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Kage Feedback
Alright! been a while sense i actually rewrote my feedback thread, so I figured I'd start anew (Mostly to hide all those shameful bumps I had ;.;) So here it is!
  • Krest Fairstar
You know him. He's all around the world fighting that group known as the Twilight Hammer. Now, here's the thing. I'm pretty sure there's a lot I can fix on him. I can feel it, but it's hard to find myself. So I need feedback on how he acts on a personal level, on a guild master level, and his basic tavern level.
  • My DMing
A lot of the events I do, I pull out of my.. Well you get the point. It's rare for me to ever make a planned event, and the reason for me is simple. Reaction. If I plan it out all ahead of time, it gives players little room to move on their own, which I don't like to do (But there will be events like that!). But here's the thing, I hear that a lot of people like my events. Which is great! But at the same time, I feel as if there's a lot I could improve on. (Mind you the time is usually meant to be long). So, My DMing style, my organization, and my general emotes towards the players. Simply looking for feedback on that.
  • My newer characters
Grant it I have yet to rp any of them (Because my school sucks and wont let me torrent *grumblegrumble*), but I'd like some feedback on the characters themselves.Agald here is my newest character I've made in a long time, so I'd like some feedback on his profile. And course once I get on coth, how I play him would be nice also!
  • My profiles themselves.
Many of you may have noticed that I write more of a story when it comes to my characters. But, I feel as if I'm lacking in a lot of them. Feedback on how I could improve how I tell the history or even how to better the profile as a whole would be awesome.
  • And finally, me.
I know for a fact that when I start to feel bad, I shut down. Whether angry or sad, I generally just stop talking, say w/e, and leave, or blow up. I've been getting better about the blowing up, but.. It's hard for me to do. I really do take things far more seriously then I should, but I'm trying to work on it. Feedback would be good simply to point out other ticks and annoyances I have, and possibly tips to prevent the above from happening.

Anyway, that's my list. .. Damn, that looks like a good feedback thread for once. Should I add sparkles?

[Image: sparkles-gif.gif]
Always add sparkles.
I expected Twilight Sparkle. =\ ( Will try to give feedback once I get home. )
"Excellence is when failure becomes improvement"

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There you are.
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  • Aethon
Gonna bump.
Well. I've been back almost two weeks now. And... I wanna know how I'm doing. So.. Can I has some feedback?
Gonna bump again!
I can't comment much on Cage, probably one of the only characters of yours I RPed with. You had a goblin as well, I think?

I do see you in LFG setting up some random RP or even doing spontaneous events for folks. Keep that up.
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  • Kage
Gonna bump again!
Moar Twillight Battles. I want to see that event!
You' seek me help?

[Image: vt4s.jpg]
Hey, Kage! I've always dragged my feet about posting on your feedback threads 'cause I never really knew what to say. So this time around, I'll be good and finally post something! I really got a grasp of who you are as a player as well as how you work off of your characters, so I can finally wrangle the words together to post. (You also reminded me of the bullet feature. Uh oh. YOU HAVE BROUGHT THIS UPON THYSELF, FOOLISH MORTAL --)

Krest Fairstar
  • The character is great for you to make roleplay with others out of, and I love that. Heck, I think most people love that. You led Dawn's Reach on this character for a long time and it was successful because you knew to keep cranking out roleplay and that was fantastic. :D
  • The idea behind Dawn's Reach was a good one. You found a cause that everyone could take up, and because of that, you were able to bring in all kinds of characters to keep the guild thriving. Your character also had a very good reason to make the guild. But as I voiced once during roleplay, while I understand you want OOCly Dawn's Reach to be for everyone, there should be some careful IC consideration taken in during recruitment that makes sense of the people they're fighting. When he found a warlock clothed in black robes on the road of Stranglethorn and offered her a job just after a dragon scare, I just about fell out of my chair with disbelief! Considering who the guild's up against and how fast they are to jump up and shoot suspicious people in jungles, hiring someone who looks like a cultist who's been following them is really silly.
  • Krest is your favourite, and that's easy to see. We all have our favourites, but sometimes, favouritism can go too far. You're really protective of how Krest appears to others as well of how others think of him, and you've gotta let that go. You have to take a step back from your character and not be your character. Yeah, we put on our characters like boots when we puppet them around, but we shouldn't be offended by what happens ICly. When you goof up because you take IC action on an OOC assumption, don't leave because you made your character look bad, because when you leave, it makes you as a player look bad, and THAT'S what you should be concerned about. You're a nice, understanding guy, so when something doesn't go your way, be certain to take the time to calmly sort it out or roll with it rather than leave with a remark in the OOC chat. Hug
  • As you've stated once before yourself after a rather odd roleplay, Krest doesn't fit in with blood elves. Now, this has it's merits and it's downsides. He seems more like a human blademaster than a blood elf. If all of the roleplay that ever occurred with Krest had been with his hood up and his ears covered, you'd assume him to be a human because of the way he speaks, the way he acts, and his general presence. While this makes him an interesting wildcard, it also makes him not seem like the race you rolled. While elves are similar to humans, there are vast differences. Elves are patient, wise, intelligent, calculated, and articulate. I don't know how to word this any better, but that's the best I can get to precisely cover my thoughts on that subject.

