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Introducing: RTR
Hello! I couldn't find a blank template for introductions, so I hope you don't mind if I just steal the one in Shademounre's Awesome Guide of Awesome Awesomeness. Warning: Lots and lots of words.

Tell us about yourself, as a player:

I'm 21 years old and I live in the frigid wastes of South Eastern Michigan. It's the place that looks like a mitten on the US maps, for those unfamiliar. :D I've been playing MMOs for nearly 10 years now, starting with EQ way back in the day. Before WoW, I played Dark Age of Camelot as both Albion/Midgard on RP servers. When I came to WoW I initially started on a PvP server during release, but migrated toward RP servers once more after the ganking and griefing became the prime focus of those types of servers. I've played a few MUDs but found that, surprisingly, they tend to be very PvP focused. Even ones that are built entirely around RP seem to attract people with a PvP mentality.

How did you get into Warcraft?:

I guess I dabbled a bit into that in the last question. Dark Age of Camelot (Henceforth referred to as DAoC) is an RvR based game, meaning realm vs. realm. It's essentially PvP between factions, instead of players, kind of like Horde vs. Alliance but without the racial divides and more faction unity.

The background to the game is that King Arthur is real and, after he dies, his Kingdom begins to fall apart. The factions that were united under him begin to split up, between Hibernia and Albion. Albion is based off of English and Welsh mythology, and Hibernia is based off of Celtic mythology. The third realm, Midgard, is essentially barbarian invaders based off of Norse mythology. This is made even moreso apparent in that 'human' race for the three realms is Briton, Celt, and Norseman, respectively :P

Even though it was an RvR game, the theme and style lent itself really well to RP compared to the alternatives at that time. Personally, I think that it was a better RP basis than just about anything since, WoW included. However as time went on they de-emphasized the original theme of the game in their expansions, and their second expansion Trials of Atlantis added horrible grinds, boring spawn camps, and eight-hour-raids in order to get the new shiny overpowered gear that rendered so much of what made the original game great (player based economy, relatively realistic art styles) obsolete. Next thing you knew everyone was running around with the same sword, giant eyeball shields, winged helmets, and the famous (You stole my) Cloudsong.

When WoW was released I, and many many others, quit the game in favor of something less frustrating and more fun. The rest is history, really.

What made you seek our server over others?:

I was looking for a server that had relatively high RP standards. By this I mean that "RP-optional" servers were out, because trying to RP on a server where it's not enforced is kind of like trying to carry an egg on a spoon in a hurricane. It can be done but it's not really fun, and you'll have to keep trying before you find out how to do it just right without the environment messing it up. CotH seems to take a lot of pride in both their RP and their membership, so that signalled that this is the best option.

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:

It really depends on the character. Ideally it's a situation in which they can thrive, RP wise. By this I don't mean that they have to always be in a situation they're comfortable in, but rather one that allows for detailed RP. For example, if a socialite blood elf were stuck in mulgore with only a nomadic Tauren hunter to talk to for prolonged periods of time, it could potentially be very enjoyable to RP the contrast of cultures. If a forsaken was in that same position instead of the blood elf, it would probably be kinda boring.

What is your favorite race/class? Why?:

I'm not really sure. They're all pretty awesome, though I'm not really fond of Draenei or mages/hunters, but I think it's strictly an art and play style thing.. Plus, most hunters tend to be idiots on live. :P I think that Paladins are my favorite class, partially because I had been playing one since BoKings was a ret talent, and the first time I killed Ragnaros was as a Holy Pally. I really enjoyed all of the lore behind the Silver Hand and the conflict with not only the Scourge and the Burning Legion, but the Scarlet Crusade, too. Forsaken are likely my favorite race for the same reason. Undead rogue was my first character ever, and the Lordaeron lore is amazing. Even still, Dwarves, Orcs, and Taurens are a very closer runner up for race, and Death Knight/Warrior are equally as close for class.

