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Jid Novalight III [Noble Blood Elf Ranger]
Player: ThePharaoh

Character Full Name: Jidaeo Novalight III

Character In-Game Name: Jid

Nickname(s): Jid, Jiddy

Association(s): The Horde, House Novalight, Silvermoon, House Sunfire

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Hunter

Skills and Abilities:

Sword Play: Jidaeo's skill was cultivated by his family members throughout his life, and solidified when his grandparents and family friend Reigen Sunfire returned as Death Knights. He was trained to defend himself with bladed weapons if close quarters combat was ever necessary.

Animal Empathy: Perhaps natural born talent or inherited through peace or patience, but Jid possesses the calm spirit and nature to tame and calm beasts.

Bow Finesse: Due to the training with the different members of the family ( Jidaeo, Xanthe, Thalion, Riael, Sabryn etc. ) Jidaeo has gained comfortable dexterity with the bow. He uses this to quickly load arrows or provide an impromptu melee attack

Aspect of the Monkey: Jid is athletic and agile through his training and natural physique. He uses this for dodging attacks, traveling, climbing, and acrobatics.

Soft Step: While hunting Jid knows to progress as quiet as possible to not give away his location.

Age: 100

Sex: Male

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Fel Green

Weight: 162 lbs

Height: 5'10

Usual Garments/Armor: If hunting, Jid usually wears leathers along with a hooded cloak. If remaining in the city he dons fine tailored clothing provided by the family.

Personality: Jidaeo is confident and analyzes most situations before acting. He can be quiet at times enjoying comfortable silences due to his times hunting, although this can be misinterpreted for standoffish behavior. He has a healthy sense of humor and a earnest heart. He relays most situations in life to some parallel in nature. Jid respects and adores his family but despises being treated special due to his lineage. Although he is a twin he prides himself with being the first born and only male of his siblings and feels that couples with his historical name it is his job to look after and protect them.

History: Jidaeo Novalight III was born minutes before his twin sister Amalys Novalight. The blonde babies were the first children of Zariel and Sabryn Novalight. The twins grew up in a sheltered peace in Eversong under the guidance of many concerned family members and friends. Jid and his sister played fair enough exclusively as toddlers until their younger sister Reigen was born years later. The three had grown up listening to the history of the family between sessions with tutors to further their academic studies. Initially a young Jidaeo was excited about the history his name carried, he shared it with the progenitor of the family, and his grandfather.

As he matured he realized the difference his father made with the help of his aunts and uncle. It was displayed in the treatment he received and the treatment his grandfather had received. His name was not a taboo like it was when his grandfather was born, he felt no weight or animosity from the family. So when he had free time, he would go visit his grandfather who he grew to idolize. His grandfather's stories fascinated him so much he began practicing with a bow around age twelve. Over the years his fondness of it had caught the attention of other members of his family and they all began helping him through the path of the hunter, showing him different tricks and avenues expanding his versatility.

When leaving his grandfather, he continued his training primarily with his mother. Sabryn being quite the talented huntress taught her son a lot about archery and bow techniques. She instructed him on tracking and often took him on exorcises when he finished his studies. While spending time with his Aunt Xanthe he began learning different philosophies to calm his mind and began exploring aspects of animals to fine tune lessons he already knew. Through Xanthe he began seeing multiple parallels between the natural world and society. While training with his Uncle Thalion ( who was unbeknownst to the young elf a former assassin ) he learned to tie all of his acquired skills once again into combat and evasion. He also learned to move quietly while hunting prey.

Over the years he continued this regiment when he was not spending time with his family or studying. However some spurts of training took months or years on end before he resumed a normal routine. He was never forced or prepared to be the Nova successor but was trained for the possibility. By the time he was fifty, he was eligible to become a Farstrider. Although Jidaeo was confident in his skills, he still didn't feel he was worthy of being apart of the organization his grandfather and great uncle Riael had joined. He continued training and taming animals while the first war raged on. During the second War Jid snuck away under a false name and participated in a several battles until he was found by Reigen Sunfire, returned to Silvermoon and placed under tighter surveillance. During these months he gained experience which he began cultivating more knowledge from.

Jidaeo was with his twin sister in Stormwind at the time of the attack on Silvermoon. They caught wind of it by a fellow High elf and returned back home arriving days after the scar carved its way down Eversong, dividing the city. They were ushered away with the family to a safe place as the battle raged on. Jidaeo resented the fact that his life was considered 'too valuable' to assist in the fight, he began to feel more and more that he was more than 'just a noble'. As the smoke cleared this treatment he received began to make him a tad introverted similar to his grandfather and he began reading more since he was anchored to the grounds of the estate. Jidaeo was indifferent to the change of becoming a Blood elf, he was filled with much resentment that it was fitting to him. Nothing more than survival.

Jidaeo was more effected when his grandfather returned as a Death Knight, as well as his grandmother, aunt, great aunt and family friend Reigen Sunfire. Horrified at first, and traumatized by the death knights that plagued Azeroth he stayed away from them for quite a bit, before remembering the past. After returning to them and finding more about them he brushed up on his sword abilities he learned from his Uncle Thalion with his grandfather and Reigen Sunfire. He continued this in Eversong until the Second Sundering. After hearing the devastating changes to the world, he vowed to explore and help anyway he could. He planned to help one way or another, with or without consent.
The Family Tree

TheBook of ThePharaoh

Pharaoh's Colosseum

The Four Suns Inn

"What are we, as role-players, if not authors in real time?" - MrBubbles

"I've always treated Role-play as Collaborative Writing. Co-authoring the stories of your characters, alongside other people." - Flammos200
I'd expand upon the personality a bit. Otherwise, I see no real issue with the profile thus far beyond that.

[Image: yEKW9gB.png]
Thanks! UpdAted
The Family Tree

TheBook of ThePharaoh

Pharaoh's Colosseum

The Four Suns Inn

"What are we, as role-players, if not authors in real time?" - MrBubbles

"I've always treated Role-play as Collaborative Writing. Co-authoring the stories of your characters, alongside other people." - Flammos200
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