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La Divinite dans la Mort
This is a thread pertaining to Gabril's storyline and how Gatsbi'nore Inc is going to be used. These plots are only ICly known by Gabril with bits and pieces told to Psycho's Leiatrius.

"For so long I have sat about, watching the scum of Azeroth do their work behind the law's prying eyes. I've learned their ways, undermined their trade to take it for my own, and set about creating my own order. This life of crime is not what I want. No. I want something grander that no one else has seen. No one sees the good I am trying to accomplish here. The good I want to bring about...

Nothing is clean cut. The jagged edge I cut with is like that of the Scar on my homeland, left by a King who had lost his mind. I plan to keep my wits about me. I can achieve my goals without the use of Liches. I don't plan to bring about one-sided unity. I want to see the living and the dead coexisting in a peaceful state. The Doctor has spoken the truth.
The only way to such unity it through plague.

The Doctor and I are the only pure ones in this tainted world. He will forever be my right hand. His undying loyalty and dedication will live on in his undeath long after my own life ends. I must further instill my ideals into him and to any others blessed with his state of undeath. Those others who broke free of the bastard King's grasp. They are the dead King's pawns no more. They are the blessed keys to bring about unity. They see themselves as tainted, but they are not. They have been cleansed. They have earned their freedoms after their so called "injustices". I yearn to see the day they are seen as the divine figures they truly are. That is what I strive to see."

A lone elf sat hunched over in his room alone, his short blonde hair in a mess blocking out his bright green eyes. He stared down at his pure white robes in silence with the faintest of grins on his face. He slowly pulled himself to his feet and ran a gloved hand through his hair. The tangled mess went back with little to no protest as he heaved a gentle sigh.

"To see the world as pure as snow. Only the purest of the living and the dead may see the utopia I will create for us. The rest are blights for us to use, abuse, and discard. They've scorned you without reason, dearest. I'll see to it that the vision we share comes to life so you may feel such pleasantries that they have torn from you."

The elf ran a hand carefully over his robes, smoothing the wrinkles out. His lips curved faintly into a grin as his gaze drifted to the mirror across the dimly lit room. Silent feet grazed their way along the stone floor as he advanced to look at his reflection, a look of pride washing over his expression.

"It will be our world. And no one shall take it from us.
I will enslave them all if I must. They are below us."

Phase One
Acquire contacts, workers, and funds.
Status: Complete

They are simple minded idiots who will bend to my will with ease. They all break. I am a force they cannot move. In order to achieve this goal, I must work my way to the top. The only way to do so is without the government of the Horde breathing down my neck. Do they really believe I will yield to their absurd treaties? No, those are foolish documents. Why my kind decided to align with a group of barbarians is beyond me. Regardless, I shall work by my own rules.

They are all my slaves. They just don't know it yet.

I'll pull in what resources I can for now. No one can know my true motives for now.
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[4:16:27 PM] Cristovao di Silvio ( @CappnRob): theres the bar. then theres the bottom of the barrel, then theres you sachi
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"I'm not a pet to be played with. Neither of us are," the male elf stared into the mirror at his pale form, frowning at the burns that marked his body randomly, "Though you should know fire is not something you should be playing with so carelessly."

His gaze lowered to a table lined with various bottles of different potions. Each had its own label neatly made in Thalassian with its own name. He plucked a small bottle from the table, peering at the label as he pushed the cork out with a thumb, "I do so enjoy a good game... Yes... But you don't understand. I warned you of that. I should have warned you of the fact I only like games when I'm the master."

A grin slowly crept upon his face, "And I'm always the master. Always in control." He brought the vial to his mouth, tilting his head back as he downed its contents. He reached for another bottle, opening it and pouring the dark red liquid on top of his head. He continued throughout the table, applying each bottle in a different way. She saw too much. He has to hide it now.

"How could I be so easy? I work so hard... Damn this temper of mine!"

His eyes darted frantically between the elixirs. He brought his hands to the largest of the bottles and opened it. The clear liquid inside was slowly poured over the burns as he let out a hissing sigh. His body tensed at the pain by natural reflex before he dropped the emptied bottle to the floor, allowing the glass to shatter against the stone. His body relaxed as he peered at the mirror with his left ear turned back only slightly.

"I have to be hidden... I have to be. A temporary change in my appearance..." he nods slowly to himself, "It's a good thing."

His head rolled back as he closed his eyes. His hair darkened into a light strawberry blonde, growing in length by a few inches. He ran his hands through his hair with a sigh, "Such an impure color... But it shall do for now." He stands straight to look in the mirror, "I would hate for the Doctor to lose his pure appearance due to my own foolish mistakes," he narrows his eyes with the faintest expression of disgust, "How could I do that to him?"

"He will not have to dirty his hands because of me. No. He shouldn't have to worry. She was wrong about him. She doesn't know. He is perfection. Her and her Light..." he rests his hands against the table as the burn marks slowly began to heal, "She will be proven wrong. All fires die out. I'll make sure our world has no such fire to cause us pain."

"You are too precious, my perfection.
You will not be tainted by such impure flames.
You shall only be graced with the purest of snowfalls."

Phase Two
Status: In Progress

Summer is such a horrid season. The life from spring is at its peak, causing the world nothing but harm.

With summer comes the fire. I simply loathe fire. It is far too destructive. Uncontrollable. It is something to be eliminated in the cold winds of Autumn. Winter is approaching. I want to see the final days of summer gone. Autumn will come. The leaves will change. Soon our world will come to be. They'll find peace in winter.

With the cold shall come the illness.

The illness will bring us all together.

Our unity will come soon.

We will find those who can see the world I wish to build for you. They will be the ones to make it happen for us. We need only the most loyal Azeroth can produce. Those who see you and I as their deities. We will snuff out the Light that burns you. I'll see to it those heathens dare not try to "purge" you. Their end will be slow and painful to your desires. I care not for the Light and it's idiotic followers. We are above them. We will create the true utopia. Soon, my love.
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[4:16:27 PM] Cristovao di Silvio ( @CappnRob): theres the bar. then theres the bottom of the barrel, then theres you sachi
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