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Inactivity as of late - Feedbacks!
Had a good run here over the years folks but I'm confident that the CoTH I knew no longer exists. As my final words, all silliness set aside, I would end my tenure with words that I've often spoken, though no longer have the devotion to uphold myself.

The responsibility of server activity and quality is the responsibility of the entire community and not simply the admins, the GMs, or the player base. However, I've always believed that the solution to the issues requires much more work than discussing potential solutions on the forums as this leads to nothing but twenty-five pages of nastiness that inevitably flares into further dissension. Take action or take a seat, but beware for the former requires a substantial amount of work and dedication on your part. Myself, I simply do not have the dedication any longer.

Made alot of friends and had alot of fun. Thanks for all the fish!

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Being snippy isn't going to help anything, ya'll.

(Do keep in touch, Niko.)
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(11-11-2013, 07:45 AM)Rigley Wrote:
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Since this is getting out of hand at the moment, I'll be temporarily locking this thread (to prevent anyone from going too far and getting warnings/suspensions) until I can compose a better reply. Stay tuned for that.
Have you hugged an orc today?
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Let me start on a tangent.

College has, for all of its difficulties, been something I'm glad I pursued. If there are four classes I recommend everyone takes, it would be the introductions to Communications, Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology. Even if you don't think you'll get into those kinds of fields, learning about them is a big boon because those courses will teach you a lot of about human behavior. For me, they've changed how I view things and how I choose to approach other people, and easily been the most practical learning I've ever had. More practical than basic algebra, at least.

Let me try to convey a few observations I have, here, and talk about human behavior in general, for a moment.

It is always important to consider what you're saying and how it will be interpreted by others. There are some quirks about people in general that make this tricky: People tend to see things best from their own perspective and have trouble seeing things on the other side. They tend to more strongly believe they, and their friends, are correct over someone else in a conflict. They tend to see offense and enjoy claiming victimization, whether it be because of difficulties seeing from other perspectives or ironically believing that it gives them some measure of superiority. If they do not witness an event personally, they have (often understandable) doubts as to whether it happened at all or in the way described. Note that I don't say these things while pretending that this knowledge gives me some form of immunity to these impulses. I fall victim to them just as easily as everyone else.

And the irony of all of this is that I am talking about people in a generalization, in order to point out the dangers of talking about people in a generalization. People will take offense more easily than you might expect, so condemning a group is always a risky path to take. At the same time, taking offense to something not directed at you is equally risky, as you may be seeing yourself as targeted when you truly aren't. The blade cuts both ways, there.

I've been reading this thread to catch up on everything that's been going on, and I have to say that a certain amount of understanding, on both sides, is necessary on many of these issues. There are events that both sides simply don't see. GMs don't see infractions and drama that players don't clue them in on, and players don't see the warnings and punishments given when one is handed out. It's unfortunate that both of these things happen, but such is the necessities of privacy.

For those of you saying that you have problems with a member of staff, past or present: how much have you done about it? I welcome complaints and criticism on both my own actions and the actions of the GMs. You can ask several of our staff members, both past and present, to get confirmation that I have, and will, punish GMs if I feel that it is necessary. This ties back into the problem of people having trouble with other viewpoints or things they don't see. Very rarely does anyone choose to come to myself or Kretol with a complaint about a GM, and otherwise I see nothing beyond what the GMs tell me and what I personally witness. This is why you need to speak up if you have a problem.

I would like to think that CotH is a better place than it was, say, three years ago. I would like to think that I, at least, have improved compared to the person that I was in the past. Constructive criticism is being taken note of and we will see what we can do, it's certainly not being ignored. If you feel that you need to say something that you can't, or shouldn't, say in public, you are free to drop Kretol or myself a PM on the subject. In fact, I highly recommend this method over trying to vaguely allude to a problem with a GM without any specifics. Without those specifics, I can't help you, and poking at a specific GM openly is just inviting unnecessary trouble and drama.

Now, with all of that said, let's try this again. As this is Kretol's blog, it will be up to him, ultimately, if the thread gets permanently locked, but please try to be respectful and not let this escalate. If you have something impassioned to say, perhaps it is best to either wait, or take it to a private PM.

Remember, this is in a publicly viewable forum. Let's try to keep the anger down to a minimum.
Have you hugged an orc today?
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I just want to poke my head in here and say that I've been logging all the suggestions that have been put forth in a spreadsheet so they can be reviewed, as per Kretol's request! So if you have something to suggest to improve the server, do post it so I can note it down so it can be taken into consideration.
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Did you get my 'go out and rp instead of posting about the issues on here' suggestion? It works! Doing it right now. So much less stressful then.. This.

