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Ironforge Airport
Well a friend of mine said something in an IM that made sense, Ironforge Airport would most likely be state regulated. So there you go.
Lol im sorry, sometimes i just open up my brain and splat anything i find in there on a forum thread.Not realy but what I said was raw and unchecked so I apologise.MY point:that power would be chalanged by other people who have less or same power looking for that power.
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I kind of agree with Bishnak... It's a bit to much power, now that I look at it. Still though, I still think the idea is great. Personal Air travel systems in Azeroth would be really cool too... For instance, a gyrocopter, or the engineering airplane, would definately work in Azeroth... Some things might not, like Nether Drakes, as they're bound to the nether I suppose. Anyway, I hope you think about it Kret. Thanks for the comments, etc. I have a lot of other thoughts about this, but they keep getting fumbled when I get distracted... Anyway, yay.
Though there is a problem with this. You can't fly in Azeroth.
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However it gets done, if it gets done, I approve. More traffic in Ironforge would be nice. Would the airport be available to other factions as well? ( Thinking about Role-playing, all the time, everytime.)
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This would be a great Idea, the planes wouldn't put you on the mount, they would teleport you to the sky high above your destination. IC they would be flying you there, and you would buy a parachute for the landing.
Isn't Ironforge Airport a military establishment? No civilians allowed? That's just my view, I doubt they'd let you use a military establishment at all.
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Lol. I've just read a few posts here but I admit this is a very creative idea with many possibilities. Baggage claim, and Airport security being two interesting subjects. ((I would love to see the reactions of detained horde 'terrorists')) :mrgreen:

As the spanish would say, ¿Qué?
To be honest, the idea is a very good thought, but as crackbone stated that airstrip is for military launches.

Now, if there was a goblin or gnome looking to change travel between places, you could spawn a game object or world object ( plane texture/model) and make it being the Goblin/Gnome Airlines.

But using that strip would be Strictly Prohibited ICly due to Ironforge Military standards.
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