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Jillek [Troll]
Current profile.

'''Player''': Zhaei

'''Character Full Name''': Jillek

'''Character In-Game Name''': Jillek

'''Nickname''': Jill'

'''Associations''': The Horde. Formerly the Skullsplitter Tribe.

'''Race''': [[Troll]]

'''Class''': [[Hunter|Wilderness Stalker]]

'''Age''': 25

'''Sex''': Female

'''Hair''': Dark blue, a trimmed mohawk to keep out of her face.

'''Eyes''': Dark brown, almost black.

'''Weight''': 302

'''Height''': 7'7

'''Usual Equipment''': Jillek wears armour of leather and hide adorned with many fangs, talons and other such things. She uses a longbow, crafted from composite wood and metal and adorned with feathers and fangs to see the arrow strike fast and true. She also keeps a ceremonial blade with Bethekk's name in Zandali inscribed upon it. Finally, she keeps charms and wards on her person at all times as well as usually having assorted reagents that she scavenged from wildlife.

'''Alignment''': Chaotic Neutral


Savage and primal, Jillek embodies the forest in her every move. She is unpredictable and somewhat uncontrolled, acting on whims and instincts that, though usually seeing her through situations, sometimes result in danger or scorn. Although she shies away from venturing into settlements and large crowds too often, she is still a social creature and, contrary to common belief, cares as much about the safety of another humanoid as she does a plant or animal.

Like all true trolls, Jillek is ritualistic and overtly superstitious. It is a rare occurrence indeed that she will not whisper a prayer to Shirvallah before battle, offer blood to Bethekk before a hunt, or mend a stranger's wounds in thanks to Lokou for her own healing. She is naturally fairly skilled in creating fetishes and ornaments from what she can find, and often comes up with creative tributes to the Loa.


Due to her age, Jillek had a long time to become accustomed to the traditional life of a Skullsplitter troll. Her father, a jungle-faring hunter, was dismayed to have a female for a first-born. However, he was not so bitter as to abandon his daughter: by teaching her to become self-sufficient through hunting, survival and trapping, Jillek was already competent enough to survive in the harsh jungle by her teenage years.

Throughout her childhood, Jillek was told tales of how, once, the jungle had been pure, unsullied. Now, though, those other than the trolls, the beasts and the loa had intruded, invaded the Sacred Vale. Small green men with a wicked smile and a sickening scent were the most prevalent. Jillek was furious with how they disregarded nature's feelings and ravaged her for raw materials. Indeed, she would gladly ambush the more adventurous goblins who strayed too far from their town. It was in this that she became so fanatical in her protection of the forest - she saw it as more than a duty: a calling.

Eventually, it became apparent that her people, divided as they were, could not survive in the turmoil brought about by unknown forces from unknown lands. Jillek feared for her life: hearing tales of the Horde, she split with her tribe in secret and followed a group of orcs and tauren to Kalimdor. She knew that they had accepted the Darkspears – weaklings compared to the mighty Skullsplitters – so she was confident she herself would be readily accepted. Indeed, that was the case; Jillek began to lend her skills to the collective Horde's goals.

Using her expertise in the dense jungles of Feralas and and the desolate plains of the Barrens, Jillek found the new - somewhat more civilised, she was disappointed to discover - life endearing enough, with the added leisure of not facing death or worse if she ran out of food and more than making up for the frowning upon her more barbaric practice. At least until she found the world splitting around her. This was no Loa, no spirit, no demon. Jillek ran, ran for her life, and found respite in no place. Even now, with the broken world slowly being put back together, Jillek is scared.

==Skills and Abilities==

As a wilderness stalker, Jillek is a master of guerilla tactics such as ambushes and stealth. In return for her faith, the Loa grant Jillek the smallest fraction of their attention; she can set up traps that leash a victim with roots, a dart laced with venom that scorches the veins; this is equivalent to her people's druidic magic. She is also learned in many useful survival skills, such as purifying water and skinning. Naturally, she is an excellent tracker and can traverse the forest without equal.

[[Category:Character]][[Category:Troll]][[Category: Hunter]]
[Image: RtK7PiZ.png]
Hrm. It's good. I'd flesh out the History a bit more, and I'm curious about one thing: Where does this come from: "and purify tainted water" Banking on the Mend Pet ability to remove poisons and diseases? The snare traps I get, since Hunters have those, same with shots with effects on them. Just not where the water-purifying comes from.

Unless you mean it's not magic and just normal filtering through sand/cloth/etc. in which case I completely misunderstood.
[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
Wanna refer me in Tribes: Ascend? Clickies!
Mentioned the Cataclysm in the history and clarified the skills section!
[Image: RtK7PiZ.png]
I am not sure if she would be alive and present for the construction of Booty Bay, because the goblins started their trade empire in the first war. Basically it's hard to place on the timeline when it was founded, but we know the trade empire started 30 years ago.
I made the assumption they didn't just land and start building bang on the dot of the First War; even then, most cities, especially ports, take many years to build, so I think it's safe to say that Jillek witnessed at least a chunk of the building and expansion.

I can remove it if need be, but I think it fits, personally. Up to you.
[Image: RtK7PiZ.png]
Without a solid history for Booty Bay and the Blackwater Raiders, I would err on the side of caution and assume it's been around for most characters in the Eastern Kingdoms to use (which would reduce contradiction in the other profiles).

The most definitive lore is the speculation that Booty Bay could have been Blackwater Cove offered here but it is mentioned along with "ancient history" and "recent years." There's no way to know, really.
Very fair. Edited!
[Image: RtK7PiZ.png]
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]

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