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Keyus Talah'dorei [Blood elf][Pre-Approved]
Player: Fortwit

Character Full Name: Keyus Talah'Dorei

Character In-Game Name: Keyus

Nickname(s): Key

Association(s): N/A

Race: Sin'dorei

Class: Death Knight

Age: 128

Sex: Male

Hair: Long, White.

Eyes: Runic Blue

Weight: 200lbs

Height: 6'5"

Appearance: His old armor, from the days of the Acherus retaking. He consciously cannot remove them.

Alignment: True Neutral (Bound to Change)

Personality: Keyus is a mouldable man. The effects of the Kings control, sided with the time of his death left him with a distorted sense of time, place and it's relativity to memory (Not amnesia). Keyus is not grim, nor is he a dark person, but is both inquisitive and curious. He has a complex and insightful view on morality, which is incredibly subject to change depending on who he is around. Keyus understands humor, yet takes the time to evaluate it, and at times, too far. Although not in favor of killing yet forced by the ever growing requirement to, he is zealously committed to proving his strength, and like any sindorei, will take a compliment. He is not an incredibly literal person, unlike the average Death Knight, and often speaks cryptically, due to the problem of his distorted sense of time.

History: Keyus was the child of two magisters, and was born into the expected role. However, Even as a child of two magi, he was drawn to the appeal of the sword. His childhood was of nothing special, training as a fighter of no discernable grand ability. As an adolescent, approaching adulthood, he engaged in his first and only serious relationship with an older, early adulted Magistrix. During this time, He became less engaged in his swordsmanship and focussed heavily on courting the girl. Time had passed, and his life was on track of being simply the lifestyle of the ignorant, happy and battleless.

He continued training eventually and became a fine weilder of heavy weaponry. Only two years into his marriage with his Magistrix, The attack happened, and he was called to arms in defense of his city. After only a couple of days, The whole of Silvermoon was in disbelief that Blackened woods was corrupted. He fortunately survived the entire endeavor by going the way of the coward, at the expense of many around him. He was at the face of the front lines, and at a desperate attempt at survival near his squadrons destruction, abandoned his claymore and fled for his life. For the entire attack, he sat through the attack with few others, fortunately fleeing to the remains of an ex-sanctum. Passionately seeking retribution for his shame and loss of his city, He left to the Plaguelands in immediacy on hearing that Argent Dawn resistance was there, without knowledge of his lovers survival.

As the inevitable story of the Death Knight goes, he fell during furious battle with the scourge. He was left in relatively good shape for a dead man, suffering a mortal bludgeon to the head by a scourge skeleton. It was a rather embarrasing way to die, yet he was swarmed and distracted, with few comrades to help him.

When Keyus awoke, he knew exactly where he was. He was in the brutal death machine that lingered in the sky, watching over Eastern Plaguelands for every day that he fought. He was renewed with vigor and energy, painless yet cold. After moments of regaining life and consciousness, the speech of the Lich King overthrew him. Rather than the common bodily loss of control, his bludgeon-dulled mind instead eased into the words of the king, in a way, 'brainwashing' the sin'dorei, into believing and absorbing each word given to him. So he trecked, gaining his first runed blade, killing his first unworthy initiate, and helping bring Light's hope to its knees.

He was soon aware of the Lich King's plans, when one of his already freed knights explained everything to him. The voice of the King had weakened to him substantially, how this happened was unknown. His own willpower or the effort it took to keep so many knights under the Lich Kings will, perhaps. But as he consciously became aware of each command slowly fed to him, It was only in the poisonous and fungi infested cave on the way to his final command that his logical mind had strengthened to just a glint of reasoning, where he was confronted by the knight. It was enough to be convinced, and broken, from the King's hold.

So he retook Acherus in an onslaught of his fellow free Knights, yet the Lich King was already gone. Although defeated, they had gained their base of operations to themselves. This is where the knight had only come to realize, after two days of settling, that he was truly dead. His touch was cold, voice different, hair white, and eyes a glowing blue. He threw himself in denial of his accomplishments on the Lich King's behalf, yet it was only days later that the residue of the Lich King's effects took hold of him. A mixture of the previous bludgeoning to the head and the will and mind destroying alterations of the hold caused him to forget only pockets of his life. He knew his love, his job, his home and the Argent Dawn all too well. But there were things missing. His emotions had numbed, and his personality wittled away by the hold. His perception of time was also destroyed. Although the memories intact, he could not recollect any date, day or specific time of anything or when it took place. He could not sincerely remember a day of his childhood before or after meeting his fiance, or the day he joined the Argent Dawn. Only that they happened.

He spent days, weeks, months, and even maybe a year or more in Acherus. The memory of his time there fell from his grasp easier than water through the cracks in his fingers. He did know his goal though. He had lost all feeling in his fingers, hands, his entire body even. He was dead to no bounds. He found an insatiable interest in the talents of blood, in hopes to simulate his own life again. He worked endlessly into days of sleepless time to master the liquid of the living so he could harness his own. He was partially successful with more to learn - Returning minor feeling to his limbs, at the heavy cost of a constant drain on his blood runes.

He soon left Acherus, to his memory, only "weeks" after it's recapture. If he were to be asked when he arrived in the Eastern Kingdoms, he would simply reply "Not two days ago, at most."
Quote:Although not in favor of killing, he is zealously committed to proving his strength, and like any sindorei, will take a compliment.

As long as you're aware that Death Knights have an addiction to pain and will suffer heavily if they don't inflict pain or kill someone in a consistent basis.

I'll also ask you to fix the spacing so the wikimonkeys can be happier wiking it. specifically, like.

Quote:<Section> : <Text>

<Section> : <Text>

<Section> : <Text>

<Section> : <Text>

<Section> : <Text>

And so forth.
Indeed, I am aware(Who could forget that sexy speech at the beginning of the questline and the Death Knight initiates). Although he doesn't really wish to. After a few months though, he probably won't feel so uptight about it.

Spacing also fixed.
“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
― Frank Zappa
That's hot.

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