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Krian Duskbinder(Blood Elf Paladin)[Blood Knight Champion]{Cata Profile}
'''Player:''' McKnighter

'''Character Full Name:''' Krian Duskbinder

'''Character In-Game Name:''' Krian

'''Nickname(s):''' Besides the typical insults, none.

'''Association(s):''' Silvermoon, The Blood Knights

'''Race:''' [[Blood Elf]]

'''Class:''' [[Paladin]]

'''Skills and Abilities:''' Krian is a warrior first, and a wielder of the Light second. He's been harden into a shock-trooper that is fit to engage most enemies head on. He's as agile as one could be in plate armor, an excellent swordsman, and adopts an aggressive shield style. Rather than use a shield for defensive, he uses it almost as an off-hand mace, ramming it into foes or smashing them with its edge. Typically, he'll allow standard physical attacks to simply hit his plate armor. He'll only employ his shield when a magical spell is casted against him.

As far as he uses the Light, it is again focused in offense rather than restoration or protection. He often empowers his sword or shield with holy fire, applying even more damage against enemies. He can protect himself to a moderate degree, while his healing is the lesser of the three.

Besides that, he's been in his share of bar fights, having even fought his superior commanding Champion among them. He's a brawler, if left without weapons, able to duck and weave throughout punches and connect with his signature right hook.

'''Age:''' 364

'''Sex:''' Male

'''Hair:''' Dirty Blonde

'''Eyes:''' Fel Green

'''Weight:''' 235 lbs

'''Height:''' 6' 3"

'''Usual Garments/Armor:''' Krian wears his Blood Knight, standard issued plate armor. The plate is black with red trim, forged by Sin'dorei smiths. His shield has the same style, with the Blood Knight's crest engraved in the middle. It is all made up of a steel and truesilver alloy.

Regardless if he is in armor or not, he -always- has his sword. The masterful crafted is forged out of Arcanite. Seeing how it was a gift from his wife, it is ensured that he will never part from it if he can. Not to mention how effective it is. If out of duty, he will wear stylish clothing with the Blood Knight tabard.

Krian is a shadow of his former-self. Before, he used to be prideful, arrogant and head-strong, tackling all things with no set out goal or plan. He was reckless and had a loose tongue, always speaking his mind before thinking about it. He was bashful but he was proud of his service and achievements.

After the death his wife and child, he quickly dropped his often childish acts to a somber, mature if not depressed mindset. He's more reserved and quiet, sometimes seeking to be left alone whenever he is off-duty to drink his sorrows away. With family gone, all he has left is his station to serve his kingdom, which he does in a zealous manner when the time comes. He has a hatred of anything undead, Forsaken or Scourge, flat out ignoring and leaving the area if Forsaken are there less he is provoked into assaulting them. If he must deal with them on official manner, he will begrudgingly do so.

While he has become more serious and colder, he has moments where he can enjoy himself and have a sense of humor. Deep down, he's just a soldier and can directly relate to those under his command. In good company, he can laugh and joke with the crowd and have a good time.

He does not care for the political life of Silvermoon, nor the nobles or ambitious goals.

Krian was born as the eldest son to two wonderful parents, his father being a Magister and his mother being a Priestess of the Light. He was raised on Sunstrider Isle, away from the political and fast-pace life style of Silvermoon City. He was often found exploring the wilderness, stick in hand as he dared and challenged everything that came across his path. His brother was born a few years afterward, Faidin. Krian accepted Faidin as a new friend, a companion for his adventures. They both would trek into the wilds, when they were released from duties and teaching.

As the pair grew, it appeared that Krian was taking his build after his grand-father, a Lieutenant in the army. He was aggressive, dominant in the play-time that was had. He enjoyed physical contact, fighting unseen foes with his stick-sword. Faidin, on the other hand, was more thoughtful and desired brains over brawns. He soon turned into a book worm, rather staying inside to read than company Krian on his make-believe wars through the Isle. When he did come, however, Krian always made a point that he was physically superior over his brother, often having sparring fights between the two which would result in a win for Krian most of the time. There were times where he'd seriously harm his brother, unwanted bruises and such that would cause the poor boy to literally cry all the way home. Krian was scolded by his father, being taught that he has to look after his brother rather than take advantage of him.

Years go by, leaving them as grown teenagers. Krian had reached his climax of interest in studies and school, barely getting by the Academy that him and Faidin had attended. Krian's brother won the favor and praise of their parents, leaving Krian in the shadow of his younger brother. He grew irritated, since Faidin moved on to study at Dalaran for arcane studies, while Krian was left with no real future. So, pursuing his love of adventure, he joined with the Ranger Corps, otherwise known as the Farstriders.

