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Krona Whiteclaw [Orc Ley Walker]
Player: Krilari

Character Full Name: Krona Whiteclaw

Character In-Game Name: Krona

Nicknames: Lightningclaw

Associations: The Horde, Frostwolf Clan,

Race: Orc

Class: Ley Walker (Mage)

Age: 45

Sex: Female

Hair: Dyed White

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 324 Lbs

Height: 6’3”

Appearance: Even as she lives the life of an aged warrior Krona only stands about on-par with the other women of her race. Unlike, however, is how she tends to herself. Her vibrant green skin is covered in a maze of never-ending runic markings, though they’re not only the patterns that mar her flesh. Upon each shoulder is tattooed a trio of white claws that have faded after years of going unattended. Draping over each set of claws are strands of braided and woven hair. The white strands bear a faded nature similar to her tattoos, the dye slowly fading away and threatening to return to it’s natural coloration. The crest of Krona’s visage once bore a vibrant silver marking-a circle surrounded by four bends-however now the sets of braids all meet along her crest, covering the rune with tufts of white hair.

To clothe her rune-coated form Krona has reverted to the trappings of her adopted clan-The Frostwolves. Proudly she flies the clan’s tabard with patchwork clothing to match. Her legs are lightly covered with patches of threadbare linen, though otherwise the woman remains practically unclothed. Scraps of cloth fit around her wrists and brow but fail to offer any sense of protection whither it be in combat or from viewing eyes.

Personality: Playing witness to the many atrocities of war, Krona has grown resilient against the morbid nature of life. No matter how grim the world appears she maintains the fiery vigor that has flowed through her veins since she was a young girl. While some may consider her brash or hardheaded she is not shy to contemplate or entertain various schools of thought, however she is not one to ‘sugarcoat’ the reality of some matters.

Like many orcs at her age Krona has been trained to be a soldier, to risk life and limb for the slightest victory. Such a school of thought has ingrained itself far into the woman’s psyche, well beyond even a life with the peaceful Frostwolves could reach. Instead of striving to find some sort of peace for her warrior’s spirit, Krona bathes herself in battle and warfare for the good of her own people.

Ever since the slaughter of her clan Krona has taken to being incredibly patriotic. The name of the Whiteclaw Clan quickly faded amongst the turbulence of war, yet in spite of such she bore her birthright proudly. On each shoulder she along with her two brothers marked a trio of white claws to signify their membership to the clan. Along with the simplistic tattoos the three also dyed their hair a pure white both to signify their determination and to pay a reverence to their spiritual kin.

Skills and Abilities:

Rune-Bound Body: Krona’s studies of Ley Mastery have given her a new line of abilities, however at her core the woman is still a runemaster and still bears the many marks along her body as a result.

Ley Walking: By tapping into the web of major and minor Ley lines that flow through the world Krona is able to teleport herself and a small number of others anywhere that the magical lines flow.

Advanced Runemastery: With furthered knowledge of the Ley Lines and the runes they form, Krona is now able to sieve through the crossings and learn of lesser runes that form within.

History: Nagrand was once home to the proud Whiteclaw Clan, a gathering of orcs revered for their wisdom as well as their resilience. Prior to the years of slaughter the clan thrived amongst the calm plains. Amongst some of it’s wise men was Krin Feralheart and his mate Rema Mendpaw. Each had their part as shaman within the clan, however while Krin saw to the spiritual health of the clan’s leadership, Rema saw to the physical health of it’s people. With peaceful years amongst the clan the two came to bear three children- Go’ren the eldest, Krona, and Torok the youngest.

The days of their childhood appeared to be nothing but paradise. Merrily they played about with the other children while occasionally filling small job at the request of their elders. Nearing the end of it all some of the children even saw to apprenticeships beneath the famous elders of the clan, some being shamans while others- great warriors. However all things come to an end and in Krona’s case it would be when she reached ten years of age. Hastily awoken upon a fateful morning by her elder brother, Krona along with her younger kin were rushed out the Western exit of the clan’s village with eldest brother trailing behind. With the guidance of their parent’s wolves the trio made their way along the mountainous ridge and towards Zangarmarsh. Looking back the three caught the sight of their village in flames, it’s inhabitants slaughtered by demons and warlocks all alike.

