are massive amounts of ogre droppings everywhere. As such, Menethil Harbor has now been looked at, and it looks much easier to modify, and isn't too far from the original location. The work would be much less furniture-based, and much more NPC-based. The housing there is more inhabitable, and the only thing standing in the way is the removal of certain NPC's that would give quests - I'm not sure if these can be removed, or even if they would be removed. However, if this spot is given the O.K., player housing would be easier to set up, and it would still offer the same services as the original idea in the Alterac town. It's still fairly close to the Arathi farm, and, though it is no longer the halfway point between Tirisfall and Ironforge, it still provides a new area to RP in, and is easier to get to.

Once again, I ask, would anyone other than myself and my guildies use this area, given it's services and accessability?
What about Stormgarde Keep up in the Arathi Highlands?
Skalus - Bloodsail Pirate
Urisun - Scourge Lich
I had looked at that, but I wasn't sure if it would be worth it, considering the size of the place. If quite a few people were interested in getting homes there, then sure, but on first glance it seemed too big just for a guild hall. Menethil's small enough that it would be easily filled by NPC's. So yeah, we'd take that if it was more than just the guild being there.
I'd say just be careful when considering using an pre-set alliance or horde town. Especially one that is a hub of travel for one or the other. Remember that many of us will need to use this area to travel in character and consider what it would mean to have such an area run by the Assassins League. Especially if there are horde characters involved in this process.

Is the League covert? Would alliance members still enter the town under the guise of it being a civilian hub of travel? Or would it be well known that the Assassins League controls it? This choice will affect people and In character movement and travel in a big way.
Isebella Drudaen - Merchant, entrepreneur and fire mage.
Drusilla - Shadow Priestess and Mistress of all things sadistic.
The idea behind it is that it's a neutral town, filled with various refugees, and shadowed by the League Hall. The League is not covert in the sense of its existence, but the goings-on inside are secret. The people who go in there are known to be either Assassins or clients, with the idea being that if harm was to come to either group, the task would not be worth the retribution that the culprit would recieve. Think of SI:7, where everyone knows it exists, but few know what happens within it. That's the idea. As for the town - the NPC's will generally be human or dwarf, I'm guessing from the location, maybe with a spattering of Forsaken and Blood Elves. I'm hoping to be able to associate the guards with some obscure faction so that everyone starts neutral, but can be at war with them for raids on the town, or, for whatever reason, become friendly with them. Any tensions between Alliance and Horde would be discouraged, as the whole place will be patrolled. And on top of all of this, the population (NPC-wise) will generally be refugees or those a bit down on their luck - people who were well-off would go somewhere like Ironforge or Stormwind.

The only people who should have a problem mingling would be those who see Assassination as something bad, or are racially prejudiced. Booty Bay, for example, starts as Neutral to all, and the goings-on there are generally unscrupulous, but not necessarily evil. It's the same with what I'm trying to construct here.
I understand that, I just want you to consider the ramifications of taking over the ONLY alliance based port town in the game. I generally really like the idea of a refugee town with a neutral faction. I just still have concerns about the location, and by all means, these are personal thoughts and not representations of anyone else in the game but:

Does turning the alliance based hub of travel into a neutral faction town hinder players who choose to ally themselves ICly with alliance. I bring this up because this discussion of destroying alliance based areas has come up twice now and been decided against. Another reason for this is that it trivializes the Alliance vs Horde conflict and forces more interaction than some people might ICly want. Booty Bay/Ratchet allow those who desire it a chance to interact cross-faction. But if you remove the alliance port town, you -remove- the capacity for alliance members to have their own place to travel as well.

Many players will just roll with it either way. I'm not trying to be all contrary. I just think it's a decision that cannot be made lightly. The notion, ICly, that the alliance no longer controls a port on Eastern Kingdoms is huge for alliance characters and would ultimately change the way in which we must function and interact in the overall world.
Isebella Drudaen - Merchant, entrepreneur and fire mage.
Drusilla - Shadow Priestess and Mistress of all things sadistic.
Oh, I understand.

I liked Urisun's idea more than the port, and it's likely I'll go for that instead, since no quests are based there. Basically, we've switched to Stromgarde. Since today I doubled the guild size, with more expected to come, the problem of it being too big is rapidly being solved. On top of that, the farm is in Arathi, and since Dun Garok being taken by Darkling and his guild, it works out better. The mix-up is my fault, considering that most of the discussion goes on in-game, and I never specified that Stromgarde was now the place to aim for as opposed to Menethil on the forums. Sorry :x

I'm getting the various NPC information now, and I intend to do the whole thing piecemeal, getting small parts done at different times, as the creation of a house is generally a colossal work for the GMs, much more for a new town. It'll probably just start with the Guild Hall, then warps to Karazhan, Shattrath, and, if I may ask, to your farm. After that, I'm hoping to get the guards and merchants up. Absolutely nothing has been concretely requested of the GMs yet, as it's still being finalized player-side. Now, as a last call - is there anything anyone can think of that needs to be added other than what's been stated?
What about Pyrewood Village in Silverpine? It's perfect for your idea.
The only other thing I can offer is to be extremely specific about what you want. For vendor requests I had to choose NPC models to copy and provide their NPC names. Then I had to rename them, give them subheadings and, if you choose, a faction. Then list the items you want each to sell by the given name of the item as found on WoWhead. If there are certain prices to be set, include that info in your request. Umm.. lemme think...

For NPCs that wander, be equally as specific in choosing the models and names or titles you want them to have... as well as numbers and placement. If you have certain needs for them, such as guards... include whether or not you need them buffed up in strength or want them hostile or neutral or friendly, etc...

For items I can't really help much as I was pretty vague and general with mine. All I did was request a mana loom, anvil, forge and chairs. Kretol picked out the model. But if you have specific ideas, include them in your proposal. The more info and such you can provide, the easier it is for them to create what you are looking for.

Patience above all, and lil bits at a time so as not to overwhelm. Then you are golden!
Isebella Drudaen - Merchant, entrepreneur and fire mage.
Drusilla - Shadow Priestess and Mistress of all things sadistic.

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