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[Kaeleth Emeircenth - Blood Elf Blood Mage - Noble]
Head of House: Nethemil Emeircenth

Do you have the leader's permission to make this character? I do. This character and story is approved by the leader.

What relation is the character to the family? Kaeleth is Nethemil's great aunt.

What powers/permissions does the character have? She has the power to vote on the Family Council (and thus has a shot at being the next head, sort of like an "heir" position) and has access to the family wealth that can only be revoked or vetoed by the head of the house. She also out-ranks 'normal' family members who are not on the council, and can give orders to guards and servants. She can't make any major decisions without the Council and the Head of House though.

Do you agree, accept and will abide by the above: I do.

Player: Lux

Character Full Name: Kaeleth Emeircenth

Character In-Game Name: Kaeleth

Nickname(s): Kale

Association(s): House Emeircenth, Silvermoon City, the Horde.

Race: Blood Elf.

Class: Blood Mage (Warlock)

Age: 253

Sex: Female

Weight: 105 lbs

Height: Scale 0.90

Kaeleth is short for her kind but all woman. Her body is slim but femininely lined. Her bosom is quite large and compliments her slim waist and her wide hips.

Her hair is platinum blonde, softly waved and reaches just below her bum. She usually wears it up in a bun, with a few locks hanging free down her back and chest. Her eyes are big and lined with long lashes. She wears delicate make-up to make them stand out even more. Her lips are soft and pouty, and an adorable set of dimples appear when she smiles. Her voice matches the softness to her appearance too. Melodic and sweet like honey.

Kaeleth loves and collects beautiful dresses. She can never pick among the large amount she has. However, it can be said about all of them that they are of great quality and all compliment her physique. She almost always wears high heels to look a bit taller.

Kaeleth is very diplomatic and for the most part polite. She knows how to act around other people to make herself and her family look good. She is very persuasive and an able conversationalist, as well as being intelligent and crafty.

She is also competitive. This means that she always strives to be the best she can be and to always have her way. She has a hard time accepting a no for a no, being both stubborn and used to people bowing to her wishes.

There is not a lazy bone in her body. She is curious and determined and works hard in all aspects of her life; Her work, politics, family affairs. She puts her soul into everything she does and never aims below perfection.

Kaeleth's life started in a fairly normal way; Boy meets girl. Boy seduces girl. Girls gets pregnant. Here the boy was a charming young Spellbreaker named Zanlethae, a noble of the House of Emeircenth . The girl was a mere commoner and the romance was short and brutal on her poor heart.

When the girl discovered that she was pregnant she sent a letter to Zanlethae to ask for his help. He made sure that she was taken care of but never returned to her side. That winter she gave birth to a healthy baby girl and named her Kaeleth. Sadly her happiness did not last long. As soon as Zanlethae heard word of his daughter's arrival into this world he paid the young mother a visit. Convincing her that it would be in the child's best interest to grow up a Lady in a noble family and not with a single mother in a sad little room, he managed to leave that night with the child in his arms. The only promise he had given the young mother was that the baby girl kept her name.

Kaeleth grew up with her father at the Emeircenth estate near Silvermoon. She was a very spoiled child. Zanlethae tried to compensate for the absence of the mother by giving his little princess everything she wanted. He told the little girl nothing about the woman who'd brought her into this world. The one thing he could not provide, a female role model, Kaeleth found in some of the Ladies living there. She grew up feeling safe and happy and she loved her life.

Growing older she studied at the House, learning everything she needed to get by in her world. She was an eager student, craving knowledge and constantly seeking to improve herself. She chose the path of the mage and her father was very proud of her. She advanced more and more into arcane magic, becoming a highly skilled mage. On the side she studied etiquette, politics and conversation as well as negotiation and trade. All this to be equipped for an active life within the Emeircenth House.

Kaeleth worked as a teacher with the Emeircenth House college, trying to shape the future of the House into strong and valuable individuals. On top of that she would help acquire books and materials for the college and library from all over Azeroth. She never stopped craving knowledge and would constantly try to expand her horizon. When not working or part taking social events regarding the House, she would be found with her nose buried in an old tome or practicing her magic.