Depressed and downtrodden days were spent pacing through the wilds of Zangarmarsh, led by nothing other than the tamed beasts that their parents trusted so highly. Within a week’s time the hulking beasts brought the trio to cross paths with the Frostwolf caravan as it was making it’s way away from their war-torn homeland. Swiftly one of the clan’s young matrons took to adopting the three refugee children, her name Mochla Stormcaller.

The cold climates of the Alterac Mountains were difficult to adjust to, though it was only one problem amongst many that the children had to address. It would take years for the trio to grow accustomed to their individual lives in their new clan, and during that time they grew all the closer as they passed one struggle after another. At the behest of their adoptive mother the three fresh adults saw to the practices of shamanism. Ironically enough Go’ren, the son who was destined to take his father’s place as a wiseman, found no taste for the practices of shamanism. Krona and Torok both stayed for a good hand full of lessons from the village’s elder, but much to many’s disapproval she soon also abandoned the notion. With Torok being the only of the family to take the spirit’s calling Go’ren and Krona both saw to learning under the clan’s warriors instead.

It had been a long time spent in the mountains, and to some degree Krona entertained the thought of simply spending the rest of her years there. At least she entertained this until news reached the Valley regarding Thrall’s Horde. The New Horde, as it was called, passed from Doomhammer down to a boy that was little more than another orphan in her eyes, yet according to the reports he was at war and every hand helped. As she looked for any reason to get out of the Valley before growing complacent this was the perfect excuse. With her brother and a handful of other Frostwolf parties she made her way northward, though by the time reinforcements arrived in Lordearon the war for the internment camps was already fought. The only thing left was to follow thrall as he forged a new life for his people.

Unusual alliances were forged between the odd races of this new world. First came the Trolls, their island almost entirely swallowed by the sea witch’s fury. Soon after were the Tauren who were fighting a losing battle against the centaur upon the new continent of Kalimdor. In the brief war to come Krona would meet who would become her future master.

Abwan Runehide was tall, even by the standards of his own race. What muscle he bore naturally was reinforced with the bright glow of runic patterns against his stark-white fur. The odd pair of Orc and Tauren were quick to seclude themselves away from the rest of the world as the woman’s training began. With little more than a spear and some basic supplies the two moved out to survive in Kalimdor’s unfamiliar wilds. The months following were spent being attuned with the Ley Lines, growing accustomed with the odd and unfamiliar forces of purified arcane. By the time of their seclusion’s end Krona parted from her elder with fresh runes carved into her flesh. Along with vast knowledge and new runes came a surname of her own: Lightningclaw.

An unintended blockade for the woman was reintegration, even though the woman was gone for all of a few month’s time she missed a great amount of change. Orgrimmar was founded upon the lumber gathered by the Warsong Clan who unintentionally started a war with the native Night Elves. In the process they also managed to call the attention of the Burning Legion which started the trail towards the war for Mount Hyjal and life as they knew it. All in all, Krona gave up hope for understanding all of the intricacies of what happened, instead she looked to put her newfound runic abilities to use for Thrall’s Horde. While strife between the Horde and the Alliance died down briefly after the war for Hyjal the new world power was still left with a great list of struggles to manage. The Centaur of the Barrens pressed their battle against their Tauren allies as well as a number of freshly-established settlements. In retaliation a force was called together under the command of Warlord Teztez.

While in service of the Horde Krona managed to elevate herself to the rank of Sergeant with natural determination and an undeniable fury to her personality. Despite her swift elevation she did not look any further into a career in the military. Instead she took to the pursuit of knowledge. After every rune she found there was a realization that there was yet another another waiting for her on the other side of the continent- even on the other side of the world. Years were spent in the chase for these powerful symbols and even when she managed to collect what would be the ‘last’ a whole new world opened before her. Ley walking was an art practiced by few, but it signified whole and complete mastery of her trade. That alone was enough influence.

Venturing further with nothing more than her own mind, determination, and the wise words of a few ancient tomes Krona sought to intertwine herself with the ley in a way thought impossible even to her passed master. The process was not one that could be completed with the aid of another, as it required will and power that only one could draw from themselves. Failure met the woman at seemingly every turn, but never did it deter her as she persisted to master the same powers that threatened to destroy her with every step. In due time it would finally pay off. Failure turned to success as she mastered one aspect at a time with patience in mind.

With her path secure the woman took to the world for some time, made new friends and visited old ones, and generally sought to live more than just learn. During these times she came to abandon the same name she worked so hard to achieve, instead taking up the mantle of Whiteclaw- A name once reserved for the lineage of the chieftain.

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