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Intro: Alzakiel
Hi im alzakiel 17 years old and i live to Quebec in the Canada ... i dont go a very well english but i do the best i can for be able to talk with people =)..... i love all Rpg games their some i didnt liked and other i loved .... Dungeons and Dragon Online ..... Conquer online*didnt like much* ... Arch Lord .... Darkeden.... WoW *hell yeah thats sure xD* ... Twelve Sky.... maple story*huuu maplestory su** * ... Mu online ...... Adventure quest .... Dragon Fable ..... Empire Craft .... and much more games i dont remember to have play xD

My country is quebec in the canada like i said earlier

how i started playing WoW??? I said i was never going to pay for WoW ... BUT i did ..... but official server are not good because not one do rp :'( ..... and all my friend started play WoW ... or i started like this i was like ... huu i dont see them anymore they play WoW i will got see them and kill them and said to them hello is me serge your friend of the real life ... they laugh a lot after thats xD

Your Server seem really good for Rp players .... and because im bored of the Blizz Way .... f**k ITEM BIND TO ACCOUNT xD .... and nerfed holy shock xD

What type of rp i like ?? mmm simple ...... im a Criminal Scum ready to kill you only for 2 pieces of gold xD .... and you will surely see more than this ... if you see me someday in game you will see what im able to ! ;)

Race/Class i like ?? mm ..... Undead Rogue ... Paladin Blood Elf ..... Worgen Warrior *i tested them to the blizzcon* .... Undead/Blood Elf Priest ...... Tauren Shaman ..... Undead/ blood Elf Warlock ...... LONF LIFE TO THE HORDE ..... but the server name is conquest the horde *gulp* im gonna get killed sometime xD lolll ;)

what are my expactation ?? mmmm Cool people ^^ .... Civil ..... Not too much Bad Boy rp players *i know i know i am but i want a relax start and later maybe ;)* and to rp rp rp rp rp rp without stop xD *no rp while leveling xD*

All of your rules are nice ;)

Some years ago ... a war erupted in the little village i was living with my family .... my father got to the fight with other villager for help the soldiers because they was running out of soldiers because of the stupid human wanting war and conquer us ...... my father was killed .... i leaved the village before get killed to ... i was only having 15 years old when that happened ..... my mother got killed too ..... no where to got .... not money for live .... not one wanting to give me a job ..... i decided to become a Rogue ..... a thief of little road ..... and now im able to live like i want ... like i ever wanted ... when their not guard for try to caugh me around haha ....


Thats a little background ;) ... long time i didnt do some roleplaying ... need to practice a little again :P

Hope to have fun with you everyone !!!!!!!!!! :P
Hey Al,


While I hope you have a good time with us, I would like to give you a few lil' heads-ups:

1. Here people care about grammar and punctuation. Netspeak is to be avoided, especially as your main means of communicating. Capital I's, Spelling - you know, I'm sure.

This, of course, doesn't mean we can't make mistakes - lots of us have English as a second or third language. This doesn't mean we can't make a quick shortcut in speech when speaking OOC. Avoid cussing - profanity can be pointful as a means of expression, but not when used casually.

The point is to actively try to use correct full sentences. Doubly so in RP.

2. Read all of the stickies and all of the rules. Twice. No offense meant, but your intro seems to suggest you hhave not. Focus on those about how we RP.

3. RP is all about writing. It revolves entirely around that skill and the intention to use it properly and improve it. Perhaps consider writing a longer story with more focus on grammar? Look at the Intros that have recieved nods of approval as a model.

Hope this help. ^^
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