Kaeleth was chosen to sit on the Emeircenth House Council, giving her a voice in important matters and decisions within the family. She was chosen in recognition of her work for and with the House. The Emeircenth's would always reward diligence and devotion, and saw in her great potential. It was a proud day for her when she gained the acceptance of the Head of the House. Her father was ecstatic and more proud than ever.

Through her continued studies she eventually learned about fel magic and this subject interested her a great deal. She told her father about it, eager to advance her magic this way, but he forbade her to touch it or to even read about it. He was furious and she promised him to forget about it completely and leave it forgotten.

The invasion of the Scourge on her homelands turned Kaeleth's world upside down. Zanlethae had been one of the casualties in the invasion. He fought bravely to make sure his family, and most importantly Kaeleth, were unharmed. The safety of her home was defiled and she found herself for the first time fighting to survive. The assault on the estate was brutal but they eventually managed to push back the horde of mindless dead rushing the gates. Because the estate was not on the direct path of the attack, the numbers they had to deal with were not overwhelming. They lost friends and family but the buildings suffered only little damage.

In the time after the invasion the surviving Emeircenths would join the rest of the survivors of the attack, helping to aid the wounded and protect the group. Kaeleth tried to focus on helping the ones alive rather than mourning the massive loss they had all suffered.

On top of everything else the corruption of the Sunwell hit her hard. The absence of her magic tore at her and left her a hollow shell. The fire inside her was gone, and she survived rather than lived. As Kael'thas returned from Outland she greedily accepted fel as a new power source, reveling in it and regaining her strength.

With Fel now being a part of her entire society and no longer being frowned on, Kaeleth was finally able to study openly fel magic. Remembering how much she had craved to use it in her past she was thrilled to be handed this opportunity. Digging deep into the darker side of the arcane she could finally able to scratch that itch. Even if becoming a warlock was tempting to her the opinion of the family weighed more heavily, and she became a Blood Mage.

Kaeleth held a healthy portion of skepticism towards Kael'thas. Thinking that he was being corrupted she put the safety of her family and her people above following a betraying leader. Even if this leader had helped them in the past, she thought that he went too deep into the darkness and could not follow him blindly anymore. Come the Prince's inevitable betrayal of his people at the Sunwell Plateau, Kaeleth's suspicions were proven to be anything but misguided.

After the estate was rebuilt a small box was found hidden away with the rest of Zanlethae's belongings. It contained information about her mother. Apparently her father had kept an eye on her all this time. Suddenly Kaeleth had a mother and two sisters outside the Emeircenth family. She was angry at her father for the time she had lost without knowing them, but hating a memory is futile. She forgave him, hoping he had his reasons for keeping her mother a secret and decided to just be happy about not being left without parents. Even with this new addition to her life, her loyalty and focus would still belong to the Emeircenth house. More determined than ever she would strive to honor her father and become someone her family would be proud of.

Kaeleth supported the Blood Elves joining the Horde. Her people were betrayed and left vulnerable, and there was strength in numbers. It seemed like a wise decision given their situation. The creation of the Sunreavers however made little difference to Kaeleth. She did not see the point of the Sunreavers and suspected that Dalaran would always lean more towards the Alliance. That for the Blood Elven presence in Dalaran was unneeded. She would rather see Archmage Aethas remaining with his people in Silvermoon rather than sitting in Dalaran.

She remained in Silvermoon with her family even when Deathwing posed yet another threat to the survival of her world. She found herself more useful helping her own than joining the resistance somewhere else. The safety of her own came first.

Skills and Abilities:
Flamestrike - Kaeleth calls down a pillar of flame to strike down her enemies.

Banish - Kaeleth has the power to banish demons or elementals.

Mana drain - Kaeleth drains the mana from an enemy and transfers it to herself.

Verdant Spheres - Three Verdant Spheres circle Kaeleth's head. They hold the life essence of slain demons. The spheres enhance her fire based spells.

Summon Felsteed - Kaeleth's interest and study of fel magic lead her to the discovery of this ability. She is able to bring forth a black fel horse for her to ride.
A lot of the profile is rife with spacing issues. Paragraphs that are right next to eachother need to be either combined or set apart by a space.

From my understanding of the profile, you make it seem as if she learned of Fel a fair while ago. The issue with this is that Eastern Kingdom races (Humans, High Elves, Dwarves, etc) really only learned of Fel 30 years ago, and the first people started practicing it roughly around 24 years ago.. Thus, she couldn't have learned of it before then.

