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Kiari Duskrunner [Blood Elf Priest, Update]
Last name now reflects her married name.
Dropped Blades of the Silverfang association due to guild inactivity.
Added her love of babies and children to personality.
Added in her history past romances that resulted in children before the invasion of Silvermoon.
Added in her history married to Liridon Duskrunner.

'''Player:''' Wuvvums

'''Character Full Name:''' Kiari Duskrunner (Maiden name: Fairstair)

'''Character In-Game Name:''' Kiari

'''Nickname(s):''' N/A

'''Association(s):''' Silvermoon

'''Race:''' [[Blood Elf]]

'''Class:''' [[Priest]]

'''Skills and Abilities:''' She is mainly a healer and user of light.

'''Age:''' 127

'''Sex:''' Female

'''Hair:''' Orange

'''Eyes:''' Green

'''Weight:''' 138 lbs

'''Height:''' 5'5”

She is usually dressed in black and wears a hood. She prefers cloth armor.

'''Other:''' She has one piercing on her left ear and two on her right. She has fair skin.

'''Alignment:''' Neutral Good

Kiari is extraordinarily lazy and unambitious despite her father's attempts to get her to do a little more. She is prone to napping and enjoys soft surfaces, especially pillows and couches. When she is up and about it's presumably with the aid of coffee. One can not tell if this is a chronic condition, or if this is just Kiari.

She is not easy to anger and is very laid back and calm. She does sometimes argue but usually just goes with the flow and lets things happen as it will. Kiari is one who is at least willing to defend herself and her family, but mostly when the situation calls for it. Like any sensible person she would not let herself die without some fight.

Her views of the Light is that it's a benevolent force and she mostly took it to help others and spread that good feeling to others. She loves (elven) children and gushes especially over babies.

Kiari was born to a notable warrior named Krest, who was a disciplined combatant and skilled in the way of the sword. While he surely tried to instill her with similar virtues of discipline and hard work, Kiari seemed to find herself destined for other things.

She was a playful child and a day dreamer and often shirked her duties to go off and spend time in the fields. She loved chasing the butterflies, picking the flowers, catching little frogs and sometimes just lying down in the grass and feeling the sun on her face. Of course things weren't usually as happy and carefree when her parents found and grounded her. But it never stopped her from being so carefree and happy.

Playing around the fields and the woods would sometimes get her hurt, and fortunately at times she could find a traveling priest who would show her how the light could make the skinned knee or scraped elbow go away. When she felt the Light touch her it was always good, and it was to her a benevolent force to be admired. Her views of the world were always a very light, positive, happy one and the Light definitely reinforced those feelings.

It was no surprise then that when she was finally pushed to start getting a job or finding something to do, she told her father that she would find a way to use the Light. By the time she was an adult she had gotten her things together and tried going to Silvermoon to see what she could learn from the priests there.

While Light was less common to use than arcane she found herself a master and she was a suitable apprentice. Even if she was a little slow to learn and lazy she had several decades to get it down, and she was sincere in wanting to have those abilities to help others. She would often make rounds through the city, gathering enough coin to spend each night at the tavern instead of taking residence in the church. Try as they might they could not keep her fully disciplined.

When she was in her late twenties she met Liridon Duskrunner and they spent time together. She enjoyed his company, and spent numerous nights with him. As time passed they found that she was bearing his children, who would be born as Averos and Faranor Fairstair, since Kiari was unmarried. The relationship with Liridon wasn’t thought of incredibly serious, but he did help raise the children into adults. Both of the twins became Spell-breakers, and were mostly disciplined and raised by their father rather than the complacent mother.

A few years after the two parted their own ways and Kiari found herself returning to the tavern. She met Kurin, who she had similar, intimate relations with. Again she found herself pregnant, this time carrying a girl. She named her daughter Tandvia, and raised her without Kurin. This child became very spoiled and was constantly allowed to have her way. With her, Kiari acted more like a friend than a parent.

She had one more child with Kurin that she also raised on her own, though only after Tandvia grew up. Her fourth child was a son, and he was raised with similar restrictions and boundaries to Tandvia; being none at all.

All the children were grown up and on their way before the attack on Quel’Thallas. At the time Kiari was at one of the smaller churches and took shelter there, treating the injured. She was fortunate to survive the initial invasion of the Scourge and it was mostly due to her teacher's guidance. He held some of them back with holy fire while she and him fell back to the alleys to try and lose them. He considered Kiari young and did not want her to get caught in the crossfire. She hid away in a shelter where other refugees came, helping to heal the injured.

In the aftermath she felt an emptiness in her without the Sunwell as a source of mana. It was a wracking sort of pain, hallowing at her soul. She was not hesitant to take in the fel, and do anything to make this stop. The feeling of mana withdrawal was perhaps the worst thing she experienced in her life, combined with the traumatizing loss of her city. This only reinforced her resolve to keep on the path of the Light, and try to heal those who needed it most, and offer a hand of help to her fellow elf.

Since that day she found that it was often typical that someone needed help, or had wounds that needed treating. She would also provide occasional services, like cremation by holy fire to send someone off in death, and offering comfort to others. She did for the most part find a lot of downtime with the money she made, so she was still often the napper and daydreamer she was as a child, but found some ways of helpfulness to fill that time in between and make enough to support that easy-going lifestyle.

She became a mixture of disciplined and lazy, but definitely not ambitious. She was just doing the things she enjoyed, and then spending her time how she pleased. Recently she came back in touch with her father, returning to him as a fully fledged priestess. She also found herself meeting Liridon again after all those years. The two recently married, and they are starting a new family again.

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