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Kyvar Straaga [Hunter, non-Gilnean Worgen]
Player: SpaksTheSane

Character Full Name: Kyvar Straaga

Character In-Game Name: Kyvar


Association(s): Himself, the Cenarion Circle (loosely), the Alliance, the Consortium, the Goblin Cartels. In that order.

Race: Worgen

Class: Hunter

Skills and Abilities:

Huntsman: Kyvar can wield a bow fairly well, making him a decent hunter. His mastery over the weapon is far from complete, but he can keep his ground in a fight.

Thief: years of stealing and relieving people of their valuables have turned Kyvar into a pretty decent pickpocket.

Silver-tongued: because of his tendency to get in trouble with the law, Kyvar has developed the ability to talk his way out of most situations, either by convincing his accusers of his ‘innocence’ or making it look like someone else is responsible for his deeds.

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Hair: Raven black. Length reaches down his mid-back, usually kept in a pony-tail.

Eyes: Pale blue.

Weight: 80kg

Height: 1.80m

Usual Garments/Armor: No matter where he goes, Kyvar can rarely be seen wearing something else other than his reinforced leather armor. It is made to offer him the maximum of protection without cutting flexibility or hindering him from moving quietly.

Other: His bow and a combat knife.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Charismatic and manipulative, Kyvar has the tendency to blend in with the people that surround him. He doesn’t like to stand out or draw any attention, considering that life in the spotlight is entirely over rated and anonymity is the best friend anyone can have. Like most people that have grown up in his conditions, he wants a better place in life, one that does not include financial struggle, goal towards which Kyvar gets closer with each pocket he cleans. However, that does not make him greedy, quite the contrary as he can be very generous to those he deems worthy.

He is a free spirit and does not let himself be tied down by allegiances or codes, considering that the only rule to follow in life is that of the jungle: the strong survive, while the weak perish. He will always put himself and his well-being first, but as long as he doesn’t have anything or too much to lose, he will occasionally give a helping hand, granted that somewhere down the line the favor will be returned in one way or another. Even so, he is not so self-centered that he would completely put behind his race, even if he has no particular love for it, which is why he sometimes helps out his brethren in the Alliance if the need is dire. And if coin can be made while at it, all the better.

However, the one thing he values the most in life is the peace and serenity he finds in nature, the young man considering himself more at home in the wilds than anywhere else. The thrill of the hunt is what makes him feel alive the most and he’ll do anything he can to grow closer to the natural world and further away from the conflicts of its inhabitants.


A Lordaeronian by birth, but a southerner by heritage, Kyvar was born in the northern human kingdom. His father had taken his brother and mother and fled when the kingdom of Stormwind fell, only to return with the army that retook it from the orcs. After the second war, his father had their family settle in Duskwood, where he built a farm upon the land given to him as reward for his bravery against the orcs. That is where Kyvar grew up and where he learned most of his lessons regarding life.

While growing up, he was the black sheep of the family, being unruly and undisciplined, always getting into trouble and being punished for it. His father tried to teach him of honor and respect, as well as how to defend himself by taking him on hunting trips regularly, if only to keep him busy and out of trouble. In the process, Kyvar learned how to wield a bow quite well and became a fairly good hunter, his skill only to increase with the passing of time.

However, that is not all he learned. His best friend, a ginger who’s nickname was Foxer, was a little scoundrel that took after his father, a man best known for his talent in avoiding and bending the law in order to allow him to make coin. It was from him that Kyvar and his friend started learning the ‘tricks of trade’, as he liked to call them and follow in his footsteps. Either Foxer’s father or his visiting ‘associates’ had a hand in their education, the boys learning everything from how to lie and cheat to smuggling goods and getting the best deals for illegal items, not to mention stealing in all its shapes. This, of course, only drove Kyvar’s father more desperate as he saw his son slowly slipping away, being lured by the promise of a life much better than anything that could be found on a farm.

Kyvar’s childhood was split between his father’s attempts to guide him towards a better path and the thirst for adventure he had in him. Of course, the fact that the Alliance army had all but abandoned the people of Darkshire did not help in honing respect for authority either and by the time he was old enough to be considered a man, Kyvar found himself in a very grey moral area. While making a living mostly as a hunter by trading the meat of his game, pelts and trophies, he didn’t shy away from making a few coins on the side by stealing or transporting goods of an illegal nature, the trade line coming from the jungle down south providing ample opportunities for it. Despite all this, he didn’t stand for murder, assaults or rape, the young man being disgusted by such acts, considering that one can relieve someone of their valuables without having to resort to violence, humiliate, demean or traumatize.

By the time he was twenty years old, Kyvar was doing quite well financially. He bought land and had a small house built in the woods, close to the border with Stranglethorn Valley. However, by the time he had moved out, he was already on very bad terms with his parents and brother, which made the news that he received come as an even bigger shock. His whole family was found murdered and their bodies torn apart by the side of the road, probably by one of the monstrosities roaming Duskwood. Despite the fact that he inherited everything his family had, he didn’t touch any of it, leaving everything as it was before simply departing from the dark forest for good and deciding to roam the world.

He went on like this for the next four years, constantly improving his skills and finding distractions in vices, always seeking a sense of peace and escape from the memory of his family, along with the regret that he could no longer do anything to make it right and the guilt that he wasn’t there for them when they needed him the most. It was during this period, when he was at his lowest point, that he met a Worgen druid. Despite initial hostility that developed due in no small part to Kyvar’s vices, the two of them moved passed it and bonded over their love for nature. That became the reason why the young man decided to stop roaming from place to place on his own and now do it in the company of another, eventually growing to appreciate the advantages the feral form of the Worgen had and even desire it.

It took time and patience, but after a good long while he gained the trust of his new Worgen ally and even convinced her to share the ‘curse’ by participating in the a ritual that involved drinking their blood. However, upon turning and becoming one as well, Kyvar did not see it as a curse, but more of a blessing, for it brought him even closer to what he loves: nature and the thrill only a predator gets when out on the hunt. Whether this will finally allow him to move on and escape his past life remains to be seen however, for the rush he gets from adventure and mischief still has a strong grip on him.
Second approval (2/2)

[Image: anim_500.gif]

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