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Janx'il [Troll DK]
Player: Jonoth

Character Full Name: Janx'il

Character In-Game Name: Janxil

Nickname(s): The Hunter

Association(s): Darkspear Trolls

Race: Troll

Class: Death Knight

Skills and Abilities: Janx'il is a typical Blood DK, but also uses thrown saronite-barbed nets as well as hallucinagenic powders to his advantage.

Age: 57

Sex: Male

Hair: White

Eyes: Glowing blue

Weight: 280lbs

Height: 7'4"

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Usual Garments/Armor: He wears the plate spaulders and pants of a Death Knight, as well as his old harness, gloves and boots from his hunting days before.

Other: His body is adorned with tattoos of bones and skulls. His face is painted white and black. On his belt are a few cloth sacks of powders, and a couple of nets. A long saronite runespear is sheathed on his back.

Personality: There are two Janx'ils - the jovial villager and the hunter. When in towns and around others, Janx'il is witty, sarcastic, and always making light of things in order to share his wisdom. But when on the hunt, he is a Troll obsessed...a planner and strategizer, hiding in the distance and observing his prey's every move to take advantage. He only hunts those he deems worthy and a challenge, seeing the weak akin to catching a small fish and not worth his time.

History: Janx'il was born to a witch doctor and fisherwoman on the Darkspear Isles. A very wild and unpredictable boy, his father would beat him relentlessly when he acted out of line, but the boy would hit his growth spurts at a young age, and soon physical punishment would have little effect. The callous man concocted hallucinagenic powders, throwing it at Janx'il or sneaking it into his food to torment him with horrid imagery. For a while, Jax'il was subdued, and his mother would sneak him out to go fishing on the water to learn patience. Janx'il loved his mother, but as he got older, the order of society began to become more apparent, and he would soon witness his father beating his mother after he learned of what she did. His fear of the powders as well as his wanting to belong kept him from intervening.

One fateful night, his father struck his mother down with his cane, killing her. The combination of the father's surprise and the rage that boiled within Janx'il as he saw the bloodied visage of his mother gave Janx'il the upper hand. He grabbed a sack of the powder from a table and threw it at his father, snatching his cane and beating him with it mercilessly. His father could only look on in fear as the powder caused him to see his son as a giant raptor pouncing on him. Janx'il stepped back from what he had done, at first fearful, then proud that his personal demon had been defeated. He had proven himself the strongest, the most fit between the two to survive. With that, he grabbed his fishing knife and finished the job, eating his father's heart.

Knowing that he wasn't safe, he took a spear and a few sacks of his father's powders and hid in the jungle, learning to hunt and fending for himself for many years until the day the Orcs arrived. Witnessing the battles between the Orcs and Human forces on the island, he took the Human retreat as an opportunity and stowed away on one of the ships. When they were near land, he stole a small boat under the cover of night and landed in Tirisfall. The forests provided him cover for a while, but the day would come where the Scourge would overtake the interloper. Putting up an impressive chase before he was taken down, he was converted into a Death Knight.

Janx'il served with eagerness due to his empowerment. He found the beasts he hunted before as easy targets, and with his newfound abilities to draw power from the blood of his enemies he began to seek out stronger prey, willing to take on any task he was asked no matter how great. But soon his tasks would be of less and less difficulty, culminating in being sent to capture Light's Hope Chapel. Having been part of beating back the Scarlets, he saw this as a eay task not meant for one of his skill, but he would be liberated from the Lich King's grasp during the battle. At first following the Ebon Blade post battle, he decided to use his newfound freedom to return to the hunt, stalking the wilds of the Plaguelands and the blighted beasts that have sprung up there, and occassionally any traveller he deems worthy to test himself against.

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