Krian progressed well, after a few years of getting used to authority, he was crafting out to be a fine Outrunner, even being assigned to his Grandfather's squad. The two bond, as if he was Krian's true father. It is a rather slow period, however, until the Second War comes around.

As the Quel'dorei engaged with the trolls that shared their lands, Krian and his grandfather was among the frontline that engaged with the savages. Here, is where Krian learned true war. Seeing elves and trolls butchered and slaughter, without mercy or remorse, shattered the boy's dream of adventure. The horrors of war caused him to freeze in shock, during the first engagement. He simply watched as a large troll charged towards him, crudely made axes ready to send him to his death. He closed his eyes, and waited for the axes to hit. But, they never reached him. His grandfather had stepped in the way and engaged the troll, slaying it in order to save Krian. The pair retreated when the rest of the unit fell back to camp, where Krian spoke to his grandfather regarding his apathy. The kind elderly man motivated Krian instead of scolding, assuring him that Krian will be able to control himself.

But as the war raged on, many elves died. Even as Krian grew used to the violence and combat, it was reported in a scouting mission that his grandfather died due to a troll ambush. Rage filled the elf's veins as he sought to reap revenge on the Forest Trolls. While another veteran assumed control of the unit, Krian fought without mercy, extremely brutal in his methods. It raised concern with some of the officers, but it was understandable.

Krian met the humans with distaste and hatred when they arrived to assist the Quel'dorei against the trolls. They were smaller, annoying, and simply revolting to be around. The low class of the elves was far beyond the average society of the human culture. Even as they helped, he did not show them anything warmer than a stern nod in their direction. With their help, the war was won in favor of the Quel'dorei, giving Krian the chance to be promoted to Lieutenant officially, and recover from the war. In the brief period of peace, Krian found what became to be the love of his life, Jaeden Firestar. The father of Jaeden was a Farstrider himself, which Krian got along easily with. They married a year later had a child in the following eight months named Amelia. He was truly happy with his life set out before him, a family to raise and a steady career as an officer.

Though, it would not last long. With the sudden plagues that infected Lordaeron, the dead raising from their graves and slaughtering the human kingdoms left Krian worried about when the undead hordes would turn their attention to the Quel'dorei. However, with the runestones in place, they could not breach their defenses. Krian was on edge, despite not liking the humans he could not stand by and let them be slaughtered with a foe they may come to invade their home as well. He kept a keen watch over the boarders along with the rest of the Farstriders.

In time, the prediction was correct. The undead marched towards Silvermoon, with their eyes set on the Sunwell. However, traitors were among them, several things went terribly wrong. Elves were being slaughtered left and right, and as they tried to fight back past the breached runestones, the Ranger-General herself was slain and raised as a wailing banshee. In horror, the ranks broke, and all hell was broken loose. Krian rushed to find his family, to ensure that they were able to relocate to a more secure location. However, he found that his father died in the battlefield, when they called upon the Magistry to engage the undead. His brother was not to be found, and their mother was deathly ill with the news of her husband's passing. Jaeden and the child, however, were able to escape on one of the ships that left the docks of Sunsail Anchorage.

Heart broken and shattered at the lost of his parents and brother, Krian pressed on to join the last line for the Sunwell. What remained of their forces were gathered, bent on fighting to their dying breath. Then, the Scourge came in a horrid wave. Though, among their forces, Krian saw his raised brother among their ranks. To give him a proper death, Krian ensured that he embedded an arrow into his brother's head. When the Scourge hit their line, it nearly collapsed. Only shortly after, did it break. Krian ran, ran for his life as everyone around him was butchered and slaughtered. He ran as fast as he could, with ghouls nipping at his heels, till he ran to the edge of the isle. There, only a few undead still followed him, a manageable number. He turned around with both of his swords, and conducted his dance with death. The short fight left the ghouls in pieces, but Krian was wounded and bleeding fast. He fell down, blacking out from the blood lost.

When he awoke, he found himself in a small camp of survivors who found him among the dead, and that have properly taken care of his injures. He felt the lack the Sunwell in his mind, a throbbing headache that told him that he was thirsty for arcane, yet there was none to be had. While he wasn't as effected as those who actively used arcane, the withdraw hindered him greatly. Enough so that he would not be selected to travel with Prince Kael'thas' elite army. With the lowly task of rebuilding their ruined homeland, Krian was left to mourn over the death of his direct family. Even then, fate would not let him rest. Amelia, the child, became fatally ill with the lack of the Sunwell. She died despite all the efforts from her parents, sending Jaeden into a worse condition than ever. She slowly died and finally passed away some time later, leaving Krian alone. He attempted to suicide to join his family as the final wish from his late wife, but remaining magisters stopped him and proceeded to alter his mind to prevent him from trying such again, instead installing fervor for the Sin'dorei.

