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Kill the Exile.
Here I am with another crazy and fun idea. Well here I go... I was thinking on doing something like a Roleplay hunting, since Rezzak got in trouble the past few days. He's been arguing with the goblins in Booty Bay and the Gurubashi arena. Mostly getting in trouble just because he thinks he is right for some stuff :D I've been thinking, why not do it like this. A player is hired to find Rezzak dead or alive it doesn't matter. The roleplay can be played with trusts it can be played with rolls it doesn't matter to me as long as we have fun. But if you take the role you need to agree with these stuff:

1. If you give Rezzak a CW beware that you will also be open for deadly attacks.

2. The game could always change. Animals may interrupt even other players.

3. We dont have to metagame or be overpowered. I've made that mistake a few times and I try to avoid it as possible. I would be happy if you spot something wrong I make. Everyone makes mistakes Grin2

4. And for the last one. We must have fun Crazy

Well those were my thoughts... feel free to pm me ingame/forums so we can discuss when are we going to do it. Thank you again. Hug
You' seek me help?

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