You mention the Corruption of the Sunwell, but not the razing of Sunwell that occured beforehand. How did the House survive the massive amount of zombies contained within a horde so large that it left a near permanent physical blight on the land? How did Kaeleth survive it, and what did she do in the immediate aftermath?

You stop the profile roughly ten years ago. You don't talk about a lot of things, including but not limited to: the Blood Elves joining the Horde, Kael'thas trying to summon Kil'jaedan into the world, the creation of the Sunreavers in WOTLK and prompt rush for revenge by them, as well as the Cataclysm. All of these are fairly important to the Blood Elves, and deserve at least a sentence.
Alright -

- Spacing should be less messy now?
- Changed fel discovery to way later in the line.
- Added suggested points of interest. Checked with house storyline and approved by Leader.

Hope this does a bit better.

Initial approval, though I would suggest another gander through for grammar trifles.

There's a lot of use of the word "she" also, and though its not really much a bother, I figured I'd point it out for your writing in the future. You have enough to say to spice things up. : )
Had a new set of eyes run through grammar for me and making some adjustments.

Also tried to reduce the word 'she' just a little, but apparently lacking the vocabulary or the imagination to do more than I've just done. Hope it's going to work :)

Thanks for the heads up!
Hmmm. I think you're confused about the difference between the Shattered Sun Offensive and the Sunreavers. The Sunreavers are headed by Aethas Sunreaver, chill in Dalaran and are the WotLK Blood Elf faction. The Shattered Sun Offensive was the Scryers, Aldor and a few other TBC factions joining up to take back the Sunwell in TBC, and personally what I'm more worried about seeing. However, everything you said seems to be in reference to the Shattered Sun. Could you fix this, and even if she didn't take part in the SSO, change it so Aethas Sunreaver is leading the Sunreavers & not the SSO?
Derpy mistake. Meant Sunreavers and got that all confused. #feelslikeidiot.

Fixed now.

The personality is very barebones, and while it talks about what she is, I feel like it could be expanded on. What's her opinion on the other races of the Horde, of the Alliance? What does she think about her people and how they're taking the world's state? How does she take the dismal state of the world?

Why was she chosen to sit on the council? It seems like there would be a lot more experienced people to pick over her, so why her?

Just as a note, fel can not have been studied by anyone on Azeroth pre-Second War (24 years ago). You don't give a date when you speak of her learning about it so I'm not sure if it's breaking that rule or not, but just to be safe, there it is.

While you talk about the Sunreavers, I do think that mentioning the events that transpired on Sunwell Isle at the end of TBC (where Kael'thas tried to summon Kil'jaedan onto Azeroth) is important, and that's something the profile is lacking. So, if you could bring in a small sentence about how she was like 'Oh, called it!' or really whatever her reaction was to this, it'd be wonderful.
Her relationship with fel is within the timeline. Not breaking that rule. And this is changed to later in her story already, at an earlier point of this thread.

Added reasons for Kaeleth to be on the Council too.

Also noted something about Kael'thas.

I haven't played Kaeleth against other races yet, and have little experience with her reaction to them. Does that have to be mentioned in the profile? I would like to leave some details to the actual RP as well, rather than having a full Kaeleth manual in the profile, if possible.

I hope this will do.
Initial Approval.

I know how it feels to not have a spot-on idea of a character's personality until you actually sit down and play them.

The profile fits lore and doesn't seem unreasonable nor OP, so I've given my initial. I do want to point out that as your character develops (as your characters do seem prone to active change and development) you can submit a profile update somewhere down the line.
[-] The following 1 user Likes Dae's post:
  • Lux
Thank you. Good to know :) I shall return if I need an update then. Thanks Dae.
I was thinking - I have conflicting feedback on this profile. Dae, having approved what I've got and Squirrel, who seems to need more than that. Is it an option to have a fresh set of eyes on this? A third opinion, if you may?

Aye, I was talked with, told to tone the extent of my feedback down a bit. Sorry for that hassle!

All good. Thank you for getting back to me.
Aye! You have to wait for a full GM to move the profile, as it's in PD and us trials can't move it from here.

*magically moves it nonetheless*.
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