Though, after time has passed, hope came at last. Rommath brought with him the Burning Crystals, and a strange creature called a ˜naaru'. Both were to aid the Sin'dorei, to help sate their arcane addiction, and to give them a new method to combat the Scourge. Krian took in the fel energy, marking him as a Sin'dorei forever. When the Blood Knight order was founded, Krian was among the first to volunteer for the ridged training that would take place. Krian, through blood and sweat, managed to earn his place in the order. Harnessing the powers of the Light from the naaru, Krian progressed through the ranks at a stable pace. While he stayed behind during the Burning Crusade, he practiced and fought to protect his homeland from the Scourge that still remained. He mildly tolerates the Horde, but still dislikes Orcs, Trolls, and Tauren. He won't initially kill the Forsaken, but he tries to stay clear to prevent violence.

When Kael'thas returned, Krian had expected that Silvermoon would flourish. Instead, their Prince stole from them the source of the Blood Knight's power, and went to the Sunwell in an attempt to summon his demonic master to destroy the world. Of course, Krian went against this traitorous act, showing no remorse against the Fel-Bloods. He joined in the Shattered Sun Offensive, briefly, in order to beat back the demonic legion and secure the safety of their world. At the end of the engagements, the Sunwell was reborn, filling Krian with a new font of energies to which he could draw upon. He was also promoted to the rank of Knight, a full member of the order.

As it came to the crusade against the Lich King, Krian Duskbinder only took part of the lighter regions of conflict, since Silvermoon did not want what remained of their armies to suffer more casualties. Therefore, he saw little of the horrors that plagued the fronts. He returned earlier than most, as the Scourge at home proved to be more threatening than the ones at Icecrown.

One strange month had Krian led an assault team to the goblin town of Booty Bay, where they found a certain group led by a Sin'dorei, following traitorous ways and declaring war upon the Blood Knight order. A few engagements outside of the town led in the destruction of the group's leadership, and allowed Krian to return home. Krian was given a promoted to Master by his superior Champion, the one whom gotten into a bar fight with Krian oddly enough. Displaying courage as prowess on the battlefield, the upper structure of the Blood Knight order began to look at Krian as a possible candidate for a Champion position. While he had proven himself in combat as well as upholding leadership on the field, it was noted that he had distaste and a laziness for official reports and completing proper paperwork.

In order to train the Master and to see if he could overcome his flaw, Krian was placed a more passive role. He actively recruited for the Blood Knights, trained new initiates, and went out on patrol on top of managing a good portion of the region's paper trail. The lost of loved ones haunted the elf's mind, but he managed to keep his act together despite the depression and his hatred of his current task as a pen pusher. Having passed after a grueling year and a half of sorting through the sea of reports and documents, Krian was given a new task. Having found his dedication to a job he despised, the upper command was pleased with him and decided that his next assignment would be a bit of a reward for his efforts. Represent the Blood Knights in the war for Kalimdor as a Champion, and lead his fellow order members to victory. The move would prove that the Sin'dorei are worthy of the Horde's pact, and it may rope in a favor or two when they need it. For Krian, it was a chance to get back into the field and stay away from the office desk. A win-win for both sides.

Little does he know, the battlefield Krian will venture off to won't stay the same for long.

[[Category:Blood Elf]]
(04-20-2013, 02:31 PM)McKnighter Wrote: However, it was a simple trial set by his superiors to determine if the elf could handle administration assignments. Having passed after a grueling year and a half of sorting through the sea of reports and documents, Krian was given a new task. Represent the Blood Knights in the war for Kalimdor as a Champion, and lead his fellow order members to victory. The move would prove that the Sin'dorei are worthy of the Horde's pact, and it may rope in a favor or two when they need it. For Krian, it was a chance to get back into the field and stay away from the office desk. Little does he know, the battlefield he will venture off to won't stay the same for long.

Was the trial to endure a year of desk work? I imagine there might be more to it, particularly if he is to be in a command position in a battlefield. Was his logic tested? His resolve? His martial prowess?
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
He became a Master through his feats on the battlefield and showed potential for leadership. Bascally, he proved he could be adapt in battle but they needed to know if he could learn the logistics side of command. It was more or less training him in the one aspect he was weak in, and if he could manage that then he would be a suitable candidate.
Thank you for clarifying in-profile. 1/2
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
(09-07-2011, 12:12 AM)Grakor456 Wrote: Quick addition: For the sake of consistency, we ask that you put down the name of your race as it appears in-game, rather than any flavor or lore names the race may have. Blood Elf, Night Elf, Undead, and Tauren, NOT Sin'dorei, Kaldorei, Forsaken, and Shu'halo.

Remember that it is asked that the base name, not the lore name, is used for profiles.
Le fixed!
Second Approval! (2/2)

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