Your DMing
  • You know how to set up initiatives, get the event rolling, and do so in a smooth manner. It's obvious you're no noob at DMing, you know how the mechanics work and I've never had a bumpy event from you. You also have the confidence you need to keep an event thriving, and that's great. It's mega-reassuring and fantastic to learn from.
  • You don't tend to know where you're going with storylines. By working entirely off of improvisation, we're often left wondering " Scared What are we doing here? How did this happen? Huh..?" I think setting down and figuring out a point A to B to C sort of storyline would be best instead of completely winging everything you do, at least in a guild setting, otherwise the story's pretty chaotic. It's totally cool to not plan out the combat events, but figuring out what you're doing with a storyline is pretty important.
  • The content of the events themselves can be a bit odd. For example, one day we spontaneously went out to the Arathi Highlands to fight a Faceless One in a cave. That event made a few of us tilt our heads in confusion, because if I recall correctly, you afterwards had... a black hole in your chest? It sounded like something inspired by an anime and was very confusing. Also, the three and a half of us had a very easy but long time taking out that Faceless One who didn't seem to use his full supernatural arsenal. Perhaps he was weak after being summoned? There was no way to know, and at the end of the event, we still rather confused. You also put a lot of focus onto your character during that event while us others were just there to whittle down his health. I'd suggest finding ways that would make every individual important in some manner! It leaves the participants feeling exhilarated and amused, and all in all, satisfied.

Your Other Characters
  • I haven't really roleplayed with all of your characters, but I've been around for Bormus! Roleplaying with Bormus on Elle was fun. Elle had no idea what to think of this large, lumbering, rune-coated tauren but she felt safe around him - and after that combat event, rightly so! That pesky monkey was baffled by Bormus's head, much to Elle's horror. We should definitely get to roleplaying those two more often! 8)
  • I last roleplayed with Bormus a few days ago. You did some kinda silly things I heard about that made me raise my brow, such as say that you flicked with the speed and power of a flying bullet, particularly flicking a character's forehead. That would instantly kill him. Also, your runes are for punching, silly! Those are two different clusters of muscle and flicking someone for an attack like that from runes specifically in place for punching shouldn't/wouldn't be done.

Your Profiles
  • Don't really know if there's anything to say about these, but I'm positive you're doing just dandy if you haven't had any complaints or suggestions yet! :D

  • You're a bro and fun to talk to. There's a sort of energy about you when you're not tired that's pretty charismatic.
  • The Krest bullets covered a lot of things I thought needed to be said about you as a player such as your remarks before quitting a roleplay and your attachment that's too strong to your characters. While knowing when to quit is important, there's a large difference between knowing when to stop arguing and quitting on a roleplay because it didn't have the results you wanted.
  • Your spelling is kind of funny. You spell draenei "draeni", ogre "orge", and make other such spelling mistakes that I think can be improved with work and dedication. :) There's the occasional typo that's okay, but there are a good handful of words frequently spelled wrong like draenei and ogre, which I think is a matter of... you're just really used to spelling them that way! Muscle memory of the fingers. Gotta break that!
  • You can take things a bit too far in some cases. You blow up or over-react if someone's acting in a less than favourable way, which isn't the best course of action. You also seem to get a bit riled up over things that are insignificant or by no means worth getting angry over. But with that in mind...
  • There's the way you take feedback and make feedback threads. Well, looking at your past thread, you got a lot of positive reinforcement feedback that you agreed to work with, but never really went through with. I'm really not sure how to say or word this. For example, in a past feedback thread of yours, there was a post after your suspension from Reigen that was fantastic. She gently stated that you take things too personally and get discouraged by small things. You responded saying you worked on it, but.... Well... Change is something you have to strive and work for. You have to always, always be working to change something if you don't like it about yourself. If one's convinced there's nothing wrong, one will never change and never improve!

Tying this all up, yeah, we definitely need to roleplay more. I'm sorry for not responding to a handful of your prods to roleplay with you, but I really haven't been feeling too creative lately, nor able to fully get into my characters. I generally randomly hop in any roleplay I see brewing up that would put a neglected character of mine to use. On that note, yeah, we definitely need to roleplay more, and I'm really crossing my fingers that you remake Dawn's Reach!
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Well. Its been almost a month sense my last actual feedback. And I'm looking for more. I'd like to think I've gotten better over the last month. As some may or may not know, I killed off Krest. @Rini, you kinda made me notice something. Most if not all of my issues OOCly begin while I'm on Krest. And to be honest I've had him sense I started here. And I kept changing him, making him into an entirely new but the same character because he was my favorite. So I cut that tie. Harshly.

Other then that, the last event I hosted didn't do to well in my eyes. Very choppy, very.. Uncoordinated. And it was a planned event. Seems I do better with spontaneous then planned. I'd love some feedback on it none the less.

Other then that, I dunno! Anything you guys could think of would be great.
Hrm. Bumping.
And with that mini event (You know what I'm talking about if you were there) about fear, I'm going to bump this! Let me know what you guys thought!
I agree with @Rini in that you can't let things get to you so much. Don't quit just because of one little thing. Chin up and all that.
Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.
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  • Kage
Hmm. Feedback would be great.

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