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Illustrator help needed.
I need some help and tips for Adobe Illustrator CS3.

Meanest thing I found out so far is: I do one line, then I need to ctrl+d to continue on it, if I go over it, it changes, and mostly with poor results.
I need scanner.

Also how to change one layers transparency, I just change brushes one.

Also welcomed to any tips, and topic is open for Adobe related questions and others.
[Image: irontrooperx.png]
Wherein I crack my knuckles and throw up my brains about Adobe Illustrator

First, you don't need ctrl+d to do one line and keep going. I don't know who told you that story. Just use the pen tool and keep clicking. If you click and drag, you can make curves.

If you hold down shift while clicking, the line will be straight.

Pressing "V" once will switch over to your pointer tool ([Image: pointer.jpg]) so you can stop drawing. Just click outside your drawn object to deselect it.
Pressing "A" once will switch over to direct selection tool([Image: directselect.jpg]), so you can click the lines, and the points will turn white. You can click on the white points to edit them and straighten out your lines..
[Image: whitepoints.jpg]
Obligatory link to a drone-voiced man talking about the pen tool:

Transparency can only be changed per object, not per layer. If you don't see the box anywhere, you can find it under Window>Transparency. You can see it's a lot like Photoshop's layer transparencies where you can change the way it affects things and the opacity, and a little bit more. So select your object, and adjust away.
[Image: transparency.jpg]
I hope this helps you :)
˜★Sketch Blog
That kills the pen problems. ((Wow! Straight lines!))

But that also comes when I do with my pencil/ brush.

I like draw a line, I can continue on it, but the end of previous one would change, a bit.

Or I just have poorest tablet in the world. (( Could be, really.))
[Image: irontrooperx.png]
That's how the pencil/brush tool works. You can just use the direct select tool to go back and fix whatever lines are changed.

But really, for someone starting out on Illustrator, or any vector art, please don't use your tablet; stick to the pen tool for a while. I think a lot of people think Illustrator's brush and pencil tool's are like... "natural" mode. I think you're seeing that is not the case.
˜★Sketch Blog
Will try.

Thanks again!
[Image: irontrooperx.png]

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