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Kaldorei - A Race Guide
I effing love you to death...

Quite often, people have been getting mad for the way I RP my Night Elf. Particularly a Blood Elf who I was debating whether or not to kill when he willingly showed his Warlock powers in Ratchet. (I cut off his left arm, instead, since he said he really liked that character.)

I read this guide, and I realized there was only one thing I was doing wrong with Feldon, and that was the way she spoke, which I'm trying to fix now.
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Great guild! I'm working on a story for a kaldorei alt. I like their lore, although I think it's a bit strange that Blizzard gave them drow racial skills (shadowmelt, unless it's meant as being able to hide in a natural environment). Thank you for creating such an overview of how they are. Ah well... first get Cattie up and rolling properly, I tend to create too many alts
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/flex! I knew it XD
Your guide really gave me a new outlook on the night elves. While I had always felt they had kind of 'feel' like this, this article really put it all into perspective. Before I thought that night elves were simply xenophobic elves that have lived for a very, very long time, making them experienced.

This put them into a much more detailed look. You have given me a much larger appreciation of the Kal'Dorei, as well as an understanding. I read this when I first joined CotH, but i'm not sure why it took until now to say how much this has helped me. Was letting the information soak in I guess...

Thank you so much. Thank you!
Thanks for the amazing guide, literally changed my entire view on how a night elf should be played. I'll put some more thought before playing on with my warrior, she didn't really fit in with any other night elf the way you described them. Cheers for that.
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I cannot thank you enough for this guide. Night Elves have been my favorite race ever since WoW's release. I always wanted to RP deeply with folks who understood and loved them as much as I did, but as you all have probably experienced, many Nelf roleplayers don't have even the slightest grasp of the depth of their lore as presented here.

And honestly, I only had *that* much more before I read this. I found it really interesting to learn that the Nelves are much more chaotic than they are lawful. Suffice it to say I learned a LOT about Nelves from this post - and I thought I knew a lot!- and I will be RPing my night elves differently from now on.

I agree that a lot of the "hate" that Nelves get comes from their use as promiscuous cyb0rers while giggling stupid jokes and emotes. If more people RPd them as they were meant to, I'm sure they'd get a lot more respect.

WRT the Park, I would imagine that the Kaldorei *had* to have had a hand in its construction. I don't think humans have the wherewithal to create a moonwell, and I'm sure the Nelves said to themselves, "This stone-bound city is a DRAG; let's get some grass and trees and for pity's sake a true Moonwell into this prison otherwise we're going to die from lack of Nature." ;)

Thanks very much for the guide and the interesting discussion.
Amazing guide - Just a minor thing:

Earlier in the thread, Tyrande killing Wardens was mentioned. This was not so - Tyrande killed Watchers, which were an order of troops under Maiev at the time. The Wardens themselves answer only to Tyrande. All save Maiev at the time, and that lead to the death of her Watchers.

Lore-wise, the Watchers were all but disbanded, and the few that remain are most likely bound to individual Wardens.

I sure wish more people would get to see this guide. I really, really do.
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Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
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I totally agree with flammos, lately people are saying they don't want to stick to the archetypes because they are bland and simple. Maeven explained why the opposite is true. So there's a reason to stick closer to the lore, because it's epic.

One thing though, I don't think the Kal'dorei have no criminals, because there are wardens for a reason. The fact Tyrande got away with her slaughter might be explained because she is a leader everyone reveres. Arthas was also welcomed back into Lordearon even though he has purged an entire city.
But i agree, by any means necessary is very elfish.
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  • flammos200
This guide is rather impressive, specifically the take on their chaotic behaviour. I love Elves as I like exploring their almost alien cultures and will most certainly consider making a Night Elf sometime soon.
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Is anyone else having problems reading this guide? I'm seeing it filled with things like:

“old school”
“joke”, or be “cute”

I am having a little trouble reading this with it being filled with things like that.
Is this a bug on my end?
The forum switch we did a while ago screwed up older posts. It needs to be edited by a GM or owner to get ride of those.
Should be fixed.
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  • raerae
ily Delta
[Image: tumblr_ls93ngofkc1qfr1m4o1_500.png]

This gives me a few ideas. Great guide!
(11-24-2008, 04:52 AM)Maeven Wrote: History is a blueprint...and they forget that the Kaldorei ARE the history.

My scribe Nikodemos is currently in Ashenvale on an expedition. As a student of history perhaps it would be in his best intrest to stay there for a spell.

Never played a NE, might have to give it a go now. Good job Maeven.
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(06-08-2012, 03:23 PM)Nikodemos Wrote: My scribe Nikodemos is currently in Ashenvale on an expedition. As a student of history perhaps it would be in his best intrest to stay there for a spell.

Nikodemos sounds like something from a website I visited once... But the website was inappropriate so I make no comment.

Also intrest should be interest. Sorry I'm weird.

Oh and nice guide too.

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