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Illnesses IRL on WoW...
So I just had a thought about the types of illnesses IRL on WoW.

Would it be possible to get cancer and such? Afterall, cancer is just the replication of too many cells. (It's something like that, I can't quite remember.) And if so, how could it be cured?

This goes for all illnesses such as heart disease and other nasty bugs.
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Hmmm, a good point, I don't see why we couldn't, but I don't think they'd have the kind of names, sure or causes knowledge like we do.

I know Cancer and whatnot existed in Medieval times, and they blamed it on God, however the people in Warcraft are a little more advanced than this, as with the brain thing, I'd guess they know about it, but do not really understand HOW it works. They probably have gotten to the "you catch it off people who have it, and animals." stage, but not to the "You can tell it is Cancer, by this growth, which is rapidly replicating... blah blah blah" stage.

Here, have my 2p!
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Two different worlds. It's possible, yes. Cancer? I don't think so. (They don't have radiation, or the chemicals we do.) Heart disease? They've probably got their own. Their diseases would have their own names and such. Also, keep in mind they aren't that scientifically adept as we are. If they even *had* [insertdiseasehere] they'd have no idea what it was and would mistake it for something else, even. There are also different races in WoW, so it's a real big playing field.
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Actually, regarding the heart disease in game, I've found one or two... The Bleakheart (it's something like that...) Satyrs in Ashenvale have quite a nasty curse/debuff thingie that they cast that makes you have heart attacks at relatively random intervals. Not sure if that counts, but I just thought I'd chime in about the stuff I know. ^_^

Edit: Oh. About the cure thing... I suppose the druids or priests would find a cure or something, kind of like how they found a cure for the plague. Not necessarily a cure, but a way to prevent it? Bleh, ya know. Maybe the Royal Apothecary Society, although I doubt that they'd want to help living creatures. Anyway, I think that cures would be possible.
Woohoo! I'm rich!

*cough* Hm, I agree with you!

But what about cures? I'm not sure if The Light or other means of healing could cure these types of diseases. Most of them, but things like cancer I don't think so. I think they would locate the large bump on the person and cut it off or something.

And on a sidenote, I've only just noticed that there isn't exactly a hospital in WoW, or a team of medics/surgeons seeking cures. (That I know of anyway...)

/idea for a new character!

@Touchseed: True, but I'm only using the names of illnesses IRL because clearly, we're not sure about what they would name these illnesses.

I'd explore more of cancer but I just found some images that... Well, they made me feel very sick. They were disgusting. DON'T TYPE CANCER INTO WIKIPEDIA.

@ ElvenMistress: Nice! I never even knew that existed. And maybe they should make an official group of doctors and stuff, their aim being to cure... Well, these type of diseases and such.
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
Actually they do have the radiation Touchseed. Many gnomeragon survivors have died of it. They probably have no treatments and don't know that it is cancer, but it has still killed many gnomes and causes much sickness. As for the heart disease and other things. Of course they would have them. If they have hearts then they can get heart diseases. They might not be the exact same diseases as ours considering it is an alternate universe but they would have diseases nonetheless. The only thing that doesn't make sense with our world of medical science is the undead plague and they magic healing.

Edit: Woa, Hawk your right. There is like no medical research peoples... Gnomish Hospital awesome idea!
Shivali Wrote:Actually they do have the radiation Touchseed.

ZOMGROFLBBQ?? What, how? Where'd you read that, I've got to see it for myself.


Too late.

Onto more serious matters: I completely forgot about magic. They have it. It's probably very effective at fighting off these diseases. There also is a chance of magical diseases. Like that Satyr debuff-thingy we were notified of.

Edit: I think.. I've lost all respect for Blizzard concerning lore-related Engineering. I need to lie down.
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Dude, it's in Gnomeragon. The gnomes bombed it with radiation and chemicals to try to kill the troggs remember?
Indeed, there´s also the radiated mines in Area 52. Think you can find some nifty stuff on the net about it.

Also, I´ve posted a link to a "travelouge" in the Guides forum, in the Netherstorm part 1 entry you can read about Destron´s take on that mining. Very interesting reading.
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Mmmm, I don't know, it's definitely possible that they could have the common diseases we have today, but it's also important to realize they do not live in our reality and are bound by different rules than we are. Where cancer may be deadly for us it could be something that priests and druids cure almost every day through magic. It's hard to tell what problems they have since there isn't too much lore on their diseases. They most likely have their own pile of diseases such as the plague from the Lich King which they must contend with.
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If it's anything to add, the Death Knights make use of inflicting diseases to enhance their combat damage. Frost Fever, Blood Plague, and (if talented unholy) Crypt Fever which morphs into Ebon Plague if also talented in Unholy.

Fun stuff. Can't imagine what they'd be doing the body medicinally (Well, I can, but that's a lot of gruesome possibilities from me.)
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