What are your expectations of this server?:

Hopefully, it'll be a server that isn't purely blizzlike simply because that's how Blizzard did it. I've noticed that there are a lot of things that shouldn't be on RP servers that are allowed to go on simply because the companies don't want to do anything beyond change rulesets. It would be laughable for you to make a character on a PvP server, and the only difference from a PvE server is that you agree to a second ToS that says you promise to PvP, but is reasonably never enforced because you can't expect people to PvP all the time. Unfortunately, that's what RP servers are in most games. It would be nice where there are things tweaked, like the language barrier, that would be more fitting to an RP-based WoW server.

Most of what I expect comes from the community itself, though, and that's immersive, enjoyable RP. :mrgreen:

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:

Knowing when to quit! One person taking RP too far can do an incredible amount of damage with the drama that follows. It can ruin OOC friendships and sink IC plot lines, and make characters that you've invested a lot of effort into unfun to play. It's really refreshing that CotH is aware of this and makes sure that the players are, too. Obviously it can never be avoided entirely, but every little bit helps.

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!:

There once was a man from Nantucket... :mrgreen: I couldn't resist. Ahem. Now for the real thing.

Smokey wisps rise in tendrils from a bowl, hinting at the smoldering bark contained within. The smoke weaves and dances to an unheard primal song before coalescing into the vague shape of a vertical serpent. As more smoke spills from the bowl, it gathers just beneath the rim like shadows before climbing languidly upward. Two long, thin lines stretch outward from the serpents torso, and then shorter lines beneath fan out. Within moments feathers begin to dot the forming skeletal structure, developing wings on the previously inconspicuous serpent.

"Husband! Ya best not be drinkin' mah seein' elixir again!"

Jakari blinks, his focus immediately shattered by the familiar voice just outside of his hut. The smoke instantaneously disperses in every direction, vanishing just fractions of a second before the leather entrance flap of the hut is tugged open and Troll woman with blue-green skin leans in. Her reddish hair hangs about her face in several braids, the end of which each sports a bead shaped like a miniature totem. Small tusks protrude from her scowling mouth, and her glaring eyes are a deep shade of purple.

"What've I told ya 'bout drinkin' mah seein' elixir? It ain't a toy, husband! Ya can't just come in 'ere and take what ya like just 'cause ya happen ta be the village Witch Doctor," the Shamaness accuses as she wags a slender (by troll standards, at least) finger at Jakari. Even though he's seated, it's obvious that he's quite tall, even amongst Trolls. The wrinkles at the corners of his amber eyes suggest he's beginning to reach midage, though they're made more pronounced by the scowl that he's carefully keeping out of his wife's view.

"I ain't takin' yer seein' drink, wife," Jakari says in a stifled tone. For whatever reason, his reply immediately washes away the Shamaness' expression. She quickly replaces it with a cautious gaze, eyeing the back of her husband's head carefully.

"When y'deny it yah usually put more effort inta it. You've been spendin' too much time indoors talkin' ta them Tauren folk. A real man wouldn't let no woman tell him hat ta do! You're gettin' too passive! Ya need ta go outside right now and start helpin-"

A loud grunt quickly silences the Shamaness, and Jakari ruefully peers over his shoulder at his wife. "I've been talkin' to the Loa, wife," he utters in the same hushed tone as before. "And they be tellin' me that we got some bad mojo comin'." A thickly fingered hand lifts to brush along the top of his head as if swiping invisible tresses out of his eyes. This normally habitual action stops immediately, as Jakari notices his wife's expression changing quickly from one of mild irritation to frozen horror. Before he can even open his mouth to speak, a warm liquid brushes slowly along his toe closest to the bowl. Snapping his gaze back, his own eyes go wide as he immediately finds the object of his wife's horror. In lieu of the smoke that once spilled over the edge, blood flows freely from the bowl like water at the basin of a waterfall, pooling about it and lapping at Jakari's feet.

Jakari remains silent for some time before uttering a single, breathless, terrified word. "Hakkar."

Is there anything else you would like to add, ask, or otherwise clarify?:

I read the Wiki, and I do have ONE question.

Death Knights? :mrgreen:
Great story :D
Love is the answer.
Shaylaru Wrote:Great story :D

Well, that's full of lulz. That IS the correct format. Shade just copied it.


As per your Death Knight question, they're fully playable, I just don't know the exact restrictions on them due to their leveling. I'd recommend just making a profile and getting it approved before making the character.

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