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Krilari's Feedback
It's been a long few years. We've had our ups, our downs, but dammit I still love you CotH. At that I would like to ask, do you like me back? Have I done anything to ever set you off? Did I ever do anything with one of my characters that just set you a liiiiitle bit off? How about my work as a Game Master? Have I proven my worth of this position, or am I better off gone?

It's feedback time, boys n' Girls!

Sareen <3

There aren't many troll RPers, and then there are even fewer who I would whisper to ask for RP. Sareen would be one of the few trolls I can tell I'd have an enjoyable experience with (And thus ask for RP if I ever see her on, which I haven't for a while. *pout*), and that's a good thing without a doubt. Andra, I met for like... Ten seconds a few days ago in the Autumn's tower, so I can't say much, but it seems like you know what you're doing. I regret not having RP'd with you much, so if you're ever bored with nothing to do feel free to whisper me!
"Every gun..."

[Image: Jonah-Hex-Counting-Corpses-Flaming-Leap.jpg]

"...Makes its own tune."

~ The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly ~
Shameless re-bump.
Mathias Summers - Formal Warlock :silver:

Emile's first not-related customer! I enjoyed the short - but amusing role play I had with him; and it was great to see a man buying flowers! It was also 'refreshing' to see someone looking out for the good health of the Park. ;) Darn those motorcycles and their exhaust! LOL
I don't necessarily have any criticism...But keep doing what you're doing, Krilariari!

Krilari is awesome.

That is all...


Not but in all seriousness, I've only RPed with you a total of...never. So I'm not a good person to ask D:
I'm not very good with critique but I will say that I really like Kril for some reason as a character. Perhaps because I got to rp with him quite a bit in the kidnapped event and all? Either way he's pretty fun to be around.
So, on the RP that I've had with Trith, I enjoyed it. It's good to see a Draenei that openly had problems with his rage, and wasn't all buddy buddy with Orcs. I also like how that, even though Nexi trusts Bragdana and Co, Trith still doesn't.

On the RP with Taelos. The two times that I've seen him, once on Shivala and once on Bragdana, he had greatly differed moods. The first one, I imagined him as a weary traveler stopped in an inn, and the second as a king's jester. Nonetheless, both times were enjoyable.

OOCly, you're quite a swell guy as well. The only problem I have with this is that you have a multitude of characters above the level 50 guideline, even without them having a profile. I know that you do this for gear, but, in my opinion, you can't just .addrpitem the gear.

Overall, though, pretty nice!
You know I love you and have nothing bad to say. <333
[Image: wMRLoCF.gif]
I've Rped with 2 of your characters so far, and I must say I honestly enjoyed both very much!

I met Sareen first, pre-restart when we joined Stormshade. She was one of the first characters Yvakara befriended, and it was very easy to roleplay with her, and i thought her background as a tinkerer was interesting for a troll while not feeling like it was out of place.

Thaim was a riot to meet, along with the rest of the Regiment. Thaim and Hajnal (Piroska) make such a natural pair, both being characters I felt even in their undeath retained much of their "dwarfness" for lack of better term. It was my my interaction with both that made me -immediately- put together a profile for Remyl and want to join The Regiment, which was the best place to me for a dwarf character to be. Sadly the guild isn't very active at the moment, but I look forward to seeing it, and Thaim, back in action!
One year ago, February 16, t'was a chilly Saturday evening out camping in Tampa. By that hour I was already asleep by at dawns break I was awoken by my comrades and swiftly checked my messages to find my introduction had been approved. With joy I aided in breaking down the campsite and was anxious to get home, as for when I did the first thing I did?

I made a troll and sat around Warsong Gluch for a few hours, chatting with Piroska.

It's been an awesome year CotH, here's to many more.

(Also, this may or may not be a shameless bump praying to the gods that I may has feedbacks on my first year in general, the character list has been updated.)
I came to know you through my lorenerdinesscompanion Piroska and have always enjoyed our small talks here and there.
But since the restart I have acutally RPed with you more than being a captive of Duron in Nagrand and I must say;

I sincerely enjoy roleplaying with you sir fairy!

Original characters with a level of depth I rarely come across on CotH these days but I think most importantly you reflect on the originalities in my own characters and bring them to focus within the roleplay and make it personal and interesting without having to spend hours online to the characters to get to know eachother. (<-- this comment concerns Ukho and Krilari mainly)
And I hope I am lucky to keep on doing so in the future.

Oh, how silly am I. I RP with Kril more than I am even aware of cause of his magical GM sneakyness and loads of characters...
Sareen is the first non-spiritual being Gamba has ever feared since he left Zul'Gurub and only because of her techyness. Mind you that making my troll respect mech and tech is one mighty feat cause I decided when I made him to always look down upon those practices.
Andra is the first draenei magi on CotH that I think is portrayed good both in skill and culture. Again that speaks quite a bit since I'm a squidgoat nazi.
Duron was by my anchorite Telah considered their best way out alive from Garadar, based on his a tad calmer manner and afterthought. It changed of course when Aroes lost his eye but it's just gory details.
Thaim and the dwarven guild was nice even though I only took part in two events. Wish it could remain and help populate the dwarven areas.
(02-24-2012, 10:15 AM)Piroska Wrote: Conspiracy. That's all it is; Kret's afraid that your pure, digital awesomeness would crash the server if it were allowed.
(06-14-2013, 05:42 PM)McKnighter Wrote: Bovel, Lord of Beards

Character About Involvement
Causticity Blackbreath Goblin Alchemist -
Telaah Draenei Anchorite Writings of an Anchorite

[Image: kiXJxhI.gif]


Anyways, the small amounts that I've RPed with you have been memorable, Krilnub. I have not a single bad thing to say about your RP style. As well as the OOC talk and crap (lol, Female Dwarf Redis <3). Here's to another year!
I can't say I've Rped with you much, nor can I admit I've talked to you OOCly often. The few times I have seen or talked to your characters ICly I have honestly loved it.. You do a great job as a roleplayer, and I assume as a GM as well.
Kriiiiiiiiiiil. =)

You're one of my best rp buddies, and there is indeed a reason for this. One, you manage to play a variety of personalities in an interesting and captivating way. You have a great sense of humor as well, so we often have a lot of great dialogue exchange going on. I am very much amused and entertained every time we rp.

Gosh. Stop being so awesome. <3 I'm gonna stop talking now.
[Image: Lirshar_zpscaa814f0.png]
:arrow: Andra: Awesome muffins you bake for Grok'Thaz and Draenei compatriots! Great RPness with Andra, and Grokky says he's fluffehkinz. :D

:arrow: Taelos Feathersight: Met this story-teller when I was with Bragdana, Nexi and Urzhad in AC. You told the weirdest, funniest stories there. Awesome RPness with this guy as well.

:arrow: Sareen: I never really met her, but from the times that I saw her in MA and other places, etc., she seemed like the most gadgetized Techy-Troll ever!

There's my most basic 2 :silver: , now let's shoot for the :gold: !

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