Oh. Uh. I had another question like "Why are you on Coth" So.. I may just ask it now.

What are you doing to promote activity? Don't put a small answer. Think long and hard about your answer. Be an example with it.
I simply make events and RP, as well as assist players in DMing their events or at least preparing for them. In addition to applying discipline, I try to answer a report as promptly as possible, even if I can't do it personally. Not long ago, I just helped a player with a lore question without me asking for help from the staff for the first time ever (it was a question regarding blood elf last names).

Though my involvement with the server is dropping due to school and work, I still pour my heart and soul in helping with the community with as much as I can, even with all the negativity towards the community and the staff. What I usually do to promote activity is to create storylines and events that are open for all races and factions. As much as I'd love to do more lore events, I lack the knowledge and time to plan for them personally--I can only assist. Most of the events I pull off are created out of my own head, often times even separate from Warcraft as a setting.

Is this a bad thing? Only in regards to Warcraft RP itself. But more and more people are becoming disinterested in Warcraft lore, and what started as my own way of just trying to garner RP ended up being something of a necessity in order for RP to happen in the first place.

I still hope for more lore-based RP, but I'd rather encourage others--especially those who are more knowledgeable and experienced in the games--to take their own stabs at it via their own events. Meanwhile, I focus on personal RP, storylines, and events that emphasizes character development and the creation of heroes in other players. If that doesn't promote RP, then perhaps I don't belong here.
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Well, for promoting activity I can't say I go the extra mile like Immy here. But if I'm idling and someone else comes on, I poke them for RP. A great thing happened the other day when I was alone online at the time. Someone logged in and I poked them so we started some rp. Someone else must have seen the RP because they logged on and joined. Lo and behold, half an hour later we had around 6-7 people.

I felt like I contributed to getting people logging on and doing things.
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Have a puppy Ruby and a nice day.
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I try to create storylines for my characters one way or the other, currently working on another storyline. Problem is that RL is getting to me and I am forced to concetrate on more important things. Even as I type this I am alt tabbing like crazy to work with all the happenings or jumping up to run around and do what I have to. But! Whenever I can, I try to log on and see if I can start some RP. That doesn't work? I try again. Still not working? Another try incoming! Still not working? I give up for the day and head to AstralWoW. "You're just giving up?!" I'm hearing you already ask. NO! I do NOT just give up. I give up for the day because I have limited time when I can log on and I wanna have some fun those few hours I have.

As for WoW lore getting tiring to me? Not even close! I LOVE the WoW lore even if I screw up with it. Blizzard forgot things or didn't add it in the lore for whatever reason. I LOVE this server and just about anyone on it. There have been moments in the past where I nearly sat in tears (either tears of joy or interactions just so touching) thanks to IC interactions. Sure there have been some bad memories in the past. Does that stop me from logging on and having fun or even write new profiles (which I actively do even with possibly over 15 approved chars)? Don't think it does. The only thing preventing me to log on is the RL stuff.
I will not be forgotten. This is my time to shine. I've got the scars to prove it. Only the strong survive. I'm not afraid of dying. Everyone has their time. Life never favored weakness.

Welcome to the pride!
And yet not a single suggestion from either players nor GM's insight.

Oh, there have been many, many suggestions in the thread. I suggest going back and reading to see all the suggestions that were posted.
Kage Wrote:What are you doing to promote activity?

I do the most profound thing you can possibly do in these situations; I make myself available. Countless of you know me, and countless more know how often I can be caught on GMI on an alt or another. A little less, but still many of you, have my Skype I.D. I make myself available for RP readily on an almost-daily basis, and I can tell that my friends enjoy having the ability to whisper me, or chat me on Skype almost any time, and I can be around for that RP.
Except that nightmare event, @Kage . I'll come around for one, one of these days.

And if availability isn't enough, then I guess we could consider my projects. I've always liked starting storylines, specifically ones following guilds. For a very short time I had the Scarshield Vanguard, now I've got the upcoming ODS. I don't just make these guilds because I want to. I make them because, first and foremost, they're both fun ideas and unique. If an idea is a great idea, it allures people. My goal, in hindsight, by forming these groups and guilds and (basically) always being available for RP is to make RP happen. I know that this little effort won't change the whole playerbase activity of CotH, but I believe it's the little things that count.

As far as 'solutions' go, I believe I've spoken my piece on that part. I believe that everybody should take a long moment to think about their daily activity on CotH, and what they see as problems. Then they should work towards fixing it on an individual basis.
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